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  1. KenG

    “ Melissa asks that we as Guests continue to trust the Imagineer team”…. Like we trusted them with the Jungle Cruise and all we got was a bunch of monkeys!

    Seems to me the boneheads running Imagineering, especially Kim Irvine are out to destroy classic attractions for the sake of not offending 1% of the guests that go to Disney parks!

    1. DisneyFan


    2. Phoebe L Ho

      Hey the Jungle Cruise changes were subtle compared to what they’ll do to Splash Mountain.

    3. jo

      Chapek wants to destroy anything WALT. Thats why he is getting rid of so many icons to Walt like Zip a doo dah slash mountain. Princess and the frog have nothing to do with Frontier Land. This is step one. Tom Sawyer or Thunder mt. next. He wants all WALT magic gone.

      1. Jon

        I wish we could get rid of him. I’d rather have Eisner back.

      2. Tehlo

        Walt had nothing to do with Splash Mountain. In fact they removed some of his creations for it. It doesn’t matter if it has anything to do with Frontierland as Splash Mountain is in Critter Country.

        Thunder was already re-themed a few years ago for a TV show that never happened.

        You are fully entitled to your opinion, but you should really get your facts straight before posting. Also realize that Walt knew the park would always be evolving and expected change. I love Splash Mountain, but it needed a massive refurb, so may as well retheme it as well

        1. Bobby

          You’re a little cuck lol

  2. Em

    They should leave it alone. They will ruin it.

    1. Jonathan

      Leave it alone please!!!!!

    2. Shelley

      I agree. Leave Splash Mountain alone!!!!

  3. KevinY

    I wish they’d announce a timetable soon! I’m hoping to buy a Magic Key at some point next year but I’d like to time it so that the ride isn’t closed the bulk of the year I have it.

    1. RJ

      They can’t give a timetable. They don’t have one yet. In October, they announced that the retheme had been removed from the 2021 budget. Literally nothing has been done on it since that one piece of conceptual art was announced.

  4. Drew

    Curious to see what they do with the stereotypical, racist white Southern characters.

    1. Sally

      I know, all of those racist animals & birds are just a horror!

  5. C

    No one asked for this except twitter crazies. Disney is pathetic.

  6. Eric M


    Maybe it will keep being put off until reason once again becomes popular and this dumbass idea dies

  7. Jim

    If Disney is smart, they end this re-theme. Wasting millions to re-theme the most popular attraction??!! Makes no sense.

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      Didn’t stop them from re-doing the Tower of Terror in DCA.

      1. Josh

        Tower of terror wasn’t as iconic as splash mountain so ya…..leave Splash Mountain ALONE!!!!

  8. Anon

    If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. The lines are always long and the ride is popular. Why retheme it and waste all that money that could be used elsewhere. Nothing racist about a fox, bear and a rabbit. Stop already.

  9. Vinette

    Don’t take away our beloved Splash Mountain because of people who haven’t seen the movie think the movie is racist. I’ve seen it & really don’t believe it is. Release the movie! Let people see it & have an informed opinion.

    I’m all for a Princess & the Frog ride! But build it new & not by taking away Splash Mountain 💗

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      The movie is racist but not as bad as some others I could mention. It’s not available, but that’s fine. People have loved Splash Mountain for years without seeing the movie. I really want the ride to stay as is.

  10. Tom McGrew

    While I would be eager to see a Princess and the Frog ride, I really don’t think they should mess with the Song of the South. “Don’t mess with success!!!!

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      If they want to build a “Princess and the Frog” ride, which would be great, they should build a separate one and leave Splash Mountain alone so we can have both.

  11. Bren

    I love the “please trust the imagineers” comment like anyone is actually asking for them to do this. People who never have, and never will, visit the parks are the tiny minority demanding the change.

  12. jo

    We get it. Chapek has screwed over Splash Mountain. What about update in what he is doing about fastpass.

  13. Douglas Vitrano

    Please leave the ride alone for god sake!!

  14. A.

    Give Tiana her own restaurant or ride, but don’t do it at the expense of something everyone loves the way it is.

  15. rush

    Out goes the brier patch, in goes the bayou swamp! That water fall is bigger than any in Louisiana.

  16. Jon

    Funny thing is you don’t hear anything from the people who wanted it to change. It was a lot of talk and board people.

  17. Tonya

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