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  1. Connie Manchester

    I’m very disappointed and will not be Paying. As a DVC Member the fast passes were one of the few perks we receive. Disney is taking the the low money grabbing road with this app and is making it extremely expensive for families to visit and enjoy their parks. Bob Chapek is ruining Disney. He should be ashamed. I know Walt would be.

    1. Karen Taylor - Steward

      👏👏👏 Their making disney for the rich a money spinning gain
      Disney makes enough money , reports say they haven’t lost money, but they make enough on merchandise, food, park entrance, & hotels
      The fasspasses work why remove when not broken
      More long queue, disabled people & children won’t be able to queue at long periods
      Its all about making more money & greed

      1. Daniel Woodland

        The Disney company continues to disappoint as a family friendly/oriented. It is becoming nothing more than a greedy money grabbing enterprise. It’s expensive enough for out of state family of 4 go to the park. To charge more for few guarantee rides is asinine. I would never pay extra for this.

        1. Brian Wygand

          Everyone who has commented has said they wouldn’t pay more for this. If everyone who says this actually follows through then Disney will reverse course.

          1. Monica

            @Brian Wygand Yes! Exactly! We have a trip planned in Oct with just 2 park days (MK and EP). If Genie is up and running we won’t be buying any IAS (Individual Attraction Selection). I’m quite insulted that Disney Parks execs have forced us to choose between waiting in long long standby lines for top tier attractions AND coughing up a significant amount of additional money (when you think in terms of multiple family members) to ride. As recently as the very beginning of 2020, I’d have had 3 FP+ secured in advance for these rides, per person, for each park day, FOR ZERO EXTRA CHARGE!
            Do I feel like Disney Execs want to try to *rape* my wallet while I’m on a WDW vacation? Yes! And my response will be NO! STOP! I WON’T LET YOU DO THIS!
            We’ve been regular WDW/DLR visitors since 1987 but if Genie has significant impact on the vacations we have come to love, we won’t be returning. The product has diminished in value while the cost has increased. Just like the purchase of a certain brand of coffee or an automobile… I decide where my money goes!
            Oh and if Genie is in operation for our Oct trip….. Disney Guest Relations WILL be getting a long and detailed email from me on how I feel about Genie and all of the other recent changes. #fireChapek

          2. Jaimi

            Walt was about family and let competition do it’s job but not singling out hence ‘good neighbor hotels’. It’s a joint effort. The new ceo appears greedy and I hope the financial demand starting will take notice by those who won’t pay for it. Overall there has to be a public frustration big enough or they’ll continue the greed. Which defeats the point of what walt wanted.

        2. Jacki

          I agree, I’m disgusted by the recent money grabbing efforts to eliminate the middle class from visiting the parks. No Magical Express, no free fastpass, extra evening hours for deluxe resort guests only, annual passes up approx 30%. You can’t blame blatant greed on the pandemic, I have a feeling the new “out of touch” CEO would have done this regardless.

          1. Jacki


      2. Debby Rusovick

        Disney is becoming very greedy and this puts the icing on the cake! No I would never pay extra, especially when the admission fees are getting out of reach of the average person.

        1. H.S.JB

          This is ridiculous. Why would someone pay extra just to get onto rides?! I’ve been to Disney 5 times already, and if they are going to charge extra , then they’ll not be getting my money!

          1. NENolan

            Actually, that’s the way it originally was. You would have to buy tickets for rides.

          2. Alex

            Yes, that’s the way it was a long time ago, but what you failed to point out is that you could go in for free or for very cheap and only pay for tickets to ride the rides, just like county fairs. But now, when you purchase a ticket (for a lot of money), the rides are included. So why pay more when you already paid for the rides?

          3. Eugenia

            Yes it was. Only a huge difference….admission to the park itself was the same price as going to a movie. I wouldn’t mind paying for a ride if the admission or passes were low. And even paying for one now, wouldn’t be so bad except I am sure the price is going to be quite a lot per person….

          4. Kelly Connerton

            But you didnt pay a separate entrance fee.

          5. Arcarels

            Walt Disney World charged $3.50 for adults and $1 for children in 1971. This was the price for admission without the cost of rides and attractions. In todays dollars that would be $23.59 and $6.74.

          6. Carl Nowell

            Yes, NENolan, You are correct on this but now we are in 2021, not back in the early 70’s. The cost to families outside of the the Central Florida area can be high. Travel, food, plane tickets, transportation from airport to WDW, then the cost of the Resort, the high prices for food at WDW and the CHINA MADE trinkets sold to the natives makes visiting WDW very very expensive.
            Not to long ago WDW decided to financially attack our wallets again by charging a Parking Lot Fee per night of your so-called vacation. I reserve a Resort room for a few days to enjoy the once greatest Park in the world but now I must pay for leaving my vehicle in their parking lot. GREED is within Disney. There has to be a better way to run a big company without gouging the guests on everything possible. It is only another TAX not listed on your Park Ticket!
            This family’s trips to WDW since 1972 from Miami is about to come to an abrupt halt.
            Almost forgot the new high prices for attending a Christmas Party at WDW. What used to be a Free Christmas Parade down Main Street USA has now been announced to be another after Park hours event in addition to one’s day pass. The new ticket will cost a little over $200.00 per person. Yikes!
            Walt Disney’s Top Leaders need to be re-evaluated and removed from office as Failed Leadership or GUESTS will find other ways or Parks to vacation.

            I don’t begrudge WDW one penny for improvements or added attractions but sometimes like now it is getting way out of hand to the point for the working class people, their main attendants.
            The wealthy can afford whatever WDW throws at them but the lower classes of hard working folk must say enough is enough and find other venues to visit.
            I apologize for the rant here but I won’t be able to buy an annual pass when they make their comeback, nor stay at any Resort above a Value Resort and at $160 plus per night on up that price to “put my head on a pillow” is slowing me down, now that my fixed income is a priority.
            I thank WDW for all the awesome years of memories and hope the TAX INCREASES on everything won’t keep too many families from at least visiting one time. WDW is still one of very few Parks where people from all religions, color, and greed can walk throughout the property in Peace & Comfort. For that I hope to make one last visit.

