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magic kingdom ferry boat fight

Both Images: Credit Screenshot via Twitter


  1. pauld

    How to ruin a vacation. As per Disney policy, they all were escorted off Disnety property

    1. Dee

      WDW went from the happiness place to the most unorganized and dangerous Stating Cast members have the means to contact security or intervene is misinformation Cast members do not have on person devices to contact security on them when working in outside venues or walking thru the parks Things at WDW with management were bad before Covid and unfortunately it’s become far worse Team leaders aka managers have no clue what they are doing. I witnessed a Team leader at an outside bar at the Coronado say she has no idea who’s working or training new Cast Members Then overheard her voice her dislike for a new Cast member and her plan to eliminate new Cast member Environment at WDW is unprofessional and unorganized and team leaders display bias and discrimination against Cast Members in their team in front of guests and other Cast members WDW is no longer the place I used to love to visit While Disney presents itself as an inclusive environment for all Cast members and quests, they’re far from being so, as I have personally witnessed WDW has not only priced the pleasure of a family day to beyond expensive, your experience is filled with a unorganized environment & venues and bias Cast members environment

      1. Sue

        Totally agree. Cast members treatment of guests have been in the decline for years. No respect, sympathy or assistance for the handicapped.

    2. PatS

      I hope they were banned from Disney World for a lifetime. We do not need people like this spoiling the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

    3. Peter

      Good RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ladybug

    I was thinking the same thing .

  3. Em

    Wow really, please don’t think that rich people are above this.

    1. Chris

      This is why prices go up up up. They are trying to price these people out.

      1. Big D

        I agree …you spend alot of money and don’t need Garbage to ruin it….

      2. Mindy T

        No the crazy rich ppl just do what they want bc they know they can pay their way out of it,we have seen it happen with every celebrity scandal ever!!!! Plus it doesn’t take any kind of intelligence to inherit money or trust funds.

    2. SHawna

      Rich people are above this. Most wealth is built, not inherited. Building wealth requires things like higher intelligence and impulse control. The poor are poor because they have lower average IQ.

      1. PleaseSTOP

        That’s bull and anyone with a pinch of education knows this. Ignorance is a choice.. you should consider that before posting nonsense.

      2. Jill

        The ignorance of this is comical.

      3. TruthSeeker

        It requires higher intelligence and impulse control like enslaving a whole race of people.

        1. Gary

          I’m thinking that no one in the US had been”enslaved” in their entire lives. Prove me wrong, idiot.

          1. Robyn


        2. Bill

          While you’re seeking your truth and spewing nonsense make the effort to look up the ENTIRE history of slavery and see exactly who the slave traders were.

      4. Part

        Might need to go back to no alcohol in the parks. No doubt some of these issues are fueled by it

        1. Bill

          Alcohol at Epcot is understandable and probably Hollywood Studios since both parks are more adult oriented but the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom should have been left dry.

        2. Alyssa

          There is really no alcohol at the Magic Kingdom

      5. John

        Many years ago I escorted a group of 9 th grade students to DW. One of the wealthy kids was busted for shop lifting. The state of ones bank account doesn’t seem to have a large influence on ones bad behavior.

      6. Bd

        Agree. Statistically and sensibly true.

      7. Maggie

        Rich people are above this?! LOL The Kardashians and The Real Housewives prove your theory incorrect.

      8. Celeste pacifico

        That is the silliest comment that I ever heard

    3. James

      100 percent agree, I’ve worked here for 6 years and all the sudden we have nothing but thugs coming here nonstop causing problems.. They finally have enough money to come to the park becauae of the stimulus and they start causing problems. Typical trash

      1. Jan

        Interesting. What part of WDW do you work in?

        1. Jan

          Because I don’t think Disney would be pleased to hear about a racist employee. Doesn’t fit with the 5th key.

          1. Seawing

            WhereVer the bks go there are problems, and when someone mentions blks always cause problems, he is a racist.

            1. Ice Princess Inland

              I feel the same way about schools, churches and movie theaters. Every single time I see a white man in those places, it totally freaks me out.

