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  1. Chris

    If a company mandates that you are vaccinated and the vaccine companies can’t be sued, who is responsible if there are serious side effects and/or death caused by the vaccine? And yes, there have been people killed by the vaccine.

    And asking for proof of vaccination is a very dangerous slippery slope to go down. Throughout history, most of the terrible events didn’t start off at their worst, they started with things like “we need everyone to register to protect public safety”, then “documents please” and ended with massive amounts of people killing each other.

    1. That’s a hard no for me

      Exactly! One of the many things that don’t quite make sense, is the vaccines are safe, but yet they have only been out 6 months. They won’t know how safe it is for 6 more months to a few years. Look at the Gardisill that was “safe” many of my friends were jabbed with it and look at the outcome. It’s heartbreaking.
      Also even though the COVID positive cases have increased. Cases may have gone up but the death rate has not… isn’t it good that the cases are going up, but the death rate is down? That’s how we get to herd immunity. Why are they forcing those who recovered from COVID, to get the vax? As we know in ALL viruses if you recover from a virus you have natural immunity…. Also, look at the cases in mass. 76% hospitalized were vaccinated…. I thought the vax is supposed to keep you from the hospital. Lastly if it’s a state of emergency then why are our borders open and why are 1000s of undocumented illegals able to come in? I’m sure they can’t provide a vax card…..
      don’t get me started on the ethical portion as you also described.I love your statement so good!

  2. L.M.

    Let’s hope Disney walks back this vaccine mandate. They are going to have huge lawsuits on their hands if forcing staff to take it causes mid and long-term problems from such a lightly tested drug.

  3. Shannon Faulkner

    This is wrong. Plain and simple. There are many reasons why people choose not to be vaccinated. Some have already had Covid. Some are waiting for the FDA approval and some simply trust their own immune systems more then they do a vaccine. The masks are dumb too. They do nothing to stop this. Stay home of you are sick. Go to work if you are not and stop virtue signaling. There are millions of people who are not vaccinated. We will not do so with more data.

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