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amber heard as mera in aquaman

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  1. Christopher

    No I’m not following the Depp/Heard saga. It is a waste of time.

    1. Savage Lynx

      It is a waste of everybody’s time because Heard is a waste of time. She fabricated everything, and one by one her accusations are being knocked down. So because she can’t allow the truth out that she is nothing more than a perjurer she has to go so far as to accuse the police of lying! All she has for a testimonial is friends and family. And she’s calling police liars!

  2. Kristin Sophia Sullivan

    I’m more interested in the union donation. Three unions were involved with pharmaceutical drug pushing, by means of witch. Love life separation, like Mrs. And Mr. Depp before Amber. Witch also can cause yelling and swinging…If with a partner..battery. Police are easily placed, and bought, same as journalist. Judges do make mistakes like what we are living thru with Opioid kills. 500,000 dead. RIP Houston and Prince. Yup, judge…unions! Ps homespice social workers are usually by the body to pick up the wills.

  3. Shel

    She requested a subpoena to review the 4 officers job duties. If they can find 1 mistake (which we all make mistakes) she can cancel their jobs. Four more jobs cancelled due to Amber’s desire for fame! When will it end?

    1. Shel

      What is Amber doing with her Fishtails salary? She can’t donate the $7mil settlement from Mr. Depp because of legal fees? Her fish salary can’t be bad. Why is she always harping and blaming and playing the victim? If she is really an advocate for domestic violence then she should be speaking for those that can’t speak! She should bring my cat’s, Static, spirit back to life! Static didn’t deserve to die the death she endured. Where is your article about the DV victim pushed down her stairs, left raising 6 children alone, disabled in a wheelchair? She never felt she was a victim (only a survivor for being free from her agressor) while her agressor walked away to remarry and live his life. Why didn’t the ACLU help publish that article? Or the true stories all the victims that endure unimaginable violence? The ones that are turned away? How dare you, Amber Heard and ACLU, mock people that don’t victimize themselves. They just want a to be free from abuse! To all the people that have experienced any form of domestic violence: there are people out here that hear you, we care about you, and we will fight with you! We will not let manipulators take away your voice. NEVER GIVE UP!

    2. Savage Lynx

      Not going to happen. The Judge told her they are not investigating the police. This is her grand put-on to make herself look important. Such an important lying, sneaking pill-popping, alcohol guzzling, mom who uses her infant as a body weight is not doing anything but exposing herself for what she is. Desperate. Abusive. Fake.

  4. Shel

    Since many of my unoffensive comments don’t get posted to certain Deadline sites I decided to post on as many sites as I could find for Heard and Musk. One commenter, on Musk’s article told me I seemed lost. I’d like to share my response with you:
    I’m not lost. I’m exactly where I belong. I was pulled into something I wasn’t part of. Left a few comments on a story, harmless comments of hope. Then, all of a sudden, I became a threat to Amber Heard and a target for Musk. I don’t think he has any intention to harm me, but he is trying to moderate me. Went so far as having his Twitter follower sit in a car next to my car in my work parking lot. Then posted the followers tweet that night so I knew who he was. I’m not the type to do something because someone else said so. I do not get intimidated, don’t care who it is. If he blocks my comments on certain sites I will find ways around it, like here. I’m also waiting to see if he makes his donation promised to St. Jude.

  5. Savage Lynx

    So what? She was told by the judge they are not going to investigate the police. All she and her team are doing is proving over and over how desperate they are to keep heard from being convicted of perjury. She tried to get the case dismissed three times. That didn’t work either!

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