Comments for Guest Visiting Disney World With Disabled Son Receives Shocking “Parking Violation” Note

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  1. Sara

    Situations like that is why you NEVER park in the access lanes. You know the space in between handicap parking spots with the stripes. They aren’t extra space for you to park across but for ramps to come down and allow wheelchairs to get out safely. We’ve ran into this same thing before even at the grocery store. If the spots are full we park out and have to take two spots for safe ramp access. Then we come out and someone is trying to “teach us a lesson” by parking so close and blocking out ramp access. Most wheelchair vans have signs stating the need for extra space. Be kind people. We don’t double park to be a jerk. We do it so we can get in and out of the van safely.

    1. VeeBee

      Exactly. People just need to be kind. So sorry this family and yours have to deal with jerks who think they know everything.

      1. Krystalcane

        This is Florida they’re lucky Florida man didn’t come out and try and kill him or something or set their van on fire

    2. Andrea

      I think the person who wrote that terrible note should. Have never done that not knowing the situation! And if I were the person who parked like that I would have taken out the person put them on the sidewalk and then parked my vehicle correctly. Because people are evil and cruel especially today with the leadership in the White house teaching hate!

  2. Come on

    No way in hell did a cast member tell them to do this. Then again, if this was real journalism, they would have reached out to the park to comment on THAT claim.

    What you do is, you park outside of space, unload the person who uses the ramp, drive in and fully park. How hard is that? Now all they did was take away another persons with disability parking spot. Far more rude than this fake ticket.

    1. Sara

      What if you are the driver and the one in the chair? You can’t do that. You can’t unload then drive in.

      1. Nicki D.

        Also…if this person stands mighty and true…why didn’t they sign it?? I mean…pre-type out, their name?? Oh the Karma of an ignorant person😂😂 Also, Krystalcane, think about what you said…a parent wouldn’t pull up, unload a child that could possibly have an epileptic seizure at any time, push them off to the side (alone), and then proceed to park. All while traffic is piling up behind her…making other impatient people unhappy!! C’mon!!! If anyone is so hot headed that they might “kill or set the van on fire” maybe they need not drive or go to the Happiest place on Earth.

    2. Krystalcane

      I guess u know since you were there lol

      1. Marie

        CM’s always direct you to do this. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for a handicapped accessible van to not find a spot in the handicapped van parking. Krystalcane your ignorance and impudence are just another example of what those with handicapped vans have to deal with.

    3. Chris

      Actually, CMs do tell those with placards to take two regular spots when there are no proper ADA spaces left, remember the spaces aren’t just about being closer, but being wider and having space to use ramps and such. Using two spaces accommodated this.

      1. Marc

        I am not commenting on the actions of this story one way or the other. I do want to clearify for what it is worth the ” note writer ” did not write or print ahead of time anything. These fake parking tickets have been around for decades printed on narrow strips of yellow paper on a pad and sold at every novelty and joke store.

    4. SCOTT

      Have to disagree with you on that one. On our last trip in July we went to Epcot and as the CMs guided us to our spot, right when I started to turn in, waved and told me “Take two spots drive the line right down the middle” And this is not because of special needs or anything else. It was because we always stay at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds and the truck I pull our camper with is quite large. They told me to do it just because of the size of my vehicle, I asked if they were sure. He chuckled and said you can try it if you want, so I did — twice — lol each time it would have been impossible to open the doors as my truck would barely fit between the lines. So I nodded and waved a “you were right” and settled my truck across both spots as the CM had skipped the spot next to me when he parked the next vehicle. I have no doubt whatsoever they would have told someone with a disabled person / specialty vehicle to do it, seeing as they had a much more pressing need than I did. I would not have thought to do that myself, and I was as equally surprised they directed me to park that way when they did. Remember this is Disney and most of the CMs will still go out of their way to make magic happen for guests. Especially I’m guessing since I didn’t go into the lot expecting or demanding it.. I’m willing to bet they would have gave me a spot all to myself ALL the way down to the end and BACK if I had.

  3. Mg

    I would believe a hand written note… but a printed one???

    1. Jo

      Which insinuates that this person carries around these harsh notes to place on cars when they don’t approve of their parking.

      1. Kristie

        Exactly….you have to be a pretty unwell person to decide to make or buy these types of things to have on hand. It’s ridiculous that people think their goal in life is to correct others parking 🙄

    2. Sherry

      That’s what I wondered about right away, how could someone have printed and left that. (maybe they have a bunch of these notes all printed up and ready to leave on a car cause they see this happen often?) If someone really did leave that, what a jerk. We should always THINK first that maybe we don’t know the circumstances. Just think how this person has a disabled son, and trying to make a good day for him. Geeezzzzzzzz, I wish I could have been there when the note was left and given the boy a Disney toy.

