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rise of the resistance crowds

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Waiting hours for this attraction will certainly sell the Genie plus concept.

    1. THX1138

      Of course! If you back it all up it looks like the genie will work! Just another way to make it work the way they want it to work not what’s best for their guest! Remember stand in line and wait your turn, pass it on.

    2. frostysnowman

      That’s exactly their motivation behind making this stand by right now.

    3. BringBackTheQueue

      But you were still waiting hours before unless you got one of the first groups of the day, you just didn’t have to spend most of that time in the queue. Plus, even with the boarding groups, you could wait upwards of 45-60 mins once called.
      ITM didn’t report that for most of the day, the wait has only been averaging 60 min, too.

      1. ILikeGenies

        “BringBackTheQueue” is sarcastic, BTW. The impact to the other wait times in HS can already be seen. If the wait is over 60 min for Rise, we’ll just buy the lightning pass for it.

  2. Donald Neidig

    Happy 50th from Disney. They are conditioning patrons to buy Genie plus! Walt Disney would be appalled at what Chapeck is doing.

    1. frostysnowman

      Yes and yes.

      1. Derek Bamford

        I’ve been in the park all day, the wait time went as high as 220min this morning and as low as 50min this afternoon ( it also broke down twice in the late afternoon)

  3. KevinY

    It’s only 60 minutes now at 3 pm EST

    1. Yep

      Right? It’s been closer to 60 minutes most of the day.
      SHOCKER, the longest wait was at park open. Who would’ve thought?!

  4. Virtual Queue Worked for Me

    Glad I was there last week and got in the virtual queue. Walked right onto the ride.

  5. Gus

    Why keep allowing folks to guarantee a ride in it for free when they can charge a premium upgrade on their new system…disney has become garbage for sure

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