Comments for Disney’s Space 220 Reveals Elevator That Will Blast Guests 220 Miles Above Earth!

Credit: Space 220

Credit: Space 220


  1. Rosemarie

    My friend and I are looking forward to making a reservation for Space 220 on Mon 9/27/21. We will be vacationing at WDW and are eagerly awaiting for the reservation site to open. We have park passes for Epcot on that day. My best friend has been waiting for this restaurant to open and I really hoping she gets her wish!

    1. Rick

      My wife and I, along with her daughter, are also planning to go there on the 27th. I would think that the reservation system will be available on the 20th.

  2. Brenda

    Yes!!! Just waiting for the reservation system to open!

  3. EricJ

    Anyone else remembering the “Hydrolator” that took us down to Epcot’s pre-Nemo Living Seas exhibit?

    1. Otter

      I was a kid fresh from being terrified on 20,000 Leagues, and that elevator had me SO scared that I was about to see another tentacle slap down outside the window. 🤣

  4. Nancy

    Hoping to make a reservation for 9/26/2021!! Hurry up reservation system!!!

  5. Debbie


  6. THX1138

    I knew it! Just when you think the Billionaires have the best ride to space Disney out does them!
    And a lot cheaper too! Went by there the other day and haven’t seen it yet. I wonder how long the stand bye will be?

    1. Jenn

      I doubt there will be walk-ups for this. It’s been reported as a prix fixe meal. So no res=no dining.

  7. Tessa

    Tower of Terror is getting a bit too real.

  8. Tamara Dowd

    Sounds like and looks like an absolutely awesome restaurant. I will definitely try it if the prices aren’t too insane. I will not pay a mortgage payment for a food dish.

  9. Renae

    Oh gosh, I need to take my boys and myself. I would just love to be on the real one.

  10. Stephen

    Is this a pre fixed meal or can you choose your own and can you just go to the bar

    1. Jenn

      I heard prix fixe!

  11. Jean

    Does it really go that far in space????

  12. Stephen

    So dumb question… is this a simulation or is it literal? Assuming sim.

  13. Diane Budesheim

    I’ve will be there in December and I will be making reservations for this very soon.

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