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jabba the hutt

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  1. EricJ

    Jabba wasn’t “emotionally attached” to the Rancor that he kept to kill off his enemies.
    The big teary dungeon-guard who had to look after it was. 🙁

  2. MuTru

    “Jabba, it seemed, was set apart from all other Star Wars characters due to the fact that he had domesticated one of these beasts …”

    I have literally never assumed anything about rancors and domestication and Jabba’s position in the rancor domestication market until you made this assertion, and I don’t know anyone who has. Citing ScreenRant as an source for this is hilarious, since they don’t give any more thought to making claims than you do.

  3. Robert Smith

    With all dues respect, you may want to do a more thorough google search before writing an article about a topic that you are not familiar with. Malakili was the name of the Rancor’s keeper in Return Of The Jedi not the creature itself.

  4. jadieskie

    Pet rancors were a “thing” way back in the EU/Legends – not just uniquely attributed to Jabba.

    One example: You had to fight a crime lord’s pet rancor in one of the levels in 1997’s Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith (I still have the CD/expansion pack).
    The cover art clearly shows Mara Jade (your playable character) with her purple lightsaber confronting the rancor.

  5. Chris H

    Malakili was not the name of the rancor, but rather the name of the shirtless man that kept him, and wept over its death.

  6. Backcountry164

    This won’t change anything for the majority of Star Wars fans because most couldn’t care less what happens in the High Republic dumpster fire…

    1. Andrew

      Speak for yourself mate. This article’s author doesn’t know anything about the numerous pet rancors from Legends, and obviously neither do you.

  7. Brad

    The author clearly didn’t have any experience with SWtOR, as it’s covered there that owning a rancor is a Hutt status symbol, and there’s a mission on Nal Hutta to deliver a rancor egg to one of the hutts.

  8. Xander

    Obviously the author of this has a very limited knowledge of Star Wars. Clearly they are limiting their prior exposure to the movies. There are story lines in SWKOTOR about domesticated Rancors, being a status symbol of the Hutts. Also there is a large story line in Star Wars Force Unleashed, revolving around the Dark Jedi Maria Brood using domesticated bull rancors on the planet Felucia. The native Felucians also domesticated the female Rancors as did the Jedi Shaak To, while training the Felucians.
    There are many other mentions of domesticated rancors throughout the EU.

  9. Neil

    Domesticated? you mean he let it sleep at his feet on the dias? No, Jaba had it as a slave, a zoo animal, or like a fighting dog.

    And they are common in starwars lore. I believe it was the witches of dathomire that domesticated them and rode them first.

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