Comments for Disneyland Crowd Levels: Why YOU Should Plan a Visit!

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Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Amber Gamble

    It’s a lot busier and more crowded than we were expecting. The mornings are nice as always, and it is noticeable that there are fewer people going through security and ticketing than normal at 8AM. However by 11 it no longer feels so uncrowded and just gets busier and busier. The number of people sitting and waiting in front of the castle last night for the projection show was astonishing. So many people everywhere. Yes, it is less busy than a normal summer day. But it really isn’t less busy than a normal September midweek. And is more crowded in the evenings than a normal September, likely due to new Magic Keyholders visiting after an absence. We are having a good time, but we went when Star Wars opened and it was less busy. We went to WDW last summer and it was less busy. And we’ve been in September and experienced lower midday and evening crowds.

    1. Lisa

      Same here. It’s been busier than expected the last few days

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