Comments for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Reveals Full Cast LIVE From Disneyland

dancing with the stars

Credit: Screenshot via Good Morning America


  1. A

    Hmm, I guess “stars” is a term used lightly. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with almost all of this line up of competitors.

  2. Theo

    Welcome to the new season of “Dancing with the people you never heard of or haven’t heard from for 15 years.”

  3. L.M.

    Note to DWTS producers: YouTube “personalities” and internet “influencers” are not STARS. Stardom requires a little more staying power.

  4. Mary Ann Linsell

    No I’m not I agree so where are the stars. Probably not gonna watch. Havent watched since Tom was axed.it was more fun to watch when stars I new were on.

  5. Mindy

    Really,a peloton instructor qualifies as a star? Who’s next,some celebrities dog walker we have never heard of?

  6. shingo yamamoto

    Hey, at least they have Kresse from Karate Kid! But the rest are nobodies. Who really wants to see that Guilliani kid who faked her way into USC? Couldn’t they find another 21 yr old that doesn’t live off of daddy’s trust fund? And please no Tyra Banks for the host! Well, doesn’t matter much as I only will watch the Cobra Kai guy!

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