              1. Ice King

                It’s ok, if the tiny chance of one of those white people opening fire and killing a bunch of people you won’t see any people making excuses for them and giving them a “pass” for their behaviour, its not like that in the black community, it’s never their fault

      2. Robyn


      3. Mitch

        Agreed same thing here in the West Coast
        Disneyland resort area. The stimulus money is bringing eople that stay at hotels don’t understand you actually tip People that assist you with luggage and housekeeping as I run their EDD card for souvenirs. It’s pretty gross.

        1. Frank

          Lol this doesn’t happen 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Lourdes

      Wow !!!! Now what exactly do you mean by being priced out?! Ladies and gentlemen this is ignorance at its finest

    5. Sue

      I am not rich but I know many who are. Rich people can be jerks but they would never jeopardize their lucrative careers/reputations in a public fight.

      1. Robyn


      2. Frank

        Ahahahaha this is so stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  4. Pat

    There’s enough violence and senseless killing in this world , now you have to take it the magic kingdom , really

  5. Joseph Kastner

    Prices are already high as hell. So how is that working out?

  6. Melanie Weisert

    Geez, people. Stop with the racial profiling or financial assumptions. Trashy people come from all walks of life. It isn’t delegated to one race or tax bracket 🙄

    1. VeeBee

      Amen to that. People in general are getting worse towards one another, AEB these comments. This is sad, pathetic and unacceptable.

    2. Thank god someone talks sense

    3. Kay


    4. LaShawnta

      You’re absolutely right! It isn’t delegated to one race or tax bracket, but the majority of it comes from one race and tax bracket! 🙂

    5. Mark Kaplan

      Yet, there’s enough incidents that showcase which kind of people are starting trouble…..

      1. Rich

        Notice how the people who say the comments are racist want you to ignore reality.

      2. han

        Exactly. And it’s best to give those types a wide berth, otherwise you end up like the family in the video.

    6. Dee

      Thank you

    7. Be kind

      YES! AMEN my friend!

      1. This Gal

        Nonsense posts and suspiciously racist. Either I have wrongly estimated the character of the people that work at and frequent Disney World or there’s some catfishing going on here. Don’t believe the hype. I’m former security at DW and most incidents are fueled by alcohol not race or economic status. Take a look at who’s getting drunk at DW and you’ll know the source of most unfortunate incidents

        1. Rich

          No alcohol at magic kingdom. Next excuse for them?

          1. Tad

            Wrong again Richey. You can purchase beer, wine and cider at Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s, Royal Table, Jungle Navigation Co, Liberty Tree Tavern, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and The Plaza Restaurant. The real question is how they can afford to get drunk at the MK with the prices they charge.

  7. Mickey Mouse

    Heat and tempers arent a great combination.

    Enjoy the ban folks.

  8. Wang

    1000% this!
    Fan fights at pro hockey games are almost unheard of. Why? Because the ticket costs are very high and that narrows the demogrpahics.

    1. Ron

      Average NFL tickets are priced higher than average NHL tickets and there are plenty of jack***es at NFL games.

      1. Jenn

        Like this is not any old carnival park. This is supposed to be a magical place. If you are not a sweet person please just don’t go

      2. mskey99@hotmail.comHoKmoKm

        Yes indeed

      3. Robyn

        Football games were never intended for toddlers and small children. Magic Kingdom is. Ones behavior at a sporting event (gladiator arena) SHOULD be different than it is at an area with so many small children, handicapped, or elderly. It’s a crying shame so many in this country have absolutely no idea what proper decorum is. So many are too busy virtue signaling to find out how to properly behave in a civil society.

    2. Lourdes

      Wow! no need for fan Fights when the players are already doing the work !!! Come on Wang let’s be real .

  9. Spread Love

    I am so disappointed by these comments!
    What has this world turned in to?
    So racial…so negative…so sad that this is how you think!

    1. Mitch

      Turned into? Always has been always will be. Sorry Rainbow Brite. I don’t like it either I just live in my own world where it’s happy.

  10. Namealreadytaken

    How heartbreaking for the kids! And videos don’t lie folks.

  11. Sur

    One thing I learned about going to Disney, people come here from all over. And some just act like fools it’s not about who has money or who doesn’t. People will go to Disney rich or poor. What people forget when they go to Disney is to have some common sense which is what the problem is any more. Seems like some people just don’t have any.

    1. Lavendar

      We don’t know who or what started the fight. Why do people on here is accusing black people. It could been the white people.

