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  1. yoyo

    Its time for chapek to move on. Come on board. He has tooted his own horn long enough. 30 min. should be an hour. He is a sad, sad excuse for a disney fan.

    1. StickItToEm

      They didn’t have to bring back early entry at all. You better not use those 30 minutes of you think it’s bull.

  2. frostysnowman

    Well that’s nice, because I’ll be there all next week. But 30 minutes? That’s lame. It should be an hour.

  3. Manny

    Magic Hours used to be before park opening and after park closing. Now the only way to get park closing is to stay at a deluxe resort. Disney has been consistently cutting services to increase revenue and now they are charging premiums for everything else. The new paid fast pass is a perfect example.

  4. GlassHalfFull

    They didn’t have to bring back early entry at all. 30 min extra is better than nothing in my opinion.

    1. Julian H

      Well to honest a token 30 mins, WOW I must continue booking that Expensive on site property holiday, where there is no perks for staying on Disney property anymore, except a cheap token 30 mins, Disney can stuff it.

      Moving over to Universal, at least they don’t rip you off like Greedy Disney does, happiest place on Earth – My Arse.

  5. MoreAmenitiesMorePerks

    They need perks for Disney resort guests, so I’m fine with only the deluxe resorts getting the evening time. Those people are paying more, often more per night than a whole week at a value. Disney should recognize that. I’m not sorry that I don’t stay at resorts that are essentially Super 8s.

    1. Em

      It’s nice that you can afford resorts that aren’t essentially Super 8s. Good for you. The point being made is that Disney is slowly taking away perks everyone staying at a Disney Resort used to get. Moderate and Deluxe Resorts got full service dining when free dining was a thing. Value got Quick Service so there was a difference between the Super 8s and the rest.

      1. 🤷‍♀️

        The values wouldn’t be affordable if they added in the amenities that moderates and deluxes offer.
        We’re a moderate resort family. The exception to that is our honeymoon where we’ll have 2 nights/3 days at Grand Floridian, a once in a lifetime experience. Those deluxe nights aren’t the extra park hours nights either, but I’m not mad about it. We booked it before they announced they were going to offer it.

      2. Julian H

        I agree with Em, if Disney cannot stretch to the old magic hour for all guests staying on property its a ad state of affairs. The deluxe hotels have better surroundings and amenities that pushes the price up, don’t begrudge other quests on other Disney properties a measly 1 hour. Disney you have gone to far with everything you have done, change the board and bring in people of actually care about the Company not just themselves.

  6. Barb304

    I’m surprised to see all of the hotels included in this. I really thought it would only be available for the highest priced ones! Of course, none of them are reasonably priced anymore!

  7. Manuel Perez

    The list include Holiday Inn Orlando hotel but the question is all Holiday Inn nearby Orlando or is just an specific one?

    I will travel in two months and I will stay in Holiday Inn Lake Vista.

  8. JustOne

    The Disney Springs one only. You can also look at the WDW website to see the hotels that are considered good neighbor hotels.

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