Comments for Disney Confirms 30 New, Exclusive Items Coming to Main Street Confectionery

main street confectionery

Credit: Disney


  1. Lisa M Scott

    I loved going in the candy shop, but it lacked a lot of lustre and not much to offer for a sweet shop. I hope it’s better and more to offer. I always try to get something in there but nothing looked that appealing for the price. My favorite was the caramel apples but the caramel was thin and not tasty. I hope Mars does a better job.

  2. Melanie Durham

    I am excited for the new bakery! I always stopped I. For a treat every trip! My favorite was the character cookies with the hard frosting on top! They stopped making them for some reason! So on to better bakes!

  3. LB

    Is there anything without M and Ms sprinkled all over it?

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