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  1. Theo

    Tried calling the AP phone line and you can’t even get through to their Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system. You just get a message from the phone company “All Circuits are busy, Please try again later” and it hangs up on you. If you get someone on the Disney World websites live chat they tell you to keep trying to phone number. I’ve tried calling for over an hour now and it just hangs up on me over and over. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Amanda

    I got online at 6am and waited about 30 minutes in the queue. Had no issues getting my AP. It was super easy.

  3. Lee S

    I have to call since I have tickets for November. I also got the circuits are busy and it took 20 minutes at 6am CST to get into the queue. Somehow many calls are getting diverted to vacation planning. Someone from there picked up 8:15am and put me back in the queue. I have now been on hold for 6.5 hours with no end in sight.

  4. Bob

    I had to call because we are going there in 2 weeks and the only way to apply the money we already spent on park tickets to the annual pass is over the phone. Honest to God truth, no exaggeration I have been on hold for 6 hours and 45 minutes. Ridiculous.

    The first call went something like this:
    Dialed the #
    “Welcome to Disney blah blah”
    “If you are a DVC member press one”
    I pressed one
    “Welcome to Disney Cruise Lines. We are closed. Please call back later”
    Loud scream on my end

  5. Brandon

    There seem to be a LOT of people having a discussion about…

    … having prior Paid for and Reserved reservations (ie: for the 50th). Then when they upgrade to the AP, and those reservations are being canceled and they have to try to make new reservations.

    BUT… I spoke with “AP VIPassholder Services” with THIS SPECIFIC QUESTION last week in anticipation for today.
    They assured me EMPHATICALLY that all of my current reservations would be fine.

    But many people are saying that official sources are claiming you WILL In Fact lose all current reservations upon upgrading.

    Will you please confirm or deny this?

  6. Merari

    Bought my pass around 6:45 am with only 10 minute waiting on queue. No problems at all. Received confirmation by email and already made reservations!

  7. Derrick

    I could have easily bought a new pass this morning online, but I also must call to upgrade. Spent 4.5 hours on hold when the wait was “only” supposed to be 90 minutes. Was told if the call dropped I should just call back and they would transfer me to the queue. Called back just now and they said they have been undergoing “magical enhancements” since 4pm and can no longer transfer me. I was given a new number to call and press 4, but the new number just says sorry we can’t take any more calls…

  8. Eric

    called several times since 4 am PST and call dropped multiple times while speaking with several agents only to be forced into the queue again. Called again at 8 am PST and was on hold for over 8 hours until I got a hold of someone. The agent was in the person of upgrading my park hopper tickets to the annual pass when the call dropped. I could not get back into the queue because it was full for the day and when I spoke to someone from guest services, I was told that I had to try again tomorrow. Totally ridiculous, especially because I was so close to checking out and paying. The fact that they do not call you back when the call drops is so frustrating.

  9. Sara

    I wanted to convert my tickets that I had purchased for later this month to APs. I called the travel planning # as my tickets were part of a resort package. Got through after 45 mins on hold and 30 minutes later had my annual passes. I did not lose any of my park reservations. Very happy with how it went.

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