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rise of the resistance (left) virtual queue (middle) web slingers (right)


  1. Sarah

    Editors. “Their in portent”

  2. George

    I was mad about the virtual queue during our trip in April. Having heard about the process from a friend that went a few weeks earlier, I made the anticipation for the morning of our park day. Got on the app, HAD the two tickets on lock and proceeded to process, only to have the system kick back saying we need to have reservations for the day…now I am no tech expert, but with the system already having our two days rostered on the app, why would that not be confirmation enough? So we didn’t get the first round, even though we should have. Tried later in the afternoon round, couldn’t get that either.

    In theory, this should also limit the amount of times you would be allowed to ride as well, if you went in the morning, then you wouldn’t be able to go in the afternoon either, allowing other fans/guests the opportunity to ride. Though these are the only two rides that do this, while the next day we went to MK and waited in long lines to tackle The Mountaineer Challenge, and rode all the mountain coasters, including 7DMT in one day, along with many other rides, all without virtual queues or Fast Pass.

    1. Chris Kinney

      Wait till every other new ride opens, and they’re ALL boarding group lotteries!

    2. Amber Gamble

      If you ride in the morning you cannot ride the same virtual queue ride again in the afternoon. However at DLR you can get a queue for morning on Spiderman and try at noon for Rise.

  3. Chris Kinney

    One SURE way to alleviate stress would be to open a regular line, like any sane person running a theme park would do!

  4. Donald Boell

    This process blows. I’ve never been able to see this one.

  5. Mot Kirby

    This “change” resulted in losing my Virtual Queue group 110…I saw Group 109 then a minute later I no longer had a Virtual Queue Group! Good thing I had screenshots of getting Group 110…it took a lot of arguing with supervisor to get a replacement. Hope this never happens again. Major glitch that Disney needs to fix ASAP!!

    1. THX1138

      Stand in line, wait you’re turn!
      Pass it on.

    2. Hugo X Moncayo

      Very bad when you have young children. You can’t spend your time on the app while they asking to do something. My case at Hollywood Studios on September 6 the ride went down with tech issues. They told us to keep going to the app . It was 3 hors passed still down. My kids wanted to see Lightning McQueen a 15 minute show. As I left the show I get back on the app and the ride was closed for the virtual queue. We ran over to no avail. The cast member told us to try another day. Great answer. At who’s cost. Another C M says too bad. Too bad if guess don’t come back.

      1. Ben

        Love how disney caters to the locals that come frequently getting to try over and over again.

        If your from far away, only come once a year at most… tough.

        The virtual queue should atleast prioritize those who have not gone on it in the last couple months or so. That would be atleast fair.

        1. Melanie Durham

          Eat your words! Disney does not cater to us! We have to try just like you do to get a time in the virtual line! I feel for people like you who do not live here! It’s not fair for you, it’s not fair for anyone! I don’t like it anymore than you do!

  6. Teresina

    Do you still have to be at the park to get on the virtual queue?

    1. Melanie Durham

      No, you do not have to be in the park! I was at home in Tampa and at 7am I got my time and then headed over there!

  7. David Feliu

    Now I can wake up at 6am instead of 7am while on vacation.

  8. Yoda

    Glad for this change. Pre park reservations I would have to go through and select which tickets were trying to get virtual queue after it opened which took long enough to make difficult to get since we have seven tickets linked on the app but usually only have one or two people going.

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