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  1. Tom

    DO NOT Sell back to Disney. I am looking for points and are willing to buy certain locations at above Disney return pricing. I will pay lawyer fees and title company transfer. Please contact me.

    1. Bonnie

      See below

  2. Bob

    The problem is not that DVC owners want to sell their DVC points back to Disney, Disney is forcing owners to sell their ownership because of the restrictions DVC has on using, banking and borrowing points. Currently, DVC owners are being forced to use their DVC points or loose them. Because of the virus, people just do not want to go to a Disney park and be exposed to the virus, and Disney is not protecting the park guest adequately. It’s all about the money with Disney and the “Magic” is gone.

    1. Brenda

      We can’t use out points due to travel restrictions to the US. I’ve had to rent mine so that I’m not paying for points I’d lose. Anyone who doesn’t live in the US is struggling on what to do with their points & timeshare. Disney didn’t care I couldn’t travel.

      1. David

        Disney kind of can’t care. Many people in the US couldn’t travel at times, either. My wife and lost two years of points for our 25th anniversary trip in April 2020.

        See my other comment regarding how shifting everyone’s points can’t happen. There just aren’t enough future rooms to accommodate it. Hence my comment that Disney can’t really care.

    2. David

      What do you expect them to do? There are only so many points that can be used in a year. They can’t let everyone carry them forward – there would be too few rooms available for the number of points people had banked. Do you want money for your unused points? Guess where that would come from: your annual dues.

      And Disney isn’t forcing you to sell. You just may not be able to use your points this year. I don’t see how that forces you to sell. A lost vacation opportunity… it’s global pandemic; get over it and carry on. Losing a week at Disney is so minor to what millions of people are going through.

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