        2. Mark Bustamante

          NOPE!! I won’t pay for rides I ALREADY PAID FOR ! Money Grab. Disney sucks!! I’ve decided Not to buy ANYTHING related to Disney AND I’m canceling Disney+. BOYCOTT DISNEY!!

          1. Phillip Psareas

            I guess disney will not receive any forgiveness forgiveness from you?

        3. How.much extra does this add to the already outrageous CEO bonus ? Please bring WALT back!

      3. Cindy Burnham

        The rules for disability access are staying the same. Actually improving with the ability to schedule DAS passes remotely. I did my research 🙂

      4. Teresa Ayers

        Basically as a lifelong Disney lover, I am ashamed. The greed is just so glaring. We go as a family yearly and have since WDW opened. Fast passes we’re working just fine. The “boarding groups”are stupid. It all becomes very complex when you are planning for a group. And some of our group are Florida residents and get annual passes and they will never get to do things with us because we are at a resort. Even the park pass is restricting when you are worrying about getting into a park to make your dinner reservation. Our joy is dwindling.

      5. Dominic Palladino

        Of all the ways Disney can make a buck, I have to say that I am most disappointed in this one. As a DVC member, this should be an expense that we should not have to incur and should be a built in perk. They really should be ashamed of themselves as DVC members make up for the majority of the guest over the last year during COVID and are a huge source of revenue for them under normal circumstances. Disney is constantly showing DVC members year after year that it just doesn’t value us and takes us for granted. To expect a family of four to spend an additional $60 to $80 dollars a day is unrealistic especially when most DVC members come much more than a week every year as they are also annual pass holders. I hope enough of us complain loud enough that someone hears us because this time Disney really pushed the envelope too far in my opinion! Funny thing is I just went to Disney Parks Blog to post there as well and Disney has disabled the ability to post comments because they have been getting blasted all morning. Not a surprise on either accounts as they want to keep the polished turd looking as shiny as possible and try to sell it as a great thing for Disney guests.

        1. Sean

          It’s $60 to $80 per ride. If you decide to Genie your way on 3 rides it will be +$200 per day. It wasn’t that long ago that $200 was the price for the whole family to get in (when I bought a 6 day pass for each of us, it was $200 per day for admission for all of us in 2010)

      6. Jeffrey Pilling

        This is absolutely absurd. Congratulations Disney on pushing people away with your money hungry antics. Not paying anymore to you

      7. Joseph

        Hey Disney… U can always change your mind and have fastpass back… Or something where you don’t have to be rich to ride rides…. C’mon man….

    2. J Seward

      LMAO. I like you think Disney owes you a cheaper experience.

      There are plenty of other theme park options out there. Or did you accuse car makers of pricing you out of better driving experiences as well?

      The only ones ruining Disney are the people that think they are some how entitled to something just because they are willing to pay less, and don’t think a company should ask them to pay more.

      If you think Bob Chapek is ruining Disney, got to Six Flags and see if the magic is the same.

      1. Leslie


      2. Hey a Disney PR shill! Keep up the good work maybe you will get a bonus also !!

      3. Ed

        You’re missing the point completely. It’s like having to pay extra for things you were getting for free before with your car (on top of raising the price of the car). You used to get power steering for free? Sorry, that now costs extra! You can still drive the car without it, though, right? Air bags? Nope, that costs extra, too. Your seat belts will protect you just fine, though.

      4. tvnutt

        Other parks suck.

        1. NENolan


      5. Jeff T

        Here’s the part your PR side doesn’t get. People are already paying one of the highest premiums to go to Disney of any park in North America…that includes Universal Studios which is in the same area. That premium price SHOULD have been coming with premium perks you get with it, especially when paying the very very high money to stay at the resorts.

        To start removing the perks and make them “pay for perks”, they are now trying to adopt what the other less expensive parks do, without making their costs lower to compete with those less expensive parks. Though note, those parks don’t limit how many rides and when you can “schedule” their Fast Pass…it’s a “use on all available rides any time of the day without scheduling” type of Pass. Disney is pricing themself so far out of competition with “Pay for Perks” that quite literally do NOT compete with their less expensive competitors’ versions, that by the end of it, no one will pay for them or see the perk as “good enough of a value” to pay for….and eventually, that could become true about going to Disney in general…that the “value” you are getting isn’t justifying the cost any longer, and other competitors are better value.

        1. Doug

          Already came to that conclusion. I worship God, not Disney. Will spend my money on more worthy pursuits. There are plenty of people in the Disney religion, I’m sure they will praise Disney all the more for raising prices. I predicted that Disney was heading in the direction of repricing to exclude average and poor Americans. They aren’t an entertainment company anymore, they are a financial operation, that views entertainment as strictly an investment, not for fun. Hope that changes, but for now, am done with them. IMO, they need new leadership ASAP.

        2. Monica

          @Jeff T Very well said! My feelings precisely! Additionally, a huge part of Disney’s sales pitch is and has always been “the magic”. When the greed (in the form of discontinued experiences + new fees added) is ever present during a Disney vaca it detracts from the “fantasy”, the “immersion” …. the element of *magic*, that they claim they WANT guests to feel. Other vacation destinations don’t tout the “magic”. If Disney wants you to feel it, then they need to make decisions that give evidence to that. Don’t advertise what you can no longer bring to the table!

      6. Mike Hancho

        This is totally true! No one complains about Universal charging you for Express pass…why? Because you don’t HAVE TO buy it!! Disney isn’t saying you can’t go on these rides, that’s what the regular queue is for, get your ass in that line and teach your bratty kids patience and learn to enjoy the details of the beautiful queue’s.
        If your a family of 5,6,10, and you wanna do the LL then it’s just another thing that your gonna have to budget for, or use birth control! But it’s not the end of the world. Disney owes you nothing but a fun and safe experience. Sometimes you might have to pay a little extra for A+ Experience, just like the Disney Cruise Line, if you can’t afford DCL then go to Carnival or Royal Caribbean!

        I am very excited for it, and hope no one else uses it so I can have an awesome time!

