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Disney World McDonalds toys

Credit: McDonald's


  1. Cindy

    If you go to paper toys, we will probably never buy happy meals again. Actually not probably. It would be a definite NO. Therefore never going to McDonalds at all. McDonals is and has always been the go to place for our family. The toys have been shared through my daughter and now my grandchildren. You take that away and you lose A LOT of families!!!!!!

    1. Nancy Winters

      Absolutely agree

  2. Suzanne

    Sustainable plastic is what we request, no paper- keep the joy of the toy but be smarter about it- if it is not broke do not fix it.

    1. Mark

      Yes. Make the plastic and packaging sustainable and you’ve got a winner. Otherwise, don’t bother since no one cares about paper toys. Cracker Jack lost me as customer years ago. They used to put interesting things inside, now it’s a sticker. Wow. Can u spare it? This is probably one of the last plastic toy inclusions you may ever see from McD.

  3. Richard

    THIS IS JUST WRONG! the plastic toys as theyre called are true collectable pieces, especially from disney! A paper toy will be worthless, and would NOT buy a happy meal if they really do this! USE SMART PLASTIC & PACKAGING, DONT abandon the only truly worthwhile part of the happy meal!!!!!!

  4. Gia Olivarez

    No.. its not a great idea.. Mc Donalds is the only best place kids love and look forward to the mc donalds toys.. even as an adult there are really great collectable items I love to get. If McDonald’s does this. They’ll be losing us as a Customet as well.. and I’m sure there will be millions more that would feel the same. SMH!!

  5. Juston Olivarez

    Wow first off let me just say no… no way… you would lose interest in the only interesting part of your menu first off the food as far as your restaurant goes is not that good to begin with I know when I get my kids happy meals there not screaming for the food there asking for the toy to take the only part of the meal that makes my kids go crazy and say I want a happy meal is the toys honestly I have never seen my kids eat the full burger or nuggets it usually gets left behind and thrown out big mistake

  6. There are a ton of other ways a bunch of companies do tons of things still in retail like throwing items away because they do not want to give them away. I can say I have witnessed and known employees who have cut clothing at intimate retail stores, as well as regular retail,grocery and quick convenience stores tossing the magazines,snacks,food and so much more. They may say they donate but regularly the normal trash not always the recycle can either takes a load daily from their locked/bolted dumpsters. So yes McDonald’s wants to take a stand there are many other ways to do this. Start with the straws that is an idea.
    The toys are a symbol of McDonald’s beginning and future. Many other fast food places have lost individuals due to their lack of understanding collectors and children as well. Give children something stable that makes them happy to continue to look forward in their future. I think we have enough negative happening these days!!! Have a paperbook to give out with each new set of toys for those who want to
    change the world! At least you can keep giving the books out even after you switch toys when you have boxes and boxes leftover or donate them to needy libraries, schools, childrens hospitals, homeless children or childcare centers.

  7. Brenda

    NO not a good idea at all. My kids an grandkids have enjoyed them for years. NOT TO MENTION I’ve ran all over town to complete their sets, or one toy they wanted. The toys are cute an different. KIDS look forward to the toys. ONE less reason to go to McDonald’s. Your not for the kids anymore. I’m loving its not all about your food.

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