Comments for Expedition Everest Set For Lengthy Refurb – What Is the Yeti’s Fate?

expedition everest yeti

Credit: Disney


  1. To repair the yeti that have to remove part of the mountain. Poor planning. Animatronics need repair and maintenance now and then and the company did not prepare for that. Disney is not going to take the mountain apart.

    1. Sam

      The need to fix show elements of BTMRR!

  2. Abby

    I think they’re going to restore the yeti during that time. Also think they should just keep it how it is too but everything needs maintenance. I was finally going to muster up the courage to ride it and now its closed during my vacation next year smh

  3. David Strawn

    I would like to see Yeti get fixed myself, he was like a “real Monster”, but if the imagineers can’t fix the Yeti, not only will he remain “Disco Yeti”, but the Yeti will remain “defeated”. Get it, defeated? Because the Yeti’s the attraction’s main antagonist?

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