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Johnny Depp

Credit: Disney


  1. Jules

    #MGM #ReleaseMinamatainUS

    1. Shel

      I’ve made multiple attempts to buy Minamata. Even tried to buy it from the UK. They wouldn’t except my form of payment. It’s frustrating that anyone would make it this difficult to by a movie in the US. I will buy it. I’m curious how many ways MGM blocked US purchasing. For what? WORKPLACE GOSSIP? This was always a private matter taken to the media with wild accusations about Mr. Depp while he was in the privacy of his own home. MGM, WB, and now possibly Disney are supporting workplace gossip over people’s lives and consumer requests. They hired Mr. Depp, had no issue working with him when allegations supposedly occurred. They wait 5 years to boycott? It doesn’t make sense. What does that say about the companies?
      I never felt the need to pay attention to certain things, but, after witnessing this, as a consumer, tax payer and citizen of the US I will pay attention to what I purchase, what business is associated with the products, and ensure my money does not go toward any company trying to eliminate anyone’s life, career, or voice. I may be 1 person but there are a lot of 1 persons like me. We build your companies, and, united, we can boycott you. Release Miamata! Do the right thing. Stand with the people.

  2. Sara Jone

    Wow, Johnny actually won his newest court trial. Update your news. Plus Amber now has to under go psychiatric evals.

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