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  1. Tiffany

    Stumping for Heard’s tram are we? The smear campaign is alive and well, I see. Emancipation does not equate with abandonment in any legal sense. Or even in common sense. He quit school at fifteen and headed west to pursue music before he fell into acting. Fact check much?

    Never mind the fact that HE is suing HEARD and she is counter suing him. He initiated the case after she wrote a fraudulent op-Ed about him projecting everything she did TO him and making herself out to be the victim. There is ample evidence out there—from the deposition she gave for their divorce to text messages from her parents saying she only filed allegations so she could stay in the penthouses longer…seriously, do your homework or get owned in the comments.

    I’ve been a feminist all of my adult life, but I will never back that horse. You picked the wrong one in the race. She’s set us back decades and proven that there’s no equality until there’s equal accountability. This type of toxicity should not be protected.

  2. Shel

    Well PopRocks, you did it! You committed a selfless act! Some will probably say you did it for good PR, but everyone knows that amount of money for PR is absurd. You did a really good thing donating to St. Jude’s, with nothing to gain, not only for the kids, for their families, loved ones and their communities, lifting very heavy hearts in the most difficult times. It only takes helping one person, one act of kindness, to spread that kindness to so many more. I’m very proud of you for your generosity and selflessness. That is love.

  3. Jules

    WOW. And the point is…?
    Nothing here most people didn’t already know as a matter of public record from JD himself.
    All one needs to do is waste more time reading previous folly to know which side of the roaring rapids ‘inside the magic’ is on. It’s not what they “report” it’s what they haven’t! Google the audio tapes, court transcripts, 💩 in the bed, severed finger.
    Then Google ‘City of Lies’ and ‘Minamata.’

    1. Jules

      Also look up the difference in terms of “donating” $7M divorce settlement to a children’s hospital and another organization (…which I refuse to name, a donation that didn’t happen by her, even tho she stated on TV and in UK court it did…) as opposed to “pledging to donate” that $7M.

    2. Shel

      Agreed! If she really didn’t want the $7 mil, and truly wanted to donate it to the organizations she promised, there was no reason to have money exchange hands. She would have requested Mr. Depp donate it directly to her charities of choice. The tax deductions would have been insignificant. Instead she insisted the money go to her, more money than she was worth, probably more money than she ever had. Then she made it a point to notify the public she donated it all to charity, which she DID NOT! That is deceit towards everyone, her fans, friends, colleagues, the public, everyone she made believe she did something she never did, creating a false image of herself.
      It’s easy to deceive, make bad choices that intentionally hurt others to gratify oneself. It’s a personal choice. Those who choose not to deceive become a target whether it’s triggered by money or love. Deceivers want what they don’t have, and will hurt anyone in their path to achieve their goal. We can let it get us down, blame others for the problems they create, feeling sorry for ourselves. But what good does that do for anyone. That just spreads their hate. Sure, we react when we’re hurt or angry, but we get back up, move forward, and fight for what is right. That’s why I have so much respect for Mr. Depp. As hard as things are he doesn’t feel sorry for himself. He’s not blaming others for his misfortune. He is resilient and strong, moving forward in a fight for his love for something we all deserve: Justice!

    3. Paul Barresi

      Not so. Johnny Depp never reported he was abandoned by his mom or emancipated before he turned 18 years of age.

  4. Cindy

    What crock.
    And in the end the very talented Boy who raised himself into a Man with no help from his parents. Took care of his mother until the day she died.
    Which by the by was exactly the time the money grubbing wife chose to go public with her BS stories. Seems riding on his coat tails to get where she got wasn’t enough. And now she rides on the coat tails of millions of women who have been and continue to be abused.
    And Mr Depp chose to go on working and fighting for his life keeping his head above the water like he always has, by himself.

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