      1. Jenny Barnett

        Me too, I think that Person was being a Pain on Purpose

    3. SCOTT

      MG, yeah that’s a common one Ive seen on the internet many times.. I’m sure they just printed it out as someone that uppity wouldn’t sit there long enough to write out that by hand! lol

  4. Abby

    I thank God he doesn’t put me in the position to face these types of people cause it would have been really ugly out in that parking lot and I would be banned from Disney World 😂

  5. Another example of a “total A-hole” who is “entitled” to something —who cares?? Its a parking spot, really. So this idiot who wrote the note had to park elsewhere and walk a bit farther — probably needed the exercise. Idiots!!

    1. Jenny Barnett

      It wouldn’t hurt the Idiot to have to walk farther

  6. Jayne

    Considering the person who left the rude note was also parking in a disability bay, you’d think they might have a little more compassion and empathy!

  7. James

    I have a feeling this is BS and the woman herself wrote it and just wants the attention. Wouldn’t be the first time a person has done something like this

  8. Vicki

    This is a joke ticket that has been around for years. It has nothing to do with her having a disabled son. These little printed notes are supposed to be funny, but I do not think so.

  9. If he was able to write a real ticket he/she would have had to add his/her name. It’s amazing how rude people can be when they are incognito. Whoever wrote that note, I hope receives the karma they deserve.

  10. Moaning Myrtle

    Nothing happened other than a note? How is one supposed to know you might be disabled rather just knobhead, when its far more likely you are just a knobhead.

    Stupid thing to complain about on all sides and if its regular occurrence the thing to do is complain to Disney so they can make more disabled bays.

  11. Linda Marie Gonzalez

    My daughter,who has autism, has a handicapped parking pass for reasons other than mobility issues. She cannot be on crowded parking trams so I need to park in the handicap spots close to the park. She has other medical issues as well that require this. In Disney that’s why she has the return time special needs pass to avoid crowds.Although, when you look at my daughter, she doesn’t “look disabled”. So you should see the dirty looks we get from the wheel chair disney visitors when we park in the handicapped section. When my daughter was still in a stroller, at the age of 5, a wheel chair visitor’s wife got into my daughter’s face yelling, ” She’s not disabled but my husband is!” People have to realize that not everyone “looks disabled” and disabled people need special consideration like this mom and her son who is in a wheel chair. When my daughter was five riding the merry go round a Disney worker asked her and I why she had a disabled pass and said what is wrong with her? My daughter never rode the merry go round again because just because she has autism doesn’t mean she’s stupid. Her self esteem was damaged that day.

  12. Allen Wrobleski

    Disney Springs restraint area line attendants are the worst for handling handicapped patrons ,my wife and I were sitting on a wall across from that Irish restaurant waiting for my son in law and we’re told we had to move and let patrons in line sit on a wall yes a wall I explained that my wife is handicapped with oxygen and needed to sit for a few minutes to catch her breath !the line attendant said find another spot and move now and if Kept asking her why I would be arrested because she would have the sherries deputy’s remove me from the area!So Disney has hired these NATZI like attendants that don’t care about disabilities?

  13. Education Needed

    It has been a while since this article was posted but I really feel the need to carefully respond to what happened here and to some of the comments. Our society needs some education. We were actually on vacation in Disney World when this was posted.
    First let me say not only do my husband and I take care of an individual that requires a wheelchair to get around but I have worked in health care my entire adult life and assisted many individuals that require assistance. If you are not familiar with this part of our community you may not understand so…
    It is very frustrating when you pull up to a handicap area with ‘Van Accessible’ parking which gives the van extra room to lower a ramp and there are no more ‘Van’ spaces you are faced with a difficult decision: 1. try and “fit” into another handicap space: 2.unload the van and pull into the space: 3. take up two spaces close: 4.take up two spaces further away. Now let me address each of these options: 1. If there is no “hashmark’ area this is impossible, if the person in the next space parked even a small distance into the ‘hashmark’ this is also not an option. 2. This is not I repeat NOT safe! Especially if the individual needs assistance for safety. 3. If you or the individual needs to be close to the entrance or if they have sensory issues, this is your best option. 4. This is an option if you can travel a distance.
    Both 3 and 4 would have solicited the ire of this person.
    Now what I have come up with to announce that 2 spaces are required for the ramp.
    We carry two safety cones (these are available at most hardware stores) I have labeled one with reflective lettering RAMP. When parking where we have to take up 2 spaces I will put the cones out on the side of the van where the ramp space is needed.
    From experience people do not look at the 8 feet needed for ramp stickers on the vans. I have also seen people park in the hashmark area thinking it was a space and lastly my favorite a store put a pole with a sign right in the middle of the hashmark area meant for the ramp.
    Please educate yourselves, people around you and especially those you love as you never know what may happen to you tomorrow that may require you to need extra assistance.

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