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  1. We are DVC members. We are desperately trying to get a room for our vacation in December. We were only allowed to use 50% of our points this year. Total dismay when I’m told there are no suites. 😰

  2. Cristin B

    Same deal is being offered to Chase Disney Visa card holders. But, like another person said, DVC rooms are unavailable. I’m surprised there’s availability for the 13 days leading up to Christmas!

  3. Cindy

    Not a pass member but would like to take advantage of this deal

  4. SKy

    How about they give a discount to the people that don’t already get discounts.

  5. Ryan

    Why is it that Florida residents get the deals and we who live out of state don’t? Is it because Florida residents can go whenever and they don’t have to spend thousands or what? My family and I are going in December and it’s close to 8k for the six of us for resort and tickets PLUS flying (almost 3k) and yet we don’t get any discounts.

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