        1. ADINA LONG

          Actually go to any universal page and you’ll see lots of complaints about it. A huge difference though is at universal you get to ride all the rides that day not just 2 that disney is suggesting. AND you can get the pass included if you stay in their deluxe resorts for free. Their deluxe resorts are nicer and cheaper than disney…..next

          1. Kacee Vane

            Wrong. You don’t get to ride all the rides.
            The 2 most popular are excluded. Veloc and Hagrids. For paying 240(summer) for a express pass those should have included. Right
            now 15 is a bargain.

        2. JS

          Except it’s not an A+ experience anymore. I worked at Disney World and have been going for years. Up until recently I’ve been giving WDW lots of praise and was the same way with saying that you are paying for a top notch experience. But the thing I feared as come true. When a company becomes too big it starts to lose its quality and this is what is happening. The quality is going down all the time and now we are all expected to pay more for it? It is such a let down. However, the best thing we can do is just stop giving them our money. The fact that the parks are insanely busy means that it isn’t stopping people from going so if so many of us are unsatisfied we need to just stop going (which for me is extremely hard because I am very loyal to places I worked at). I do have a trip planned for February, but I think after that I’m going to start cutting back because it is just getting to be too much.

        3. Sean

          There is one problem with your argument – wait times skyrocket for those who don’t use it. Ever since they went to the online fastpass some ride’s wait times have went up 3x. In the past the old paper fastpasses weren’t used for rides like Aladdin’s Magic carpets and the wait was always less than 20 minutes. Now the wait is on hour with so many people using a fast pass for a B ticket ride. Universal doesn’t see that same situation. At Universal, it’s not phone based, so the lessor rides have no usage. Go to Universal and you will see the difference. The reservation system is a disaster and this will be even worse – a disaster that cost me $200 more per day.

      7. Deb

        I was planning to go to WDW but I’m waiting on the covid situation. Checked ticket prices at AAA and after Oct 1 they are going up $20. Now this. Lol

      8. NENolan

        People act like it’s their right to go to WDW. Somehow Disney owes them that. I’ve been to a local park and it is not even the same. As far as what it costs, try going to a Broadway show and see what it costs you for 2-3 hours.

      9. Joseph

        First of all .. six flags rules .. u are living in fantasy land if you think it is at all fair for only people who can pay more to go in a fast lane … Not that Disney owes anyone anything but just don’t have fast lanes then… Just the vip guide…

      10. Beata

        Agree. Fast pass was horrible. Im glad its gone. I would pay extra to guarantee getting on a ride…I will come October actually

      11. Nicole

        Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.. it doesn’t make you entitled at all.. it’s ridiculous they expect you to pay for every little thing.. next they’ll be asking you to pay to use the freaking bathroom… People have a right to complain don’t be a Karen…

      12. J staub

        There’d slays one in the crowd that comments like this. Why don’t you go to six flags. Your corporate comments are sickni g

    3. Stephen M Carter

      While i do agree Disney is trying to rob thier visitors with this new feature.
      I also want to point out that “Walt Disney” the man would fully support this idea…

      Remember when both of the disney parks first started you paid to get in and then you had to buy expensive ticket books for tickets to ride each ride, and the more popular the ride the more expensive the ticket.
      “A tickets” were the inexpensive ones and “E tickets” were the high end ones.

      1. Debby Rusovick

        True and you had to choose between the best rides because there weren’t enough E tickets to see all of them.

      2. Ann

        People, there is an easy fix to the paid fastpass. If people refuse to buy them, like I will; eventually it won’t be worth the trouble to them to continue having it. If it isn’t worth the trouble they will stop having them. If the demand isn’t there; it costs to much to continue. Simple.

      3. Shar

        The general admission price was not expensive. This is quite the opposite. No, “Walt Disney” wouldn’t support this.

      4. Nicole

        It wasn’t that bad! My grandma went all the time actually has some old tickets.. the tickets and the paying for rides was nothing like it will be now.. rides were like 10 cents a ride

    4. Janice

      I totally agree. I have said that in the past 15 years or so, changes made weren’t with the “average” family in mind. Walt would be so disappointed.

    5. Levy

      I mean its a choice. U dont have to pay. Other people want to. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do this

    6. StLH2O

      No way. That is why I have an annual pass. Without it, I would go once every 5 or so years because of the cost.
      How can anyone with kids even afford to go now?

    7. Angie

      Absolute Disney GREED!! I have a family of five and unfortunately my kids love this park so much that I do my best to budget and visit but they are making it unattainable for us. Disney would be rolling in his grave with such disgust.

    8. Justin

      Very true Connie!

    9. David

      Well said. The shift towards monetization at every turn, while under the guise of “family oriented” is painful to watch. As a DVC member and annual pass holder ( since they were created) this is sad. It took a lot, but my family is finally out.

    10. Mitchell IVEY

      Until people stop going, nothing will change. I love Disney but many of their current actions are starting to bother me. I was already on the fence about whether Universal was better, this will likely tip the scale. Disney obviously wants the super wealthy as clients.

      1. Jason

        Universal literally has the same system for at LEAST 4 times the cost, sheesh.

    11. Cecilia M Smith

      No matter how much I normally love all things Disney, each year that passes brings higher prices and fees. Disney created the park for normal families (not just the wealthy) to have a place to have fun and make memories. This greed is starting to really spoil the “magic.” I will not be paying extra.

    12. Cindy

      Ridiculous! Lower the money and limit the numbers with so many passes a day. Already too crowded!!!

    13. Missy

      Chapek is a business man… plain and simple. He doesn’t care about the magic, his Castmembers or those of us not in the upper income level.
      If he can charge it, and people are willing to pay it, the prices will continue to increase and soon only the rich and famous will be able to afford to visit. He needs to take care of those of us who took care of the company during the lean times… the Florida residents, the pass holders and those with kids and grandchildren on a fixed budget. There are plenty of other options in Central Florida.

