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Magic Kingdom looking empty

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  1. Well, we are going into the off season. The kids are in school. It picks up on the weekends, around Thanksgiving, and Christmas break. It’s okay, keep calm.

    1. Steve Bennett

      Same as it ever was. Just like the falling-on-swords the media pulls every Hurricane Season, as if it wasn’t the pattern of time immemorial.

    2. Sam

      Dont forget Fall Break in October! Brings xmas -like crowds.

  2. Karen Taylor - Steward

    Maybe it’s cos Disney got Greedy, putting ridiculous prices up, taking away fasspasses & charging for rides once you paid already to get into the parks
    Alot of people won’t pay for those ridiculous costs, specially overseas visitors, fasspasses worked, paying only to get into the parks worked, charging on top of costs to get into a park doesn’t
    You shouldn’t have to pay to get into a park then pay again to get on the rides when you paid to get into parks alone

    1. Sandy


  3. Church Lady

    Maybe some people are staying away because they are being cautious about COVID?

    1. Lynn Richards

      I totally agree, and another issue lately is the constant break down and non- available factor of some of their most popular rides. That has to be fixed! That’s NOT acceptable for Walt Disney standards.

  4. Lee

    A Disney trip costs about £12,000 / $18,000 dollars for my family. The lack of dining plans and the fact it is still on the red list / not accepting UK visitors despite full vaccinations is a shame. Still, all of the price increases have put off these devoted Disney fans.

    1. Terry Russell

      Same for us. The things that add to our cost are; Parking at Disney Resort Hotels, No Dining Plan, Buy your own Magibands, Buy your own Mugs. With 14 of us going, these things have added $10000 to our 14 day trip: scandalous!!! No longer value for money.

  5. Mish

    No wonder people can’t afford the bloody tickets. There’s seven of us it will cost us a fortune to go.

  6. Lynn Richards

    I totally agree, and another issue lately is the constant break down and non- available factor of some of their most popular rides. That has to be fixed! That’s NOT acceptable for Walt Disney standards.

  7. Justin

    Why is this a good thing? It means the parks are failing and the company is about to go bankrupt. We’re going to lose an American icon, all because they decided to get woke and push race crap and the agenda of the Lavendar Mafia. Thanks lefties!

    1. Sue

      You are sooo right!

    2. Vee

      Must suck to be so scared about being left behind in a changing world.

    3. Jason P. Dias

      Do you really think Disney is going Bankrupt? Cause that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time

  8. Ed E Marks

    People will continue to avoid Disney until they bring back the free fastpass. Disney made a big mistake by getting rid of the free fastpass and getting rid of the extra magic hours for hotel guests. The genie plus and lightning Lanes won’t last for a long and Disney will have to change and go back to the free fast passes. The crowds will not return until they do this.

  9. Sam

    No, Mk was nuts yesterday. New Annual Passes im sure is the culprit.

  10. Sam

    People are coming. Dont kid yourselves.

  11. rroe

    I personally hope the Disney crowds continue to dwindle so Bob Paycheck gets a message that his hoards of price increases are insane. Let’s bring back the middle income families and let them once again enjoy what they have enjoyed over the years. Ashamed that so many children of lower income families can no longer enjoy what Walt intended for them to enjoy. Bob Paycheck has ruined the Disney experience……Bring back Michael I.

    1. Sue

      It started with Bob Iger and he is still involved with WDW

  12. Sue

    As a local I’m staying away until WDW does away with all of these unconstitutional mandates about our health; it is not their responsibility nor their business. That goes both for crew members and guests. No proof of anything is needed.
    Also do away with the reservation system especially for locals with annual passes.
    Lowering prices and bringing back items that were included would be helpful as well. The magic is gone, but you can’t blame just covid (which has a 97% recovery rate so get over it), but Disney has been on the decline for years now.

    1. Marsha

      Why do away with the reservation system “especially for locals”? Do you understand how much money and risk is involved in out of state tourist ms to Disney? We just spent $5000 for airfare, and $1050 for one day passes to visit WDW on November 7th and even though we’ve got park reservations for Hollywood Studios, we aren’t guaranteed to get into the Star Wars rides. Being local you can go anytime you want.

      1. VeeBee

        The reservation system works great. The Karens just like to complain about any and everything. They are angry at the world you know. Lines were not bad yesterday and you can join virtual queue in the app.

    2. VeeBee

      Well a lot did “get over it” you are correct but many did not. You lack compassion and apparently have no magic within.
      They aren’t asking for proof of anything Ms. constitutional scholar lol

    3. Woody

      Disney is private property, they can institute any rules/mandates /regulations they so choose. Customers can either choose to abide by them or not.

    4. Manny

      @Sue I understand trolling is a part time job for you. So you be you and please do not get vaccinated or wear a mask in your personal community. Darwin’s theory will eventually win out.

      1. D.

        I see you are still being a troll Manny. Wishing death on others is not becoming.

  13. Atticus

    Disney is not offering any specials as of right now past Sept. 29th, meaning after that you have to pay full price for EVERYTHING! Those of us from out of town decide if we can afford the trip based on some of those offers. Having to pay for fast passes, no food and increasing prices really makes Universal look like a much better offer especially for families. I guess Disney was banking on everyone wanting to be there for the 50th anniversary and willing to pay anything for the exeperience, sorry Disney you got this wrong.

    1. Atticus

      that was suppose to say no food plan

  14. GLH

    No masks. It’s obvious, that your consumers, don’t care if you mandate for your employees, but…. if numbers tell the tale, MANY of us don’t want you mandating our health. Nor have you treated LOYAL Disney Fans nicely…
    So, we will find Other Venues that Value Us and our Spending…

  15. Greedy J

    No one is forcing anyone to go! Stay away. Less crowded for my family!

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