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living with the land

Credit: ITM


  1. Brian

    That sign was there when I visited October 2020.

  2. David

    That’s been there. It was there 3 or 4 weeks ago when we last rode it…

  3. Gary

    The “we missed you” sign appeared last year after the closure. And the plant and fish labels? Those have been there since I can remember and I’ve been coming for more than 30 yrs. I feel like I’m getting “news” from an alternate universe

  4. Koridawn

    This sign was posted the Monday after EPCOT reopened in July 2020. I took a pic of it back then.

  5. Sarah

    Completely not news, you make it sound like this is put there because they were closed for two weeks when it’s been there since they reopened from the closure last summer. I’ve been visiting since it reopened and it’s been there since day one.

  6. I was hoping that they would remove the plastic sheeting in between the seats. It’s time to “let it go.” Other rides have taken down theirs.

  7. Nicole

    The partitions between the seats are gone now. I went last weekend.

  8. Steve

    That was there in July 2020, right after Epcot reopened.

  9. EM

    Wow, running out of things to write about I see.

  10. Barb

    Sadly, I have not been to WDW for quite some time mainly due to the constant rise in the prices of everything so, no I have not seen the new sign, but I wanted to share this with everyone anyway. Many years I took a trip to WDW with my parents way back in the 1980s I think it was and I spent a day in Epcot. I first rode Spaceship Earth as many visitors do since it is the first ride we come to, and I could hardly believe how short the line was. I didn’t even have anyone sitting in front or behind me! When I went further into the park I decided I’d ride The Land. Talk about a surprise, there was no one in line, not one person! I got down to the boat launch and the associate laughingly asked me where I’d like to sit. I got on the boat, and it was just him and me. One of the best times I’ve ever had! All the rides were pretty much like that the entire time we were there! Ah, the good old days!!!

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