Comments for Disney Refused Scarlett Johansson’s $100 Million Bonus Request Before She Sued

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Jr

    Money grabbing person!! Sorry but having a 3 year old, I can just run to the theater and watch it. Plus with the curse still going now I can see if the verse wasn’t around then sure. But you have also people that will steal the video and post the video online for people to watch it free. Plus this is her biggest movie role and she wants nothing to do with it🤣, well guess watch better hope you win your lawsuit
    Because your done with disney. You might get thag 20 million with B rated movie that your so good in 😂🤣.

  2. Jason Bradford

    Why not make a simple solution and take the average household in each respective country that a premier access account was purchased from the date the Black Widow release would be aired on Disney+ (example: 3.2 family members per household and 20,000 new subscriptions to the premier access feature from the announcement would be 64,000 box office tickets). Then multiply it by the national average movie ticket price at $10 bucks per ticket and add that to the premier weekend of Black Widows box office revenue. I mean I understand her frustration with this however, the world is in a very different situation than it was when the earlier movies were released. I didn’t verify the numbers I used for the averages just used something easy to figure for the sake of creating an easy example to follow. But in the end Ms. Scarlet will be able to demand higher up front salaries for the remainder of her career as the result of her work in all of the MCU movies that she has put on the skin tight black outfit and kicked butt in. Not to mention nearly every movie she makes from now on there will be a number of those box office sales that are the direct result of her role in the MCU because I went to a movie of hers simply based on her MCU role. She’ll have residuals because of this for the rest of her life. $20 million bucks up front for a role in which she already has the character developed with years of playing the role and an extremely awesome box office performance given the circumstances currently playing out across the world I kinda feel like she’s showing out and creating a spectacle that will certainly put a negative light on her exit from the MCU and may even make obtaining future roles more difficult because a studio doesn’t want to spend all the millions creating a movie just for her to come around when things aren’t ideal and throw a lawsuit in the mix. I understand her frustration but given the world stage right now I think that she probably could’ve performed this role with a much better strategy.

    1. Techie

      It was STILL “Breach of CONTRACT”. And NOW every NEW contract will have THIS concept IN THERE. But BREACH IS Breach.

      1. ZeroC

        I don’t know that it is. The contract didn’t guarantee an exclusive theater release, an email is claimed to, which they consider a legal understanding. It is suspect that SJ’s team claimed that Disney refused to engage on requests to discuss the situation, yet we see where they did, but simply reached an impasse the the star’s team didn’t like.

        1. Whitney

          It is. If there is a paper/electronic trail showing that Disney’s leadership offered a box office release, whether in the contract itself or afterward, then it’s a breach of contract. SJ’s team will simply argue it (the email) was an amendment to the contract and therefore supersedes any provision that said otherwise.

    2. DJ

      That would make too much sense. Disney is just far too crooked to do the right thing.

  3. OEA

    I would like to know the counter offer amount, but she deserves between 65 to 75 millions because Disney hampered the release in theaters.

  4. Gail J Dean

    I guess she thinks she needs more……According to Celebrity Net Worth, Scarlett Johansson’s net worth is a massive $165 million. That, of course, is thanks to her multi-million-dollar salaries on nine Marvel films.

  5. JJ

    I felt for her in the beginning, but now, she just seems greedy. If the words “exclusive theatrical release” are in there, then yes, Disney is in breach of contract. If her lawyers are betting on “precedent”, aka before streaming establishments, it’ll most likely fall flat. I just think of all the Frontline workers, that won’t even see a fraction of her signing bonus in their lives. Times are hard… even for celebs. Suck it up, like the rest of us have done.

  6. SG

    So glad she is sueing! Disney has the money. While Dwayne Johnson gave Disney the right to release Jungle Cruise to Disney +, Scarlett did not!
    I think actors are like athletes, when they can work ESPECIALLY a female who ages out way before males, thy need to grow their nest egg. Add the COVID disaster where entertainment was the first to go and people need job security. YOU do not know her financial situation any more than I do. You may be kicking the girl who’s down.

  7. D. Thomas

    Disney’s Always good at Backing out of whatever deal they make. They will Always find a Loophole to get out of whatever Mess they create. So go get em Scarlett. Breach is Breach & I hope she wins. Disney’s Always crying when it comes to MONEY 💵 Raise this and Raise that. $1,399 PER PERSON for an Annual Pass. Not anymore for my family. Can’t afford that being disabled 😞😞

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