  2. kevin rutherford

    Walt Disney, himself, would not approve of this “new opportunity” If Disney wishes to install a “pay to play” opportunity, they then should return to ticket book entertainment . Charge a nominal fee to enjoy the characters, shows, shops then offer to sell tickets to the rides set to different colors. Green for kids, Yellow for youth and Red for the Rich.

    1. Karen Taylor - Steward

      I agree Walt Disney would be appaulled that Disney is making it all about money that only the rich can afford he done it that every family could afford

    2. Scott

      I’m excited about this new way to ride more rides easily. I’ll definitely be buying the Genie+ the next time I visit. Plus as a handicapped person, I won’t have to wait in the heat for those long lines.

      1. Ed

        Have fun. We don’t know what rides are included, and from what I see you can pick *one* ride at ‘the first available window’, then after you ride it, you can get your next at ‘the first available window’ and so on. If lots of people use it, and the windows fill up quickly, how many rides will you get on? It’s not like you can use that lane as much as you want…

        1. Josh

          I don’t see as many people using genie+ as the previous fast pass option. I think what people are forgetting here is the old way filled up a lot of times BEFORE the parks even opened. We went in January 2020 and 7 Dwarves Mine Train had zero fast passes all day. From open to close. Luckily we got ours at booking but think about people who just decided to go that day. Nothing for them. I’m not letting Disney off the hook for charging, don’t get me wrong. It will cost us $45 a day next trip. But all the complaining people saying this is ruining this or that should wait and see. I think personally after having time to digest the information and think about things logically don’t see a issue with the new genie+ overall for the ones who are willing to pay the $15.

      2. Sue

        As a handicapped person myself, Disney should not be charging us extra. In fact, the way Disney treats handicapped people is disgusting.

        1. Diana Munoz

          I’m sorry but that just isn’t true. Yes, this is a money grab and yes the increased price is awful, but Disney treats handicapped guests better than any other park and if you really are handicapped, you would know that. The DAS system is excellent and there is ZERO waiting not even the time of an old fast pass. It is a separate line altogether from the fast pass even. Back door access, straight on the ride. My BIL has a prosthetic lower leg and he LOVES going to Disney because it is the best system.

      3. Erica Carpenter

        If you truly have a disability, you can use the DAS pass to schedule your ride return times. No genie + needed

    3. David A

      I remember, Walt was still alive and the Disneyland experience was fantastic, but remember, all the great rides were “E” tickets. You bought your entrance to the park, received a book with A, B, C, D & E tickets. Want to ride the trolley from entrance to the castle A ticket. Want to ride any of the fun rides, Matterhorn, E, Haunted Mansion E, Space Mtn E. You ran out of E tickets fast. What is a person to do …. buy more E tickets. Remember the entrance price is to get you into the park, and many people just enjoy shows, the food and walking around. I prefer the rides too, but am willing to spend a few more $ to guaranteed the opportunity to ride a new and exciting experience. Back in the 70’s off season, you could walk up to a ride and get on, now off season, you have to wait in a line, sometimes up to 90 mins to experience that ride, which by the way did not offer fastpass. Extra $15 a day per person when the 5 day vacation is already costing $4500 for 2 people, is a small amount for the convivence of experiencing the magic.

  3. Rteker

    It’s a simple solution for this whole extremely bad idea and that’s to just not pay. If everyone refuses to get that genie+ then Disney will be forced to re-evaluate this decision

    1. Karen Taylor - Steward

      Totally agree
      Who in their right mind would pay all that money to enter a park then have to pay for the rides on top, what is the park Enterance fee for then,
      DISNEY GOT GREEDY, & Walt Disney didn’t build a park on money he done it for all families to enjoy, this idea is for the rich only,

      1. Jackie

        Universal already does it has been doing it for years!!! Yet it’s ok 😕

    2. J Seward

      Nah. Because enough of us will pay. Heck, I would twice what tickets cost now. The Disney experience is worth a whole heck of a lot more than they are charging. I wouldn’t buy a BMW because a Kia is just fine. But there is a reason I take my kids to Disney parks and not Six Flags. And it has zero to do with Cost.

      1. Ha

        Wow. Must be nice when money is no object. That makes you the perfect customer for Disney.

        1. Tamara

          Can’t wait till the rides you pay extra for break down. ? Or are down till long after you are staying at the park. What happens then?

      2. Jeff T

        Why do you compare it to Six Flags?? Try Disney’s better competitor…Universal Studios.

        1. NENolan

          Again, very expensive and a glorified Six Flags.

      3. Jeff T

        This is what makes you definitely look PR. You compare Six Flags to Disney?? Really?? No one else does…Six Flags is a competitor to Cedar Park (Carowinds, Cedar Point, etc) and to Dollywood. The lack of mention of Disney’s closer competitor shows either you don’t know the reality, or that your are PR and intentionally not wanting to mention the closer competitor, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Hollywood.

    3. John

      I completely agree that also goes for the hotel’s the California. Disneyland hotel. Paradise Pier. And so on I wish people would quit paying those high prices then just maybe the prices will start coming down.

  4. Gregh

    I do believe that it’s time to sell the DVC points, and move on.

    1. John

      I completely agree that also goes for the hotel’s the California. Disneyland hotel. Paradise Pier. And so on I wish people would quit paying those high prices then just maybe the prices will start coming down.

      1. Brian

        I used to think the same way, but price hotel rooms in New york, near Broadway, they are the same or more for a lot less, it’s all about location, if you stay on property you pay more, if you can’t or won’t, stay a little farther out.

    2. Jim Sommerer

      Gregg-I am in the same boat. Been a loyal DVC member for 16 years and have accepted the increase in ticket prices but to now ask guests to pay the high ticket prices and then add additional fees for Genie +. I can’t see how vacationing at the Mouse is worth it anymore.

  5. Jason

    I think there isn’t really a good choice here that will make everyone happy. I know tons of people who bought a disneyland ticket and were not able to get into the Rise of the Resistance queue at all. They were not happy. Now that you can pay to get in, then others are not happy. Not really sure what the right answer is.

