Comments for ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Casting Call: YOU Can Be in the New Movie!

Hocus Pocus

Credit: Disney


  1. yoyo

    Can’t wait for the movie. Still I am surprised Bette, Sarah and Kathy are trusting Chapek to be honest with contracts. I love the Sanderson Sisters just weird anyone would trust greedy man chapek to be honest and forthright. Good luck ladies.

  2. Mickey Mouse

    You have to take the DEATH SHOT (Vaxx), to be in it….NO THANK YOU!!!!!
    If you want to die from Blood Clots, there’s easier ways to do it…better yet, consider it suicide!!!!

  3. Vincent

    Hire better proofreaders! It’s Rhode Island.

  4. Nina

    I’m gonna be in this movie! My names Nina kitchen look out for me

  5. Hi my name is Kyla Peryea! I’m 15 years old! And I was wondering if you could help me and my brother sign up for the new hocous pocous movie!

  6. Hellooo🎶❗️

    Craft Services? What Company is providing food for the cast and workers ?
    I worked for Fairhaven ..
    Thank you….😀

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