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A close up of a hillside view of a city

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  1. HMB

    We have reservations for French Quarter March 2022. This will be 4th trip there in 5 years. We actually changed our 2022 reservations from the Beach Club to the French Quarter once those reservations opened up. We love it there

    1. LHT

      cool story

  2. Ihd

    It’s getting harder to staff everything now, too. Thousands of CP’s are leaving at month end instead of staying their full contract until year end. Add to that the thousands that will be fired at the end of October. Disney is the most unmagical place to work or take your vacation. Disney truly has moved to the dark side.

    1. Tom

      Why will many be fired at end of October?

  3. Ihd

    Due to the Disney vaccine mandates put in place last month CP’s have until the end of this month. That’s why thousands are leaving. And there are thousands of cast members who go will be fired due to non compliance. Disney does not offer testing.

    1. Nick

      Bogus rumor, two reasons, first, the majority of WDW staff already is vaccinated, second, the big hiring push they just had requires vaccination as a condition of employment.
      Therefore, even if some staff leave due to vaccine issues, they will be replaced by the new hires.

  4. Tom

    Well, that’s not very nice or considerate of Disney. Are we living in Biden’s new China now? Telling people what to do is un-American. We were created by revolution, perhaps that is what we need again.

    1. Nick

      Yeah, OK, let’s all get to work on that whole revolution thing, I’m in.

      Now, getting back to the actual article which is (ridiculously) entitled “Disney Resort Looks Like a Ghost Town Prior to Reopening”, what’s the point? Exactly what is a resort, which has been closed for an extended period of time supposed to look like? I mean, besides a closed resort or, yes, “a ghost town”?
      Relax, once the resort, which is closed and looks it, opens, then it’ll look like a resort that’s open.

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