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A plane flying over a grassy area with trees in the background

Credit: Bioreconstruct


  1. Jason

    It used to BE in WDW.

    Walt’s plane was part of the Disney-MGM Studios Backlot tour, along with other very cool prop vehicles from Roger Rabbit, Indiana Jones, Flight of the Navigator and other Disney movies.

    Part of the area that included the “Streets of America” before Disney ditched the Hollywood/movie studio idea in favor of areas tied to Disney/Pixar films.

    1. Robert

      Bring back the Backlot. People like looking at cool stuff tomorrow is this dirt of the pure lip.

    2. Amanda Lalonde

      Why can’t it be made into an attraction or a feature?

    3. Marvetta Miller

      It should be at Disneys Hoolwood studios

    4. LaVon R Leppo

      Years ago I did that backlot tour.
      I saw the plane,
      Herbie the Love Bug, and so many other neat things.
      Where’s Herbie?

  2. Chris

    That plane has been painted and repainted so many times and picked apart inside until there’s nothing left. It’s no wonder museums don’t want it.

    1. Kelly

      Why not a Disney museum so much land there I think people would love to see the old pictures ideas that didn’t make props of old rides and how walts ideas came together

  3. Not saying

    Who cares. Get rid of it. Recycle it. Disney was an antismite. And probably hated other ethnic groups.

    1. I'm saying

      what actually is “antismite”?

      1. Smite

        One who is opposed to smite-ing.

        1. COTD


        2. Chris

          He’s was a rabid anti Dentite.

      2. Jbu

        Against smiting; therefore, anti-violence. I guess?

  4. Robert Bruce

    Would love to see Walt’s plane restored and put on display. It’s a valuable piece of Disney, local and Florida history.


    Walt’s plane should be donated to Smithsonian Air and Space museum. They could preserve it.

  6. Jennifer Starkweather

    I had to do a double check on the date cause it’s location has been pretty well known since 2016 when Bioreconstrut found it then. Tarp’s new though. Mattsonswa on YouTube had video showing the inside.. it’s a hard watch

    1. Tamaran

      Could the fans do a go fund me to get it ship

      1. ck

        I believe “the fans” have already put $ in for this thing to be shipped 1,000 times over.. Blame the relatives, pretty sure they have the shipping costs in a car..

      2. ck

        pretty sure the “fans” have lut our dues in and are continuing to do so…. Why cant the “relatives” pay for this as they pry have that cost in a boat or a car or something… think itd mean more to them on a personal level..

  7. Chia

    I had to do a double check on the date cause it’s location has been pretty well known since 2016 when Bioreconstrut found it then. Tarp’s new though. Mattsonswa on YouTube had video showing the inside.. it’s a hard watch

  8. laura e richardson

    I say who cares about W. D.’s personal airplane. Sounds like rich people’s problems to me! lol

    1. Steve Bennett

      It does have a place in aeronautic history, as the privately registered craft with the most airtime logged (to the date of that contemporary record, at least.) Wouldn’t be a stretch to say it was the primary tool that made assembly of the land (by numerous shell entities) that would become WDW possible.

  9. Damon

    I myself and others I good bring on to restore. Retired from Delta Airlines could review and what’s needed. Skill and parts along with great metal men could put this back in like new condition.

  10. Kristi

    IMHO.. Just another sign of the greed Disney executives have and to hell with Walt and his Dream for Disney. It’s all about the mighty $ now and not being the most magical place anymore. Now paying for perks that used to be free. Have to pay to park at the hotel which you are already paying for. Onto of buying your park tickets now you can buy a ticket to get on a ride “faster”. Food costs are outrageous now. Plus this whole time you have to pull out your phones and app this app that stop to charge your phone… I want to enjoy my vacation not have to be glued to my phone all damn day and night.

    1. WH Plumber

      The current pricing trend seems to be geared at getting rid of the average family vacation and leaning more towards the ”rich and beautiful people” who can afford all of this and treat any increase as pocket change.
      Having to pay to park your car at the same hotel you are occupying is a bit much. I am sure there are more resort fees tacked on for items you will never use.
      Stopped going to WDW around 2014, even though it is not far away from home. Taking out a second mortgage on your home to pay for a Disney vacation is not ”magical” at all, it is a horrible way to enjoy a vacation. Some people have done this and I have no clue why they would do such a thing.
      Never got into the whole wristband thing but now you have to drag out a phone to go on a ride; pass on that. Doing this makes it easier to track guests for ”research purposes” so you may have a unique experience at the parks. Oh please…………………….

  11. Roy

    The Disney Corp has always been strangely disinterested in preserving Walt’s past. The Laugh-O-Gram studio building in Kansas City is being kept from collapsing by a group of dedicated volunteers. No help from Disney Corp. This was Walt’s very first movie studio, where he first worked with Ub Iwerks, and where Mickey Mouse was born. You’d think they’d help at least a little with that one…

    1. Matt

      I agree – seems really strange. They could monetize the heck out of it by having a national tour of these spots – his birthplace, the KS studio, and wherever else.

  12. Deb

    Is in Polk city Florida which is right down the road there is a museum called fantasy of flight maybe they could put it there

  13. Ren

    I would LOVE to see it restored inside out ( like Walt’s office was years back ) to the way it was and would gladly pay $75 just to see it up close and inside !! Missing a great opportunity here. That plane is iconic. Hard to believe others passed up on it, but I’m sure it was because of the disrepair it was allowed to fall into. PLEASE THINK ABOUT A RESTORATION !!

