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  1. Chris

    Just finished a week long trip, never experienced so many ride closures in all the years I’ve been coming here. Mickey and Minnie’s railroad broke down mid ride, we were escorted off by cast members. We had to leave queue of space mountain on 3 separate occasions due to closures, test track was closed majority of our epcot visit, it opened for 20 minutes and as we got back in line closed again. Frozen ever after was also closed a few hours. That’s just to name a few, everest was also closed half the day of our animal kingdom trip.

    1. Sue

      Don’t you just love how Disney maintains things. For the price people pay. It’s crazy but yet build more stuff so it also can break down. They can’t get good help. Bc nobody wants to works for a company that treats their staff like they do. They get treated better at universal or sea world. So why would a staff member care they work for Disney Bc if the free passes. I don’t know why people go crazy over Disney and pay the prices that they charge

    2. Brenda McBroom

      I find it sad that instead of maintaining their classic rides they chose to overbuild their parks. They are shoveling millions of dollars into excessive expansions instead of moderation. We have been a Disney family for 40 years coming to visit at least once a year. Now I no longer look forward to it.

  2. Brent

    Why does this article reference EST? All of Florida is on EDT this time of year.

    1. Randi

      EST and EDT are often used interchangeably since EST refers to the locationary strip of the world on the globe. Even Google uses them interchangeably if you do a basic search for the current time of EST or EDT will give you the same answer.

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