    1. We are DVC members with 5 contracts. First correction, my husband is a supervisor at Ford Motor Company/World Headquarters. Cars are not “priced out”. You can drive an economical focus or luxury expedition like I do. Universal is building a new theme park, VB kicks Sis’s water parks ass and then there is Sea World. Younger generations grew up on
      the popular Harry Potter not Disney. Six Flags and magic? Not everyone is emotionally addicted to Disney so we are not missing “the magic of being ripped off” by Bob Chapstick.

  6. MikeinVA

    It’s a heck of a conundrum; money-grabbing at its finest, or let the market determine the costs? We’ve been going to WDW for more than 20-years, and the one thing I can say is the demand for park attendance certainly isn’t decreasing. That does beg the business question around “are we charging enough for our product”. I’ll be honest, I would pay more for a return to the crowd levels of say 10-15 years ago, but I also recognize that if Disney drops the attendance level to say 25k per day per-park max, then what does the corresponding ticket cost need to be to maintain the current level of corporate profitability? Also, if the ticket/lodging/meal costs are raised to that level, it would only be right to expect the quality of the experience to stay the same or be better – that’s not even happening now. My business instinct says they are trying to price some visitors out of the parks so they can make it more exclusive and somewhat justify the rising costs. For instance, AP holders who essentially pay for a discount plan that was developed to offset low seasonal attendance at WDW from September through February back in the day (rarely true nowadays, pre-Covid); and maybe even DVC, given rising long-term capital costs as the properties age out and require replacement or refurbishment. They just aren’t being as obvious about it as my example above is. Also, with a-la-carte pricing, it’s easier to overspend when in the parks without realizing it until you’re back home and you see all those bank debits or credit card bills. We specifically booked a trip this past December to take advantage of the lower crowds, and the physical distancing – it was nice, I’m not ashamed to say. Yeah, masks in every picture and the food queues were huge negatives, but it sure was nice to be asked if we wanted to ride again on Splash and Big Thunder… that was really old school.

    1. My family has never been. My kids are now 28 and 25.. We are just now taking them tu Wt Disney World for the first time. It’s called we finally have the money to take them. My 25 is already upset about how much money we have spent already just for the hotel and the boo bash tickets. But like we told him it’s not like we do this all the time. We knew this trip was going to cost. But I am disabled and now I am on the defense about all these changes. We knew it was going to cost thousands but it seams like it going to cost alit more when we are there. A family of right know is over $8000 for a 6 night stay at on the property and a 4 day park hopper ticket. And my husband and son now does not want to go to have to wear a mask while we are there. I’m hoping by October 1st of this year. Disney will have decided to get rid of mask and bring back some of the perks that go along with staying on property. We all choose to spend money differently. Some might choose to spend more to make sure that this once in a lift time trip is worth it. My husband went thru Cancer this year. That buts a new light on life. You can’t take it with you when you go to your final resting place. Did to have fun while you still can. So we probably will buy the Gene + cause we might never make it Bach here as a family again. This is just my opinion. So to ramble.

  7. Karen Taylor - Steward

    Disney got GREEDY, Walt Disney would be appaulled how Disney is now, he did disney for everyone to enjoy, but you pay for to enter the parks, which should be to include rides, so why do we pay so much money to enter the parks if they slap a fee for rides
    Noone willparks Park Enterance then pay for rides also on top,
    We won’t be going back as why pay for a Disney hotel when you get no perks & you pay to enter a park but still have to pay for rides
    Fast passes worked, but this is a nightmare to happen, long queues & those with disabilities won’t be able to wait in long queue when having a disabilities, next they be asking for proof on people disability, I have files & files of my disability & would I have to bring my files on holiday with me to prove my disabilities
    Disney would be disgusted on how his magical land has gone from fun & open for all to GREED & FOR THE RICH

  8. DAMON

    This is kind of like going back to ticket books. And you can still ride the ride without paying extra. And if you’re so unhappy then don’t go. You don’t have a right to Disneyland.

  9. Michael

    I’ve never not gotten the virtual queue when we’ve gone. If we use the genie+ to make a reservation but also get the virtual queue, can we ride it twice? That’s worth it to me. Also to one of the comments about people putting off having kids… I’m in my early 30s and my kids are 10 and 12. I don’t go to Disneyland to save money, I go to have a good time with my family. If I have to spend a little more money to spend a little less time in line, then I’m all for it. My guess is there are plenty of people who feel the same

  10. Phoebe L Ho

    Going but will not be paying for this obvious money-grab. They take enough out of everyone who walks through the gates.
    And if they’re really trying to price out the parks for the privileged few, that really really sucks.
    Wake up execs!!! Guess what! Many people, especially since Covid hit, can barely afford to go anymore and now you’re making rides even more expensive? How does this help? You’re worried about profit but you’re driving out the majority of park goers. Less people in the parks, but higher prices so it doesn’t matter, right? Shame on you for betraying the legacy.

    1. Brian

      I live close to the parks, so I’m able to go to the Downtown Disney and DL/DCA area often. Believe me, people are going, and will continue to regardless of cost increases.

    2. AL

      I would have paid to get on rise of resistance, we had one day at Hollywood studios , when we did not get boarding passes my kids were so sad. We have no idea when we we will be back, we spent so much to go to the parks

  11. StarWarsFan

    I’m over here laughing at the person complaining they can’t afford to go to Disney with a family of 10 with one working adult. Nobody owes you a trip to a theme park!
    I personally am happy with this change. I will probably visit WDW once in the next several years, so I am happy I will have the opportunity to ride this ride which is important to me without needing to rely on luck.

    1. Amy

      I thought that was hilarious as well!

    2. JR

      bingo. You not having enough money to take your 10 decisions to a theme park is nobody’s problem but your own.

      My family with 1 job supporting 2.3 kids can afford this, but I probably won’t buy it since the joy I get from my vacation is not defined by riding one particular ride. It’s okay Karen just lie to the people at work and tell them you rode it. They won’t be factchecking. Have fun with your kids instead of having fun with the checkboxes on your must do list from pinterest.

