Comments for Guests Must Provide COVID-19 Documentation to Dine at One Disney Resort

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Credit: Disney


  1. Bored

    Right because the vaccine keeps you from getting sick or passing it on…..oh wait. Never mind

    1. Bruce

      What about the people that have had the virus.? They are naturally immune.

  2. Tamara Dowd

    Florida needs to do this as their Covid rates are going up again.

    1. Bruce

      Drink coolaid much?

      1. Dana Sion

        No too much Beverly at club cool ğŸ˜Ž

    2. Sue

      Stay out of Florida. We actually have a governor who stands for the constitution and recognizes that he works for the people. Only a dictator mandates anything about your health.

  3. Sue

    WDW has a perfect opportunity to fight for the constitution freedoms and liberties of its employees and guests, but instead caves to the demand of a new tyrant government. It tells you that Disney is actually part of the problem.
    If they can afford it, I encourage all employees to walk off the job together.

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