      I have not been to Disney in 20 yrs because I don’t have money to spend (last time I went i paid under a thousand) for four to five days at an all star hotel, four-to eight buffet/plate dinner. We paid separate for the multiday pass from the Disney store. It was my husband, two nieces (a three and two yo – she got in free) and myself. Btw, I’m black and the hubby is white.
      I would not go to Disney because it is way to crowded with the 50th and with people going out due to the pandemic. People are just been cooped up too much.

      As for the person who says he works for WDW you should be fired. As for those who implied black people used their stimmy check couldn’t you say the same thing about white people? Btw, a lot of people used their stimmy check and/or unemployment checks to pay bills or rent.

      1. han

        It’s very obviously not the white people in this video.

  12. Tom

    Seems like the 3 most recent fights at theme parks are well…. You know!

    1. Rodney Simonson

      How is it profiling to note observing that most of the physical and verbal intimidation, together with line jumping, line jumping are from families of black guests?

      1. Julia

        I once advised an African American child that she might fall and hurt herself running on a wet bathroom floor in DHS, the same as I would do for any kid, her response was ‘bite me whitey’.
        Why did she need to say that?

        1. Jan

          Cute story. Too bad you made it up. Literally no Black kid would ever say “bite me.” Possibly NO child would say it. That’s Gen X language. “Whitey” too. The hate, my goodness.

        2. Tia

          Thank God my Hispanic husband and myself (african American) are well off enough that we can afford to go where ever we want whenever we want. Also that we have well behaved and tolerant children who know how to navigate in a world full of racists. Even in a place that is suppose to be full of magic and wonder. I’ll definitely need to tell my husband that we will have to be on the look out for racists on our family trip planned to DW next Aug. SMH, it’s shame can’t even take a family vacation without worry if being profiled and treated like we less than. Now people see what we have to go through. You try to live a right, have good morals and values and instill them into your children and people still look at you with hate in their heart.

      2. Robyn

        So many liberal virtue signaling on here, that’s why. They don’t want to hear facts. Never did, never will. It’s much easier for those, who have never known or been affected by the inner city hood rat violence, to call everyone racist, bigots, etc. It’s pathetic that they can not even admit that the data is just numbers with no bias. The crime and violence in THIS country ARE clear. There is a certain race of people who are responsible for 80-90% of ALL crimes. That does not mean that every single one of them are Criminals. NOR does it mean that the data is racist. By the way, virtue signaling is not morals. If anyone is either afraid, lazy or ignorant NOT to call out uncivil behavior regardless of the perpetrators skin color then THEY have a serious morality problem. NOT the ones unafraid to speak the bald and bold truth about facts. IMHO.

        1. Your mom

          You and your Orange leader cult leader have a mental problem.

  13. Mark

    Just sad. May they be banished from the Kingdom!

  14. Mike A.

    Ever hear of a dump called Six Flags? This is the behavior and type.of nonsense you see there on a regular basis. Not Disney, the most magical and expensive place on Earth. Despicable!

  15. Amy

    Oh my GOD. I cannot believe the *shameless* racism and classicism here!! Are most of you guys like this? Even just on this website?? YOU are the trash and you yourselves sound like the classless people you are raging against. If this is what I should expect from a regular DW visitor, why in the heck would I want to go??

    1. MrsV

      Thank you Amy. I’m just reading these comments and shaking my head. It’s so sad.

    2. jane

      truth hurts doesn’t it amy?

  16. Dee

    You sure aboit that been with the company far longer and it was the whites causing issues. But thats not the point. Fights have always broken out at disney. Rich poor. It didnt matter. Only reason its nlknown now is because if the media

  17. Dj

    I see they have racist working over at Disney, time to shine the light on some of the racist Disney employees!

    1. Han

      Making observations on the obvious=racism

  18. Cerys

    The problem isn’t anything to do with how much money people have. The problem is the entitlement guests have and their poor attitude to everyone outside the universe of me, me, me.
    I don’t know how it started, but, I noticed the girl in the white T-shirt appeared to attack the girl in the backpack for no reason and worst of all was the lack of concern for the children especially the ones in strollers.
    Another problem is the CMs are unwilling or unable to get involved for fear of injury and who can blame them, they are not bouncers for unruly guests.
    As for putting up the prices, the cost of Disney has skyrocketed, but, that has made no difference, in fact, park attendance has only increased and people think they are the only ones paying the big bucks and that is where the entitled behaviour really comes in.

