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  1. LouiB

    It is fine that the company want to relocate staff but does the staff want to be relocated? When dealing with very talented entertainment and management types they might not find Florida to their liking. On the other hand more politically liberal people heading to Florida might help change it

    1. Wil

      Liberal politics is what leads to the high California taxes that lead businesses to leave in the first place. Please learn from your mistakes instead of ruining one place and then carrying your bad ideas somewhere else.

    2. Erin

      Great idea LouiB, let’s change one state (Florida) where people are living free, businesses are open, kids are in school, and the streets aren’t overwhelmed with homeless people. California is NOT the state anybody wants to be like right now. I live in California, and I don’t see how anybody can look at what’s going on here right now and say “yeah things are good here!”

      1. Heather

        I agree! Born and raised in California. I used to love living here, but the state is ruined here. But based on the interviews and voting practices around the recall, a majority of people think it’s all rosy here! A majority think they Everything Newsom
        Is doing is “keeping us safe” 🙄🙄

        1. Toriori

          Disney’s flagship theme park is, in fact, Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It opened in 1955, whereas Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.

          1. Local Man

            If by “flagship” you mean first, then you are correct. However, Disney earns more at the Florida theme parks and resorts.

            Disney owns a huge amount of land in Florida and has a sweetheart deal on control of its property and low taxes — in effect, “Lake Nona” is a company-owned city so no local taxes.

            The land is far more than needed for the theme parks and resorts, so there’s plenty of room to build offices and other work spaces far cheaper than California. Low taxes in Florida (no state income tax) means that workers can be paid less and still have the same take-home pay for a lower cost-of-living. It only make sense to move operations to Florida, where everything is cheaper — as long as they don’t bring their California politics with them to Florida.

    3. JC

      The last thing Florida needs is a bunch of Liberals moving in and ruining it like California. As a native Floridian born and raise in the state, they can stay in California. Florida is getting over populated and doesn’t have the resources to handle all of it. I’ve seen more sink holes open up because of too much water being pumped to supply all of the development. Orange groves gone being replaced by homes.

    4. Donald Boell

      Those who want to turn FL into a lib run dumpster fire similar to CA are not welcome.

  2. Derek

    Looking at the increasing costs of doing business in CA which is being driven by the local government there, why do you really think it is a bad idea ? The local government will only pull their heads out of the sand when they see massive amounts of annual tax revenue is no longer there to collect. Their next step will be to pass it on to the people and businesses that are still located in Ca. They need to change this constant increase of taxation as the bubble will burst eventually

  3. Sam

    I just hope they dont move here and bring their liberal politics that created the problem in california to begin with.

  4. Nomad

    I’m guessing those staffers aren’t very happy about being sent to the covid HQ of the country. I mean you do get that don’t you? The real thrust of this story is that Disney is saving money by threatening all their lives. And given DeSantis’ very public fight to keep school children vulnerable to the virus as well, Disney is putting all their children at risk as well.

    It’s not a good look is it? Threatening the future health of their children to save a few bucks.

    1. Clueless Nomad

      A clueless nomad you are . . . . DeSantis is not fighting to keep school children vulnerable to the virus. DeSantis is fighting to allow the people to choose what’s best for them. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution especially when it has to do with medicine. DeSantis has never said “don’t get vaccinated” or “don’t wear a mask”. If the vaccine is right for you then get it, if wearing a mask that you pulled from a box that says “does not prevent the transmission of a disease” makes you feel better, then by all means put it on! DeSantis has encouraged people to talk to their doctor and figure out what is best for them. People like you are getting your medical advice from politicians and the media, and for that I laugh at you. Get a clue nomad!

    2. Donald Boell

      Idiotic obtuse statements. Drop the koolaid and turn off the mainstream media. Perhaps you will learn the truth.

    3. Denis

      I totally concur. De Santis is a Trumpian lapdog sitting on his brain and he will continue to put many innocent lives at risks with Delta surging the highest in the region.

  5. Mai

    Florida is the South. Talk about adjustment disorder. Southern, CA’s have a way of changing a place, in this case maybe FL might benefit or maybe the people from SoCal will. Either way Disney is gonna save a dime or two.

    1. Donald Boell

      LOL. To a Southerner FL is not the South. Far to many immigrants (illegal or otherwise) from the Caribbean and Central America. Then toss in the snowbirds from the North East. Add in retired from across the US.

      FL is a melting pot. I was born in El Segundo and lived in SF for over 30 years. There was zero culture shock or adjustment needed when I moved to FL 15 years ago (aside from adapting to the humidity).

  6. Tom

    LOL, Disney is not moving their studios from Hollywood to Florida.

    The talent is in California.

    1. Mariel

      pssst tom! nobody said that, and stop thinking you’re funny cuz you’re not.

    2. Johnny

      Newsflash: more motion pictures are filmed in Georgia than California.

    3. Donald Boell

      CA is in a death spiral. Talent is moving to GA, and a lot of films are shot in Canada these days.

  7. Y

    Not sure why anyone would find this surprising. People and businesses have been steadily leaving the state of CA because of the political situation there. The draconian measures put in place for Covid only made that exodus worse.

    1. TSmith

      I agree, and also believe that’s why the recall was a landslide victory for newsom, since all the smart people who would have voted to get rid of the “do as I say, not as i do” dictator have moved somewhere else.

  8. Jeff

    As long as they aren’t a bunch of liberal democrats that want to change Florida to be like California

  9. Jason

    Even a horrible businessman like Bob Chapek can see that the liberal policies in California are killing that state.

  10. Dale

    Companies leave Calif. because they don’t like the rules. They figure they can move to a place with less rules and do as they please. Do you want to live in a place where there are no rules or protection for the people with less influnce ? Calif. is far from perfect, but it’s still overall, better than Florida or Texas, or anywhere else where rhe people with the money make the rules and the rest of the people are their workers. Disney continues to think they should be able to do whatever they want, and they don’t like being told no.

    1. thomas traskal

      you sir are an idiot with your head in the sand, oh and PLEASE stay in California.

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