      1. Ruth

        Maybe the “family of 10” is a family of a mom, dad, two adult children and their spouses, and four grandchildren. Not “10 decisions”. There are all kinds of families. We consider our children and grandchildren part of our family. However, no matter what size family, this new cost+ decision of Disney makes taking a family to WDW or Disneyland much more difficult. As huge Disney fans, we go to a Disney park almost annually, but will definitely have to rethink a trip in the future. Walt Disney would be very disappointed, as will many children who will not be able to experience the magic of Disney parks.

  12. Amy

    Disney is actually one of the last parks to charge for “Fast Passes”. Dollywood, Universal, Busch Gardens etc have all been doing this for a while so I’m confused why Disney is ridiculous for finally doing this?!

    1. Sue

      The timing is way off.

    2. jo

      its not so much the $15 a day per ticket. Its being on the phone all day instead of being immersed in Disney. Plus making 3 choices for fastpass 60 days out if staying property was a great perk. Genie is a bad idea. I am not a phone guru so its going to suck. Magic band was easy. It was all connected before I left Okla.

  13. Aubrey

    I was actually excited to see how little they are charging for them, have you seen how much they cost at the other parks? There are days of the year Universal will charge over $100/person just for an “Express Pass” on top of the ticket price.

    1. Kate

      At least at universal you can just jump on any ride. You don’t have to be on your phone all day booking the next ride. Universal makes it easy. You also get free express passes if you stay at certain hotels. $350/night for a hotel room/passes is cheaper than $500 for express passes plus a hotel somewhere else.

    2. Gabriel lastra

      But at universal you don’t need to reserve anything, you beat the line anytime on any rides for as many as you like and you don’t pay more for more popular rides. Is all included

  14. MJ

    For those who assume that Disney is being greedy, I think you’re wrong. The problem is, they have too many people wanting to ride certain rides and people who can’t get on it, especially people who can’t go to WDW or DL often can’t ride the rides they want because of it. So this is a way for them to guarantee that they can at least get some of what they traveled to Disney for, without too much fuss. If they didn’t charge, then everybody would use it and they would be in the same spot they are now. They will happily take the extra $, but it’s not the primary reason behind this change. At least I don’t think so.

    1. Debbie

      I agree. You have the annual pass holders that have the ability to ride all of the rides constantly so this gives those people that are spending a lot of money for their big “once in a lifetime” trip an opportunity to get to do it all and have more of an advantage since they can’t go all the time. So I do think it’s an opportunity to differentiate the “special situations” from the every day riders.

  15. Marcus S Price

    Play on the large business send it so I am torn about the decision. Pricing comes purely from supply and demand and what people are willing to pay. I think while it seems like 90% of people are upset about this change everybody will get used to it and it will just become the new standard way to pay to go to Disney. I make plenty of money and the pricing isn’t an issue but I no longer think it is good value for money and that’s why I won’t go. I don’t care what something costs but I expect to get my moneys worth and Disney no longer meets that requirement.

  16. ryan

    when I saw how much the Disney company was worth I about lost it. I agree the only way to get back at the higher prices is not to pay it. Disney cruise line is no different, they charge more depending on the time of year. we have been going to Disney for 13 years.

    1. Kelly

      Crazy….you mean the cruise lines charge more when demand is higher….wow it’s like they operate like a successful business or something.

    2. David A

      Well, if you look at Apple IPhone and how much $$ Apple corp is worth, realize, people pay $1000 plus for the IPhone, that is basically for talking and texting. Family of 4 buying phones every 2 years with the latest and greatest NEW Iphone. What is a Disney Vacation? For most middle income individuals, it is maybe a 1 to 4 times in a lifetime event. Not agreeing with upcharges, but something needs to be done with the issues of over crowding the parks that were not designed for the amount of visitors that visit every day.

  17. Kelly

    Y’all are hilarious. You are talking like you can’t ride the rides if you don’t pay for the lightning lanes experience. Well you can still wait in the regular line. If you are so upset then don’t go. With how “appalled” you all are don’t give Disney your money if apparently $15 will break the bank for you….you probably need to reevaluate your budgeting priorities about going to Disney in the first place. Sorry I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear but I personally like this as you can’t purchase it until same day it gives everyone a fair chance who wants to pay for the experience vs having to make reservations 90 days in advance.

    1. Sue

      The reservation system is the best system. This would do away with this problem.

    2. Kcee

      I agree. Stop whining and don’t pay. Our family of 4 would
      gladly pay MORE (disney if your reading) upcharges for
      unlimited or at least a guarantee to ride every ride.
      I know a lot of people like us. Honestly if your pinching
      pennies to go to WDW time to look at some alternative
      vacations. Chapek and Co will continue to raise prices. LIKE
      EVERYWHERE ELSE! Looking at you Hotels that charge “resort fees”.

  18. Jason Frawley

    Hell, parking costs more than an admission ticket, back in the days when Disney was actually worth visiting. Yes, being in business is all about making money and no one will begrudge Disney for that. But, charging people to park on a piece of pavement that was payed for 30 years ago, then kick out a mortgage payment, just to get you, your wife and child(two kids brings in the car payment as well)into the in park, seems like you are fleecing your customers well enough. NOW, you want to add an additional charge to guarantee you get a seat on a ride?!? WTF kind of nonsense is that?!?

    And it’s not like they didn’t see this coming, tons of hours go into constructing these rides, along with their queue lines. They knew exactly how long the ride was and how many people would actually be able to ride. Offering people a way to guarantee they get what their admission should’ve guaranteed, is just plain out thievery. It’s different if a ride is down for maintenance or some other reason, that’s part of the theme park experience.

    1. Wow another great move to rob families of opportunities unless you are rich.. here’s an idea stop being so money hungry, you guys make enough even through the pandemic. This is getting so ridiculous. I wish you guys would go bankrupt and out the door but that will never happen

  19. Chris B

    Annual pass holders talking about “I pay enough as it is already. Im not paying extra” Everyone regardless of what you are as a guest is paying more lol.

  20. Marko

    I feel like part of this is their attempt to manage crowd levels while still bringing in same revenues as packed parks.

