Comments for Fingers Scanners Apparently Down, Causes Huge Backup at Disney Park

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Credit: WDW Daily News


  1. Patti

    They didn’t work at Epcot this morning either, but there was no delay. The rings just turned green without the fingerprint (just like they did since reopening) and we went right in.

  2. Keeping an eye out

    As a software engineer these finger scanners at Disney properties are a risk to their guests. They are not top level secured. Universal on the other hand are better protected. My advice is check on all Disney related stuff that has your address, telephone number etc. monthly.

    1. Gern Blanston

      Stating many things without sharing any proof or information to back up your statements is scarier to me than your accusations about Disney.

  3. Manny

    This goes to show that articles about the low attendance were basically propaganda created to draw people here and pump up sales.

    1. Gern Blanston

      Nope! Attendance has been very low. A backup at one place does not mean that there are throngs of people in the park. A pinch point will always be worse the what’s on either side.

  4. DMD

    Disney seems to be having a lot of problems lately. Simple…..Go Woke, Go Broke.

    1. SG


      alert to injustice in society, especially racism.
      “we need to stay angry, and stay woke”.


  5. Sherry

    My question is why have people buy magic bands if they are still going to have scan their fingers?

    1. Gern Blanston

      It’s so obvious even Sherry should be able to figure it out. What prevents handing someone your magic band with no way to prove who actually owns it? Can I borrow yours, including your pin number?

      The biometric reading is so that they can confirm the magic band’s owner.

      1. SG

        They stopped using finger scanners when they reopened because of the risk of spreading COVID. This Delta varient is worse than the original! Finger scanners are dirtier than a doorknob. Why did they bring them back? $$$!

  6. Gern Blanston

    From the time listed on both of the WDW Daily News tweets, this was only a six-minute issue. What is the actual story here?

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