  14. Matt

    Would love to see it at Wright State

  15. Cathy Marshall

    Walt’s Mickey Mouse Airplane was how my mom and I arrived here in Orlando in October of 1969. My dad was an employee from 1954 until his death in 1981. That plane has good memories for me and old be a great addition to a play ground at Disney Springs or one of the resorts. It is a piece of history.

    1. Steve Bennett

      Great story, thanks!

  16. Edna Walker

    1. Make a theme park in honor of Walt with his plane the main attraction. Admission should be free. Walt never wanted the prices to be so far out of reach for so many children, he wanted everyone to enjoy his land. 2. Design the inside of the plane to be a luxurious Room filled with memories of Walt for a lucky winner to spend the night and get VIP treatment for a day. 3. Build a Walt Disney museum with the plane located in the center. A tribute to the man who made this all happen. All about Walt. 4. Walt Disney deserves so much more. 5. Turn it into a restaurant and serve only Walt’s menu. His favorite dishes.. At prices Walt paid back in the day. Give the MAN some credit in a very special way. Use your IMAGINATION….

    1. Steve Bennett

      His favorite travel food was canned chili, which he brought with him, so…

      1. Tamaran

        Hey kids love chili dogs

  17. DJ

    Disney should take the plane and put it in the background of Hollywood Studios. Put it on a post or something and make it look like it is taking off in the background.

    Or it could be added to some display to re-promote the 2013 movie Planes. Maybe in the Cars area at HS or in Cars land in California Adventure.

    1. Sprzout

      Put it outside Soarin’. Seems a fitting place for a display like that…

  18. Rob

    Anyone have a Google Earth location for it..I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find it…

    1. ES

      28.377653358806388, -81.58770536450324

      1. Kev

        Came to the comments for this. THANKS! Not all heroes wear capes.

      2. Robert

        Thanks !!!

  19. Cherish what you have

    They could make a nostalgia area. Disney from the past to the present. Where they can incorporate many old items and areas from our hayday and then walk further through to get to the future areas of the present which back then was called tomorrow. Who does not like the history of Disney? My father still had his mousketeer membership card, and his ears. Now they are keepsakes for the grandkids since his passing.

  20. Jamie

    It would be great to see it in the Air and Space museum in DC

  21. Pioneers like Walt deserve to be remembered! A playground with olde cars, trucks and his plane would be fun for all ages. Money is not the only reason to see Disneyland, but it pays the bills to attend. A free playland would be novel and just what Walt’s family should want to do with the many collectible pieces that began and continue to build memories of . Of course food and stores with “stuff” about the park and the pieces in it. Children’s photographers could excell in pix with the olde cars, plane, etc. Just like the parks and casinos in Las Vegas do everyday!

  22. Sprzout

    It would be a great thing to have on display outside of Soarin’. There’s a plane outside the attraction in California Adventure (or at least, there used to be; haven’t been in a few years) and it would be great to commemorate flight from the 1940’s through today.

  23. Fred

    A G-I purchased by Walt Disney in 1964 and last flown on Oct. 8, 1992 was on display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The aircraft logged 8800 flights and 20,000 flight hours with notable passengers Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Julie Andrews, Hugh O’Brian, and Annette Funicello.[

  24. M.M Payne

    Disney parked it at STOL Port for a reason. They don’t have to share everything with the public.

  25. Carol

    Why not make it part of a rescuers ride or themed area. Especially since it marked the end of the 9 old men and WDs early involvement in film. I would love to be an imagineer if you have a spot for me 🙂

  26. Julie

    Would love to see it as part of a tour, if it could be restored some how

  27. Chris

    I found it on Google Earth. Like the article said, North of Animal Kingdom, and its’s South West of Magic Kingdom’s parking lot.

  28. Bridget

    It used to be on display at the backlot tour. I loved seeing it when that tour was operational. Such history!

  29. Frank Todd

    As expected from the greediest place on earth. Gutted and rotten just like the company.

  30. Tammie D Padgett

    So sad. Hate to see it deteriorate over money is what it sounds like.

  31. Shawn A Teller

    Well, since Walt passed away before Disney World opened, why put something Walt did use in front of the Magic Kingdom. I’m sure there’s plenty of room to display it. It is Magic Kingdom’s 50th after all! Disneyland fans brag about Walt walking in Disneyland, it would mean Magic Kingdom fans could brag, “Walt flew here in it!”

    1. Shawn A Teller

      Oops “why not” I can’t find the way to edit it. Sorry.

  32. Y

    Who cares?…

  33. Eugenia

    They need to preserve anything that was his. It’s not like these things are growing on trees.

  34. Eric

    Kind of a shame. As a former Orlando cast member and guest before that it’s sad. It used to be part of the back lot tour at Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studio) theme park in Orlando. The repainting was to hide that it was him as part of keeping property prices down (much like all the shell companies used to buy property, that are now Immortalized on main street)

  35. LouiB

    The Disney Family Museum in San Francisco or the Disney Museum in Marceline seem like two good spots for it. Disney should contact them or they should contact Disney and some kind of special fund raising could be done to move it and restore it. The other possibility could be in Griffith Park in LA where they have Disney trains on display. Maybe time to contact all of these place and see what we can make happen.

  36. Scott

    That is such an iconic aircraft, I remember seeing it on the ramp at MCO many times in the early days of WDW on Orlando.
    Must be a spot somewhere to put it in on a pedestal, for display like Buffets Albatross. Maybe near the old landing strip near the main entrance to WDW!!
    Yes, there was a landing strip at WDW!!

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