  21. Julian

    Save your money and take your kids to any of the majestic National parks the US offers. Go and the see the 3500 years old living sequoias, gaze the stars with your kids under a totally black sky, next to a camp fire. That’s MAGIC. Not a bunch of strangers in silly customes of fake characters, in a all fake place made by some other strangers with the goal of yes, get your money.
    People complaining about high cost sound like if coca cola doubled their price and people protested. Just do get that crap and take your money somewhere else.

    1. Mary

      The best response yet!

  22. Momto3

    No. I did not renew our annual passes (for family of 5) this year due to all the upcharges.

    1. yoyo

      good for you. Greedy man chapek can keep his genie

  23. Sarina

    We are very disappointed, we will not be paying more for the new Disney Genie Plus, we are annual pass holders and pay enough for our family. Disney is going back to the old E ticket rides, where you pay more for the most exciting and fun rides. It has forgotten about the family fun.

  24. rroe

    The only way to get a Greedy, advantage taking company like Disney to rethink their Greed is to Boycott the parks. The rich people keep pouring in and the rest cannot afford it. Disney is a land for the Elite and pampered.

  25. Steve Farrell

    Talk about money grab – the new leader of Disney, Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney, is only trying to line his pockets. Disney is expensive to visit and now this. His actions speak louder than words. Especially what he said about Actress Scarlett Johansson. I understand why she filed a lawsuit. All he cares about are MONEY.
    I will never go to Disney Parks again due to the high cost. As a senior, I’m on a fixed income. As a serious Disney colletor, I will sell my collection and forgo Disney Parks, merchandise, and anything to do with Disney. I’m even going to cancel my Disney+ subscription.
    Now is the time to start boycotting Disney.
    Mr. Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer of Walt Disney needs to understand that Disney is not for the rich. He needs to remember the Walt Disney wanted families to enjoy. Walt Disney would be turning over in his grave by the actions of Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney.

  26. Deb Pudell

    NO WAY would I pay extra.. we were just there.. called for ROR at like 6:59 am.. .. we were lucky and got in!! ALL 14 OF US!! Yay!
    Follow the my experience app already there.. We were able to get on every ride!!
    It seems like after every ride though, they shut them down, luckily it wasnt as we were on them. WE PAY ENOUGH TO GET INTO THE PARK… MAYBE PRICES SHOULD BE LESS TO GET IN IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE US PAY OUT AN ADDITIONAL 200$ A DAY FOR THIS PASS!!

  27. Wow another great move to rob families of opportunities unless you are rich.. here’s an idea stop being so money hungry, you guys make enough even through the pandemic. This is getting so ridiculous. I wish you guys would go bankrupt and out the door but that will never happen


    My husband and I uses the paid fast past system at Disneyland in January 2020, it was worth the extra money! It would be difficult for a big family to pay for this new Genie feature though. Maybe a group discount would help in that situation.I for one am visiting the parks with 4 people in September 2021 and are hoping the Genie system will be in place. I love rides and I really love Disney rides!!

    1. I agree, the old maxpass system was great. This À la cart option is just too much. If I want to have Genie + for my family of 6 then pay another $lump for all of us to get a ride plus park ticket??? It’s just too much

  29. Aaron

    We will absolutely not be paying extra when we are already more than enough to just get into the park. We are DVC members and starting to feel like it is a huge mistake with all of the changes after Iger left. Not impressed with the money hunger games of the new leadership. Want to improve the Disney experience? Then keep the cap, hire your employees back, and don’t fix what ain’t broken.
    Walt is probably turning in his grave watching his dream be destroyed.

    1. I agree 100 percent! Walt’s dream is now a nightmare and not what he wanted!

  30. yoyo

    Greedy man Chapek is on the move. I am not a star wars fan and while I researched this new ride, I am still not sure what it is except it is not a roller coaster. Still I feel its very wrong to charge for a new ride just because its new and popular. I have no interest in it. Good luck star wars fans. It is totally a cheap greedy man Chapek shot.

    1. It is a great ride that will amazes you (I’m also not a Star Wars fan) but I will not pay even more money for individual rides. I’ve had trips where I didn’t get into a boarding group and didn’t get to do it. It is what it is

  31. Nancy

    I would gladly pay to skip a long line. I am a local and never ride seven dwarves mine train, flight of passage, and rarely get virtual pass for ROR. We normally book an after hours event or attend a party to ride those rides. So I would gladly pay in the moment to skip the line.

  32. john wright

    People are just now realizing Disney is trying to milk every last penny out of attending families?
    People will pay the extra money and laugh and smile as they make their way onto the ride!

  33. Jhcg

    You pay to enter the parks. Now we have to pay to ride the rides? This is nothing but in your face greed! No more Disney. You lost a fan. A big fan

  34. Brenda

    We will not pay extra to do a ride. We are passholders so if we get to ride fine if not fine. I am disappointed thought because this is something I thought Disney did better than other parks and offered fast pass for free.

  35. SG


  36. No! Walt Disney opened Disneyworld because he hated taking his kids to theme parks and being charged for everything and he wanted families to be able to afford it! This goes against everything Walt fought so hard for. Have been going since Day 1 but no more Hawaii here we come.

  37. Levy

    I expected this. People are acting like Disney wanting money is new. Heck, im a Disney lover and I know they only want money. Just ignore all the passes or options asking for money.

  38. Mike E Gunthner

    I like the change to go on the rise of the resistance at least once in a life time and might willing to pay, waking up at 6:30 am and open up the phone to My Experience to the que and wait for 7am to punch the keys till the boarding group… I don’t often go to WDW resort every day like Florida residents do, from Calif … since 2013


    1st off, I’m sick and tired of ppl commenting about rich ppl putting off having kids. I didn’t enjoy disney till after my kids were grown. Not everyone there falls into that category. Personally, I’ll never step foot in a park with a kid ever again.
    As far as the pay to play, we all knew it was coming. Universal has been doing it for years. Disney said it was coming. This is no surprise. I stopped my AP 2 years ago and will not be getting new ones. We are exactly what Disney was targeting to spend the extra but this is it for me. We did all the extras, booked on-site, ate deluxe, and did all this several times a year. The only way to get things changed is to stop buying in and making voice heard. I’ve sent my letters and I just canceled our December trip and moved it to Universal.

