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  1. John Wayne

    Has anyone of you paid attention? Dave Bautista is done with the franchise! He said so himself. 3 is his last movie as Drax. There is also the elephant in the room? Black Widow is changing because Disney screwed her royally. Pun intended. These movies are about comic book stories. All this Disney “woke” crap with he’s a she and she’s a he? Put it all together and it’s why I’ll keep watching the REAL movies on blu-ray. I won’t ever pay to see one in the theater again. Walt is spinning like a top in his grave.

    1. Keith

      Black widow died in Endgame, which came out long before Johansson lawsuit. As for someone else voicing Drax, they didn’t want to pay him a million bucks for 5 lines. The character wasn’t even in a supporting role in What If, really just a background character.

      1. Liliana

        I agree and thank you

      2. J

        Yes, because Disney can’t afford it.

    2. Bruno

      Good guys to say what you meant but I am completely in agreement Disney maybe in the universe they purchase because they try too much to fit everything into their makebwliwf world thatany kids think is real now. We have lost a generation of true hero worshipers for I do not know what worshipers hehe…I just hope the Marvel FC universe won’t fall apart completely because I enjoy a good entertainment once in a while for the rest they all are produced on your favorite streamer now…no more theater for new movies they make enough on world sale and streaming.

    3. Jordan Wheeler

      I think you are a bit over exaggerating a bit with Dave. But you are right with black widow part, Disney is a scummy, greedy, monopoly of a company so I don’t consider the mcu McDonald’s movies as “real” when stan lee confirms that the mcu isn’t Canon. So I’ll stick to his words even tho he past away.

      1. Liliana

        I agree

        1. Melanie

          Nobody asked you if you agree or disagree. If you can’t add meaningful comments then just read only.

        2. J

          I agree that you agree. Agreed?

    4. Mitchell DeVore

      The What If series was recorded and complete before Chadwick Boseman died. Nothing that’s been going on with Marvel since the Disney+ series started has any relevance to who was cast in it.

    5. Curious Rabbit

      I found this, and I quote:
      “While “Guardians 3” will be his final time working as Drax, Bautista has a few more projects as the character on the horizon. He will appear in the Gunn-directed “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” in 2022 and has all but confirmed that he filmed scenes for “Thor: Love and Thunder” in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.” /Quote

      Dave said he’s does being shirtless for Drax. Since this is a Multiverse, isn’t it semi possible that he returns to the MCU as “Drax”, but not the Drax that we know?

  2. Ligma

    Hey this article is really misleading. Have more faith in your ability to write and not rely on attention grabbing titles.

    1. Clayton



        Totally agree.

    2. Liliana


      1. Peter

        Good Lord. Stop it Liliana. You’re trolling

        1. Snack Smuggler

          If I’m not mistaken, now Liliana has given themselves a buddy account. It’s adorable 🤭

          Copy/paste of just one of their comments:

          As long as he only did the voice because Bautista said he was never asked but I agree

          SEPTEMBER 11, 2021REPLY

          I agree.

          SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

  3. PaulWS

    Having someone voice a cartoon isn’t replacing an actor. Now I know to ignore your trash going forward.

  4. Angela Tribell

    No one can replace Dave Bautista as Drax!

    1. Steven A Unversaw

      Totally agree, no mater how closely they match his voice Dave Bautista is drax.

  5. Chad Young

    Personaly, I was impressed with the new actors’ take on the character.

    1. Liliana

      As long as he only did the voice because Bautista said he was never asked but I agree

      1. J

        I agree.

  6. He is better off not being in it ,i tried to watch it and turned it off. Its not What If ,its more like why

    1. Liliana

      He’s hilarious and one of my favorites in the movie because of his sense of comedic timing

    2. Knock Knock

      As long as you realize that What If is MCU canon and you’re fine with needing to watch the show in the future to understand part of the storyline…

  7. Oscar Calm

    I’m not sure this article could have been written any worse. The most convoluted mess and attempt to needlessly mention every corner of the MCU to make up for lack of content. It is like a 9th grade book report from a student trying to hide the fact they didn’t even read the material. Just bad….

  8. It feels so sad after hearing they will be replacing him. 😔

  9. ethan

    Jeff goldbloom was the collector, not benicio del torro. Revise your work before publishing it.

    1. TheOneAboveAll

      Ethan- No ….he wasn’t. Jeff Goldblum was The Grandmaster Benicio DelToro definitely was the Collector. On behalf of the writer of this article (whom I have no connection to whatsoever) I suggest YOU revise your comments before posting them.

    2. Natas

      You may be living in an alternate reality, ethan. None of that is true. Check IMDB.

    3. D Smith

      Jeff Golblum was the Grandmaster.

  10. Junk Chuck

    It’s a two line voice gig where the character is basically background in a story that doesn’t have much to do with him. Why pay Bautista his big rate when you can one-off a studio looper at scale? My gods but you people will whine about anything.

    1. Liliana

      Yes they will totally agree at least on that

  11. Phawksphire

    What’s up with the misleading title? Do people really care when the actual actors aren’t available to voice their characters? I would only assume that they’re too busy with other projects to do voice acting. Stop making it seem like they’re being replaced completely.

  12. Charles

    This “writer” needs to actually research things. Rarely do animated shows use the live action actors for voice talent.
    I also like how they credit Marvel studios for something they are making up to something it isn’t.

    Not a single positive comment here either. Hope it was worth the loss in credibility. I certainly won’t waste time on another article here

  13. Pete

    When they kill off all the superheroes what maked them super! So I don’t even watch anymore besides they killed off all the characters I ever cared about! Won’t ever watch any of these from now on they all end badly!

    1. Ebb and Flow of ~Time ~

      Plot twist…most of the characters that were killed off came back, -or- will come back, as Marvel is heading into a *MULTIVERSE* arc.

      That means, OMG, even a character such as Tony Stark could reenter the story. 😱

      Unless you’re of the extreme few that knows exactly how the new arc is going to play out, you might end up kicking yourself later. You can’t entirely go by the original graphic novels either.

      I suppose we will be reading your comments regarding the MCU again in, what? 3 years from now? I’ll see you then!

  14. Kylos

    Second time you’ve done this misleading horse pucky this week. Have some integrity.

  15. Joseph R Weems

    I watched the first episode and thought that the artwork and animation were fantastic but the storyline was absolutely horrible. I watched the second episode hoping for improvement in storyline and didn’t get it so I stopped watching any more of them

  16. Desi J Richert

    I absolutely hate this show. It is just the stupidest tripe that it has ever been. What is the point to this money grabbing bull?

  17. Bungo

    Who cares who plays him? It’s animated. Nobody considers this series to be connected to the movies. The audience for what if is a fraction of the audience for the major marvel movies. This is just a silly side thing that some people will watch.

    The fact their doing zombies is also a bad sign. Nobody wants to watch anything zombie related that market was flooded.

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