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donald trump animatronic

Left Image Credit: ITM / Right Image Credit: Screenshot via Libs of Tik Tok


  1. EricJ

    Major change to Trunp animatronic: His mouth is CLOSED. 😉

    1. Sue

      I take it you are a old joe lover. They need to have old joe laying in a bed Bc that’s where he belongs. Or behind bars. Come on !!!

      1. With Hunter and his brother? Biden privilege. Nobody else could get away with this corruption. Hunter should have been jailed for having a gun alone. He committed a felony. Influence pedaling. When is the justice department going to arrest the Bidens? Joe also makes sure people don’t go after his friends–governors responsible for nursing home deaths. Cuomo, Wolf, and Murphy killed thousands. If they were Republicans, the narrative would be different.

      2. Heather

        You two b**ches are pathetic. Go play in traffic instead of whining on here.

      3. Ed

        Sue you naughty, what are you dreaming of?

    2. SG

      Love it! FINALLY!!

  2. Before he had Hillary’s face, Disney was wrong to present this monstrosity (half a@*ed job). The “Artist” should have apologized to Donald Trump. I guess enough people complained. Now the Donald Trump has some resemblance to our president. Now Disney can work on the Joe Biden. He doesn’t look like that. His speech was the oath of office. Most presidents give an inspirational speech. Again, Joe is not capable of an original thought.

    1. DisneyNotPolitics

      Bless your heart.

    2. Oh yes, Trumps 2016 speech at inauguration was sooo inspirational, are you kidding me??

    3. Ed

      Trump corrupted the office and violated the oath of office of POTUS. It is appropriate that Biden recite what Trump violated. Jan 6 was a Trump led attack on our US Capitol and Capitol police. He is a pariah.

  3. Rick

    You people are hilarious. Still crying since Jan. 20. Getting a life, and a vaccination would be good for you.

  4. PAlterBoy

    As long as Trump’s mouth stays closed and he’s positioned in the back, I don’t care what he looks like. Although, prison stripes would be a nice addition.

    1. E

      Just like Hillary. If anyone should be in prison it’s her and her husband. As far as Biden goes he should be in a home, He couldn’t find his nose in a mirror.
      He will do and say whatever he is told as long as he can read it on the teleprompter.

    2. SG

      Ha, ha, so true!

  5. Bren

    Ah, and so the division begins. LOL! Funny how so many are worried that the Democrats are corrupt, should be arrested, but kept their mouths shut for all the shenanigans during Trumps time along with his family. If you cry foul about one, why are you not crying foul about the other. How blind is everyone that they are okay with their “side” being corrupt, turn their head, but if the other “side” does it, it’s not okay. Sorry, but they are all the scum of the earth, and if you want to keep following the “leaders” and keep your head in the sand, then there is no hope for the US to make progress. Wake up, the division is to only preoccupy you while the corporations take over. When was the last time the citizens were truly worried about on either political side??? I mean truly???? Pandemic doesn’t count since the government helped some, along with many, many businesses. So think for yourself, quit falling for the trap! We ARE NOT DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS, WE ARE AMERICANS! Now start acting like it for the love of God.

  6. Manny

    I wonder if these same individuals who are berating their president had the same feelings about Ronald Reagan who was senile in his last term of office. Same hypocrisy you get as always from “so called” conservatives who really do not know what a conservative is.

    1. Evan

      Regurgitating old myths doesn’t make them accurate or correct. Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years after he left the Presidency. “There was never anything that would raise a question about his ability to function as President,” said Dr. Lawrence C. Mohr, one of Mr. Reagan’s physicians in his second term. “Ronald Reagan’s cognitive function, belief structure, judgment, ability to choose between options, behavior and ability to communicate were totally and completely intact.” The 81-year-old former president delivered a 35-minute speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention. Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward described it as “flawless” and we all know Bob is a staunch conservative (sarcasm). So when presented with facts, who’s being hypocritical?

  7. Tad

    Disney has Uncle Joe reciting his oath of office because the Animatronics team couldn’t figure out how to make a reasonable speech with all his gaffes and “mis-speaks”. Every time they thought they had it, Uncle Joe opened his mouth again. They had the “Facebook is killing people” recorded but had to change to “I drove an 18 wheeler” after the recording of him calling Kamala “President Harris” and repeatedly calling the virus “Covid 9″. There was his “I want to thank the sec the the uh the former general I keep calling him general my my uh the guy who runs the outfit over there” (Joe, it’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the guy you nominated for the job) followed by “What do you do with an unaccompanied child that comes to the border? Take them from their mother?” Hmm, if they’re “unaccompanied,” that means they’re not with their mother! Or when Sleepy Joe told police when confronted with “an unarmed person coming at them with a knife or something”, the cops should “shoot them in the leg.” Unarmed with a knife?? Just cripple them with a round to the knee? And another recent classic verbatim “Almost every single aspect would be significant would be every every if you took the pieces of this bill and broke it into all the pieces.” You just can’t make this stuff up. Dementia – a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Symptoms include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving, communication and language. Maybe Disney should use Jen Psaki’s voice for Joe, she already speaks for him daily. Only 1264 days left in Sleepy Uncle Joe’s term as President…it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    1. DisneyNotPolitics

      Show us on the doll where democracy touched you.

  8. Cressida

    This is the part of Disney where the REAL children go.

  9. Manny

    @Evan it is funny you should mention myths, since Reagan was the master of spinning myths. Like the Cadillac welfare queen. Reagan is seen as the godfather to polarisation in American politics. Reagan revived the Imperial Presidency in style and fanfare, while delivering uplifting and optimistic speeches, centred at times on American myths. Now we have the grapes of the wrath created by the Reagan years, politically and economically.

    1. Evan

      Interesting opinion, but like Harry Callahan said “opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one”. What did Reagan really do? Revitalized an economy ravaged by the incompetency of Jimmy Carter, ended the Cold War shepherding the collapse of the Soviet Union, reduced an inherited inflation rate from 4.5 to 2 percent and by the end of his second term reduced marginal tax rates, nuclear fear, and interest rate volatility measurably. Not a Reagan apologist, just saying the facts don’t support your assertions. People are now more divided along ideological lines than at any point in the last two decades as evidenced by “the Tea Party”, “BLM” and any number of divisive, populist groups on either side of the aisle. To quote Cinderella, “Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done”. 🙂 Have a Magical Day.

  10. dave

    I came for the comments!

  11. Ken

    I heard that the old Trump was a Hillary animatronic that had to be hastily refurbished when Trump unexpectedly won the 2016 election. Well, at least they didn’t have to change out the hands.

    Wonder if JQ Adams and company are a bit uncomfortable with Trump “looming” behind them.

  12. Joel

    Hmm, Joe looks a bit like Humphrey Bogart and Clint Eastwood… something about that mouth and those eyes

    And I believe the Trump animatronic recited the oath also, I went a couple years ago, You don’t get a speech or quote until later

  13. Pamela

    You people need to shut up… Trump sold out our country to Putin and Un… As the attack on the capitol was going on… He sat there and watched it all go down on screens while the song GLORIA was playing! He did nothing for 3 hours! Biden got on TV and ROASTED TRUMP and told him to tell his followers to go home! Sure he told them to go home.. But Trump also said he loved them! Cause of what happened.. People died… Trump also called the cops who talked about what happened that day PUSSIES… Trump would not know about honor and loyalty as he lied about Bone Spurs… Trump was not fit to run the POTUS….

  14. SickofThis

    Sorry, That’s not Clint Eastwood. That’s Jeff Dunham’s “Walter”.

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