Comments for Marvel’s Newest Movie Expected to Trail ‘Black Widow’ By $50 Million

scarlett johansson black widow hero pose

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. EricJ

    The difference being, some fans had actually been WAITING to see the Black Widow movie.
    (I wasn’t, but the ones who were wouldn’t shut up about it for nine years.)

  2. ColdHardTruth

    The (western) world is black and white. No room for Asians.

    1. BA

      So, have you always been into eugenics, or is it a new hobby?

    2. Alan Spaulding

      Or bad movies

  3. Teresa

    I think that Shang-Chi will not have the Box Office success as Black Widow. Fans had been anticipating the A list actors film and were pleased with the film. While Shang-Chi has a great storyline as well and being released over Labor Day weekend is advantageous.
    The film producers should be concerned about a profit is the 2022 release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. That is due to one actor who should not be appearing in this film. This actor has been arrested for domestic abuse and DUI. She has proven to have perjured herself in Court as well as with numerous authorities. She is a turmoil whirlwind. This film would be so much more profitable and less turbulent if Aquaman continues to be played by Jason Momoa and Mera’s part played by Emilia Clark. Those two great actors have such a wonderful working relationship and great companionship that it would bring this film to the next level!

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