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halloween horror nights

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  1. JB

    I was there on the 22nd and 23rd. Unless something very odd was happening these photos are highly misleading. Both nights there were lines for all houses with lines being much shorter at the very beginning and end of the evening. At peak, say 9-11ish, houses ranged from 35-60 min wait times.

    Point is, these photos are not at all representative of general crowd levels at HHN.

    1. Kirsten

      Agreed! I was just there the 24th and 25th and was even told by workers that they were at capacity every night so far for HHN. The 24th alone was counted at 30,000 people. These had to have been timed photos.

      1. Yes i was there there Saturday the 25th and it was packed! This is not true at all. All of the hotels were booked as well.

        1. Richard

          To be fair, Bride of Frankenstein is consistently one of the shortest lines. I’ve never seen it more than about double what’s in the picture.

    2. Madeline Sikorski

      I was at HHN Saturday evening 9/25 from 6pm to midnight and and that was not the case. It was crowded, lines for rides and houses exceeded an hour from 8pm on. I would have loved it if it were as empty as those pics implied.

      1. Mike

        Any liner less than 2 hour wait time is considered short in the executive eyes. So if that is the case, then yes the park is practically empty even though you can’t swing a zombiefied cat without hitting a park attendee.

  2. Chris

    We live in Orlando and go to Universal City Walk weekly and there’s always a crowd. We were just at Halloween Horror Nights and it was also extremely busy. No way to even visit half the haunted houses because of the long lines. This article is very misleading!

  3. Dave H

    Ever wonder if Universal is doing this on purpose to try and get more people. They did lose a lot of money last year for HHN. Good PR and great marketing if they are. Only those of us who pay constant attention would know better.

  4. Dani

    I have been to HHN 4 times this year . It was pouring down raining 2 out of the 4 and it was still packed . So I agree the pictures are deceiving . We bought the fear pass for September so we will probably go one more time this month .

  5. Brittany

    It depends on the night but also, September is rarely the most crowded. October is when this event really ramps up. Every weekend night we’ve gone it’s been crowded. I think these photos are taken at a strange part of the evening on maybe weeknights?

  6. Josh

    Bull crap!! I was there yesterday and it was busier than busy!! You couldn’t even walk around 70 plus minutes for each haunted house. I have now idea where you went, but it wasn’t here it’s super busy. Shortest line was transformers at 15 minutes. Don’t listen to this misleading article.

  7. Adam

    We were just there on the night this was posted (from the 23rd though the 27th, currently still at the park) and this article is very misleading.

    It was extremely packed the past few nights. The days not as much, but HNN was extremely packed.

    Side note, does anyone that has been there this year know where the men in the white space-ish uniforms from HNN are from? Like what movie/book/game?

    Thanks and happy travels. It was still a lot of fun this time of year.

    1. Alice

      It’s an original concept from what I can gather. I haven’t been to a single HHN and wish I could go this year but no funds 🙁 and I am still pretty wary of crowds. I was at Epcot in June this year and caught a bad cold.

  8. Mikey do Mook

    Why does the photo in the last tweet look photoshopped to me. The upper left side looks all bright like there is a tint covering 90% of the lens. So these photos could have been taken in the day time when HHN was not operational to make it appear “dead”.

    1. Joanna Fonseca

      Not true at all!! I was there and it was packed. Who wrote this article? Ugh

      1. Mike

        Lol, this is the same journalist who just wrote an article proclaiming how busy the parks were and it caused a lady to lose her child. Which is it? Are the parks empty or full? #printsomethingevenifitiswrong

  9. TinkerHell

    These could have been taken near 2am. All the original 1am closing time events have been moved to 2am for the rest of the season.

  10. Viriato

    I don’t know what the hell you guys keep posting about empty parks… we went to EPCOT today and it was pretty damn busy. Parked in D20. The walk was long. Crowds were there. You all must be going to the parks on a Monday before they even open and then claim the parks are open. #fakenews

  11. Kelly M

    ITM is always good for at least a few “parks are empty” or “ride with the lights on” articles every week, this site has really went downhill

  12. John

    This website is trash. Constant posts about theme parks being empty when, in fact, they were full.

  13. Jen Simmons

    I was there on Saturday 9/25 and the place was packed!!! I agree with everyone that says this!!!

  14. M. Dean

    Those look to be aerial views to me

  15. Ant

    It’s September! Of course crowds are missing. The kids are all back in school. It’s slow EVERY September! That’s why all, longtime locals know that this is the month for us to go… because it’s the slow time of year! This article is either ignorant or a lie!

  16. William

    We were just there Sunday and it was packed with people. Regular park times and HHN.

  17. Dee

    Very misleading I had the fast pass a little more expensive but well worth it this year Saturday the 25th was absolutely packed my wait time was generally between 15 minutes had a wonderful night and they did a very good job for missing a year last year.

  18. Ralph Malphine

    I am staying away- prefer to have my Halloween Horrors fictional rather than real-life CoVID.

    1. Marie

      bahhhhhhh!! you’re doing a good job ralph of being very afraid, just like they want! 🙂

  19. @gotravelwithstaci

    Well if the crowds were lower in Sept, they have tremendously recovered since that time. We have been here three nights and it’s been absolutely packed. Tonight, a Sunday, it’s pouring and lines are all well over an hour wait, some over 2 hrs. Check out my Instagram @gotravelwithstaci

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