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disneyland main street usa at night

Credit: Disney


  1. Don’t agree with this tradition. Waste of paint and time.

  2. Gordo

    Where ever you read this its a lie.

  3. As a former Magic Kingdom Guest Relations Cast Member who has performed the Keys to the Kingdom Tours and would often close City Hall after midnight one night then open City Hall at 6:00 am the next day (back when these hours happened during weeks of Christmas and New Years and before the new OSHA restrictions were enforced, it was possible to do this and get “Double Back” easily), this is 100% and unequivocally false.

    You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, you believed a Cast Member who told you a story, just like Walt used to, where the purpose was “entertainment” while facts or reality were fantastically altered. Magic Kingdom and Disneyland are, after all, a form of submersive “movie” and tales of this nature are equivalent to a Hollywood film that is “Based on a true story,” yet twists the truth to spin a good yarn.

    1. Wendy

      As a former MK cast member, I agree. Completely false. I worked on Main Street all hours of the day and night throughout the year, and this does not happen.

  4. T-I-Double-G-R

    This isn’t true. There is a list of things to paint, and they paint daily, but rarely if ever are things painted twice in a row. Twice a month is the most common frequent requests. That frequent stripping and painting would damage the hitching posts, which are original and sourced from antique malls in the Anaheim area.

  5. Lie lie LIE! I worked on Main streets Emporium for two weeks every night from 1100pm to 600am. As a subcontractor. This is what happens at night take note Rebbekah! The haunting music continues till around 400am, CM practice their routines in street clothes in front of the castle, stadium like lights catapult up from the main street shops to light up the streets. an team of CM pressure wash from middle of the buildings down and the entire street and sidewalks to freshen up the place. Could you imagine how thick the paint work be being painted every night.

  6. Marco

    Not true. This is a years-old rumor… Google is your friend. Please do your homework before posting such nonsense.

    1. Sherri

      Would be really nice to see “The DISNEYLAND Resort in California” news, ONLY, when clicking on the “DISNEYLAND RESORT ” option, instead of combining both parks together. They are NOT the same. You have to remember that there would not be a WDW had there not been a Disneyland. Give Disneyland Resort in California more respect and more news coverage by itself – leave WDW out it.

  7. Mark

    Completely false. Should definitely check your backstory. Stripping and painting these icons constantly like that would destroy them rapidly.

  8. When I read this I thought, “no way, this has to be false.” Thanks to all who confirmed my suspicion. Anyone who has ever painted anything knows this makes no sense. Thanks for those who set the record straight!

  9. Ryan Simmons

    Boy you all need a panel of fact checkers.

  10. Rachel

    Lol no. More like things are painted in rotation so they never look too worn. Maybe every few months / seasons or something? Not every night and for sure not every week.

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