    1. Robyn

      Exactly! It’s a morality problem. Certain age groups, race groups, and yes even gender groups no longer know how to behave in polite civil society. No amount of legislation will fix this problem.

    2. Disgusted

      This behavior is absolutely horrible. Not one of those adults gave a crap about traumatizing the kids who witnessed this trashy behavior by their parents. Magical Kingdom is not the WWF.
      Disney needs to ban alcohol from the parks. Most unruly behavior is fueled by entitlement and alcohol.

    3. A Gonzalez

      To Cerys: your comment is right on point. It’s the same attitude and expectations at work, on a cruise, on an airplane. This attitude of “me, me, me” is everywhere. Today respect for others and common sense are lost. Truly sad.

  19. Laura M

    I’ve been going to Walt Disney World for 50 years – since the year it opened – numerous times and especially when I lived in Florida for 2 years. This crap never, ever happened during any of those visits….ever. it seems to be a combination of brazen, self-centered generations that came after me, and the availability of alcohol now available in the parks. Certainly takes away from the Disney magic and the huge amount of money it costs for a Disney vacation.

    1. MF

      Alcohol is not available at MK like it is in the other parks.

      1. Manny

        You are correct since Disney allows alcohol service in “Be Our Guest.” This was the foothold many Disney executives wanted.

  20. Cerys

    Most of the cr@p I’ve had to deal with is white millennials with kids who think Disney is only there for them. And it’s 100% white people who ignore the ‘no smoking’ rule.

    1. DeAndre

      you’re a racist

  21. Patty

    Why can’t people be decent human beings? Why fight? They should be banned from Disney for life!

  22. Be kind

    Excuse me!
    This kind of remark from a Disney employee is NOT acceptable! I am at a loss for words, people like you are what is wrong with our world! Just 😤😤😤

  23. Be kind

    Wish there was a way to like or dislike comments on this site!
    Just have to say… Anyone playing the blame game shame on you! Lastly anyone throwing out racist comments need to BLOCKED there is no place or time for HATE especially during these trying times! I just can’t…

  24. Anthony

    “if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”
    Mark 3:25

  25. Kevin Jones

    And…here’s the ultimate reason Disney pricing keeps going up. Make it more exclusive where only people who act right can get in.

    1. Han

      Agree 100%.

  26. Please, not everyone who starts fights are the ones being priced out. Thank you and hope you do not think this. God Bless!

  27. DeAnn

    Here’s the problem, yup those were white kids who went into schools and movie theaters and created a horrible crime, but you WILL NOT see any white people making excuses for them saying “you don’t know what they’ve been through” or “lets get their side of the story” or “blah blah blah” all the white people want the people who committed those crimes to be accountable and hopefully get sent to prison to life, its unfortunate that we don’t experience the same in the black community . . . . it’s never their fault

    1. Jose pina

      Your 200&

    2. Robyn

      Exactly! Dead on! Who EXACTLY got a slap on the wrist? School shooters are typically killed or commit suicide. That’s not enough for her? The movie theater guy was a schizophrenic committed to the looney bin. That’s not enough for her? Of course not EVERY black person is the problem but denying that 90% of ALL crimes are committed by blacks is ignorance. It’s NOT moral or righteous. It’s stupid and ONLY serves to give power and acquiesce the terrible behavior. Blacks did not always behave this way. This has only started nation wide in the past 30-35 years. You all on here talking about racism, let’s start speaking truth and facts instead of the never ending virtue signaling that solves nothing except to boost your very small egos.

      1. Kev

        @Robyn; kinda funny that the comment says “you WILL NOT see any white people making excuses” and then your proceed to make excuses for mass shooters…

  28. Seawing

    So true. Wherever they go they cause problems.

    1. Han

      This has been my experience time and again.

  29. Jose pina


  30. Jose pina

    Do you forget easy e

  31. Jose pina

    Don’t worry your tax dollars add work here thanks joe..

  32. Lourdes

    Wow !!!! Now what exactly do you mean by being priced out?! Ladies and I this is ignorance at its finest

  33. Talia

    Go back to your country

  34. Ice Princess Inland

    Pretty sure like 6 of your cast mates were just arrested in a trafficking ring. Seems like Disney has other s h I t to worry about other than the occasional roudy park goers.

