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  1. yoyo

    Provide what the consumer demands??? these people are nuts. The consumer did not and does not demand Genie. Fastpass and magic bands were great and easy. Consumers are the last thing on greedy man chapek itty bitty mind. He hasn’t read or heard anything from consumers. He is a true liar.

    1. Donna

      Let’s take stock here…the hotels are already higher priced than off-site hotels, and certainly no better, since the recent remodels of so many have stripped themeing down to a bare minimum. They have taken away Extra Magic Hours for all resort guests and limited it to Deluxe resorts only, except for a token 30 minutes before opening. The Dining Plans are gone. Magical Express is going away. Free parking is a thing of the past. Fastpass is gone. Masks. You have to reserve absolutely everything. Free Magic Bands? Gone. I am so glad/sad I visited back in the golden days when all of the above was included for resort guests. Glad, because I got to see it when. Sad, because it’s gone…probably forever. I can’t believe this is what Walt Disney had in mind.

      1. JW

        Agree with first two comments. This man DOESN’T get it. He needs to be replaced. Disney hasn’t been…in recent years…very responsive to consumer demands. More $$$ for less perks. Ridiculous.

      2. Amanda

        I am at a loss over his “listening to the consumer” when it comes to theme parks. Honestly, planning my usual annual trip to Walt Disney World sounds exhausting with all these new measures and disappearance of everything that made the trips exciting. I loved the Extra Magic Hours, especially at night. The Magical Express was a perk that we used every single visit. It was so nice not worrying about our luggage at the airport. Our vacation truly began the moment we landed in Orlando. It saddens me to see all these little things that added up to the perfect vacation just disappear. I wonder if our voice even matters anymore.

    2. Stuart McKenna

      Bob! Bob! Bob!
      You are crazy if you think the consumer are happy about about all the changes you have made, you are lucky that you have a load of idiots still walking through your gates, however I doubt that it will continue long term when the idiots realise that they’re pockets have been rinsed and can no longer afford to return.

    3. Lyn

      People are going to be looking at their phones all day instead of enjoying the parks.

  2. Rick

    This is crazy. He’s not listening to the consumers at all. For example, if he was he would realize most are opposed to the Splash Mountain changes. Yet he keeps on pushing it.

    1. Barbara Belzer

      Chapek = the ALMIGHTY $$$

  3. Tony

    Talk about someone who is living in fantasy land.
    This guy is only interested in lining the pockets of the Corp. execs.
    Was an annual pass holder for many, many years. Not anymore. Universal Orlando will be receiving my $ now.

  4. Rodney Wayne Simonson

    Might be good for the tech savvy who are willing to park hop from rope drop to closing, but those of us with less stamina and less patience with Disney Wifi glitches have been abandoned. Three FastPasses, lined up months ahead could map a 4 hour day at a Park, leaving time to explore or retire, leaving more room for others, younger, to experience the Magic.

  5. Bob

    People need to recognise when smoke is being blown up their ass by Disney senior management. Disney is suffering and management is trying to change the subject. Actual park attendance is down by over 10 million, and it will continue to decrease as people make other plans for future vacations.

  6. Greg

    It’s official. With Trump out of office, this guy is officially my most despised man on the planet right now! 😠

  7. Perk

    Greedy Man with full of lies. Someone get him out of there!!!

  8. Barbara Belzer

    Chapek will RUIN Disney !!!

  9. Adam M.

    There’s an easy solution for people visiting Orlando area. Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens & Legoland. For LA, there’s Universal, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain etc. Most of these places have shorter lines, less nickle and diming, no required reservations, and are very fun parks.

    1. Jesse H.

      I can assure you, Universal has much longer lines than Disney right now…and it’s far less enjoyable.

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