Comments for Guests Only Have DAYS to See Happily Ever After Before It Officially Retires

happily ever after


  1. Jackie

    Yes. We will see Happily Ever After and Disney Enchantment both when we visit next week! We are all so excited!

  2. Josie

    Did not care for this show. Just didn’t have that touch. Fantasy In the Sky & Wishes were the best. Miss those shows ❤️

  3. May

    I hate happily ever after. It did teach me one thing: I never appreciated Wishes as much as I should have. I just took it for granted that the fireworks will be awesome.

  4. KenR

    I’m glad its going. Wishes had beautiful music and a nice story and theme. Happily Ever After was a projection show with fireworks and a forgettable sound track that sounded like a Disney Radio pop tune. You could enjoy Wishes from almost anywhere but with HEA, you had to queue up in front of the castle an hour and half early or pay for a dessert party to see the projections, especially if you are short or a child. Wishes was so much better. The best night time line up was Wishes and Spectro Magic. Although Wishes, the Main Street Electrical Parade and Celebrate the Magic were a close 2nd. My opinion.

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