  35. Drew

    Doesn’t mean if you have money your still not trash. Anyone that think rich ppl don’t act this way are highly misinformed. Live in a highly affluent area n kids n parents I went to school with I could see this happening. Hell we are class year wasn’t allowed on school trips bc some rich aholes did something stupid. That was junior high till the end of high school

  36. Ice Princess Inland

    Last time I checked blacks weren’t the ones running the plane loads of dope through miami…yall were messed up long before the arrival of blacks. Lmao!!!

  37. Ice Princess Inland

    Remove the alcohol. I’ve been to Disney several times. The only altercations I’ve seen were liquor induced.

  38. The Comments

    These comments are literally the reason altercation happens at these parks. The entitlement of people towards another, no matter race, class, or if you got alcohol in your system. People just like to start stuff and pay no mind to others, while selfishly ruining others experience. Just like the comments, same people pointing fingers at another group of people are the ones that would be in there type of articles starting fights.

  39. rroe

    Well, thanks to these idiots Disney will now have to put a Boat Security Officer on board each boat. Guess who’s going to pay the bill?????

  40. Michael Houck

    To me, based on the two still pics, it looks like two old friends meeting up.
    Hey girl, is that you?
    OMG! I didn’t know you were coming to Disney.
    Gimme a hug friend. We’ll have to hook up for a drink later.

  41. Jol

    Disney, the most unmagical place on earth. I don’t blame the cast for not wanting to get involved. They aren’t paid enough, the company treats them like garbage and the entitled guests are horrible to them. Going to Disney used to be fun. Now it’s too expensive for a so so product with people walking around who think it’s their right to be rude and snooty. Not magical at all. 😢

  42. Sue

    Think again. WDW is uppering the price for crowd control. Wealthy people fight more often than the average person.

  43. TacoCat

    Oh, are you talking about that “oppressed ” bunch?

  44. A Gonzalez

    Alcohol is now available at WDW and Disneyland’s parks. BIG MISTAKE. Same problem in airplanes and cruises. Common sense and self control is lost in today’s society. It’s sad they think alcohol improves their experience. It’s obvious that it actually ruins body and mental health, safety, and everyone around. It does not take much to see that most of these issues were rarely seen at Disney’s parks. Stop selling alcohol and banned anyone bringing it to the parks or showing up intoxicated. No refunds.

    1. Mr Alcoholic

      What proof do you have these people were drinking please? They don’t look drunk at all…

  45. Not Surprised

    I’m not at all surprised to see blacks in the mix. They love to antagonize whites as much as possible.

  46. John Wayne

    Funny how no one wants to point out that a black was instigating a white? It’s very clear who was creating the issue. In fact a black woman was throwing punches and a white woman was swinging a pocketbook. Are we really so “woke” that we can’t identify the nature of the problem? It’s not about black lives matter it’s about ALL lives matter!

  47. Jason Krein

    I’m sorry, but the definition of trash is people that get in a fight at Disneyland.

  48. Mcvee

    As long as we understand that trash has no color or ethnicity, then we are ok.
    What difference does it make where the money comes from. Businesses should be glad that anyone wants to come.
    And btw…. Some People with money steal, lack morals, and evade taxes. I used to work in retail and my top thieves pulled off in Jaguars, Mercedes and Range Rovers. Wise up people and stop being so stereotypical.

  49. Concerned Citizen

    Oh look another another black family causing trouble at WDW again…

    Look its not racist to point out, that lately there seems to be a problem with a certain black community to Disney parks and constantly causing trouble? Is it all blacks no? But they certainty seem more up for a fight and feel they can do as they please with Disney going all in on woke diversity and telling them its not their fault.

  50. shannon

    My husband and I almost had the EXACT thing happen to us on the same day hours earlier. We were waiting for the ferry and I just stepped under the awning to get in the shade. This woman began screaming that I had cut them in line. A cast member approached her and told her there was no line and that there was plenty of room on the boat.
    This was not a good enough response for her so she decided to ram her stroller, with her kids inside of it, into the railing next to me and told me that ‘if there’s no line it shouldn’t matter if she stood this close to me’.
    I told her she was being immature and she said that ‘if she felt like getting immature then I would know it’ threatening me.
    I decided to just walk away because I could see she was unstable.
    I will be taking the monorail from now on!

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