    1. Jackie

      Universal who has raised prices as well and has had a paid fast pass for years…. And it’s Better how??????

  40. Super disappointed they decided to bring this to the states. I hope it doesn’t get used and fails. I’m glad the fast passes will be back but beyond that it’s just nickel and dimming for everything (said while eating a$6 churro) when is enough, enough??

  41. Kate

    Definitely NOT excited to pay more. On top of that, now we have to be on our phones all day booking the next ride, and the next ride…. Sounds stressful, lame, and not magical at all.

  42. R D

    As 30 yr Disney veterans who have spent months there, sadly we are done. With Disney’s wokeness, paid fast passes, and park reservation system, it is no longer our happiest place on earth. We wish them all the best.

  43. Maybeth Tyler

    Rise of the Resistance is already difficult to get a boarding pass. Now with the new Star Wars hotel guests being guaranteed a ride and paid lightning lane users being guaranteed a ride it seems the chances of riding for free are dying.
    Sure, it’s great for those who can afford to skip the line. But what about the rest of us?
    It’s the same as deluxe resort customers getting extra hours in the park while moderate and value guests get 30 minutes.
    Top tier customers get a great experience and everyone else is getting treated like second class citizens. Is this the new Disney?

  44. Jan

    Hate the reservation system! Hate that extra magic hours have been taken away! Now, no more fastpass! They have lost their minds! Everything they are doing just takes all the magic out of everything we have loved about our trips to Disneyworld for 45 years. So disappointed and disgusted that this is what it has become. Where is the Disneyworld we all knew and loved because it sure doesn’t exist anymore. So much for this great 50th anniversary celebration. I don’t even want to go anymore.

  45. Jackie Wray

    My family and I have gone to Disneyland or Disneyworld every other year since my husband and I have been married. We both grew up die-hard Disney fans and wanted our children to have the same magical experiences that we still love. But we don’t feel good about the direction that Disney has taken recently. With Premier Access movies on Disney+, we felt annoyed that we were being asked to pay more money for something that should have been included in our subscription. And here again with extra costs for formerly free fastpasses and rides/shows that should be and always have been included in admission, Disney is continuing with the same line of thought: “if we can make more money, why not?” It’s not just about how much money we are forced to save to give our kids the same family experiences that my husband and I treasure, it’s the fact that we now feel that those savings are going to support a greedy corporation that has chosen to take advantage of parents’ desire to do something special with their kids. This is not the same Disney that we know and love. In the future we will be spending our family vacations somewhere where families are valued, and where greed is not the primary motivator.

  46. Joy

    I’m done with disney. As a pass holder, I won’t pay any higher price then I already am, not paying for a fast pass, not paying to park. Guess what? I’m not coming anymore!

  47. Nicole Bridle

    Much like Yelp, disgruntled customers are more likely to comment on this. I bet that most of the people saying they’re done with Disney will be booking a stay before next summer. And for every one that does stick to their guns, two new customers will take their place.

    I hope I’m wrong, and this backfires for Disney, but I’m confident it won’t.

  48. That is the reason we stopped going to Universal because you has to pay to get on some rides quicker. The fast pass at Disney was what we appreciated about the parks. You still had a chance to get on some of the more popular rides without paying extra. I will never pay more than my admission.

  49. Lisa

    Ridiculous!!! It already cost to much for a ticket that fastpass is supposed to be included in!! Will tickets be cheaper now that we’re getting less with admission, certainly not!!! Disappointed in Disney 😭

  50. Corey

    We are planning a trip in early 2022 but things like this are giving us second thoughts. It’s expensive enough now adding on more fees. How much profit is enough?

  51. Dirk Disco

    I’ll pay, I don’t visit the parks that much and don’t mind maximizing my day.

  52. Dee S

    We have been DVC members for 20 years and have always enjoyed WDW. We understood the changes that were necessary as the COVID pandemic gripped the world. This is a choice to buy extra not a requirement. We will not pay extra, so we will wait in the standby line as we did when we first joined the DVC.

  53. Chris

    This is great news. $15 a day or $20 a day is nothing if I’m already paying to fly and stay in a Disney hotel.

    The comments section here illustrate a small vocal minority. I expect record Disney attendance and happier park goers.

    It really is as simple as supply and demand. We just got back from Disneyworld in masks with no fast pass option and the lines were brutal.

    60 minutes for Haunted Mansion???!!? No thanks.

    I would have happily paid an extra $100 a day after spending $650 a night + theme park tickets + flight.

    Disney has to raise prices and do things like this otherwise too many people come. I just wish they would get rid of local annual pass holder options. Too many locals, save room for the tourists.

    1. David A


    2. M White

      I will not be going any longer. This was the last straw.

  54. Cam

    It is s SHAME that Disney is charging outrageous fees to families who are trying to overcome the terrible year that they’ve had with Covid 19 & now the Delta virus. We are trying to have our children enjoy life a little again. Walt Disney is turning in his grave & would not want his people to be money hungry.

  55. Gina

    I still have a coupon book. I wonder if this would pay for the most popular rides?

  56. It’s as if Disney is just pushing to see how far our wallets can be pushed. Congratulations…..you’ve found your answer. Pretty disappointed in Disney right now.

  57. Pat

    Using up the last of my no expiration tickets next year and done with Disney 🤔 It is just priced out of my comfort zone at this point (and I would guess the paid Lightening Lane passes are taken out of the Virtual Queue allotment, meaning even fewer free spots….)

  58. David A

    For the people who go to Disney World, once every 5 years or maybe once in a lifetime, and they travel 0ver 5 hours by plane or drive 20 hrs in a car, then you want to ride the best rides you can. You stay in the park for 5 days, try each day to get a reservation to a virtual que and fail. You want to go to the Beast’s castle for dinner, reservations are full, this is maybe your once in a lifetime trip to WDW, and you are out of luck. An extra $15 dollars per person, guarantees you the rides you want. The entire trip is over $5000 with hotels, airflight, transportation and food, not including some shopping. A bit extra, especially with the crowds at the park will guarantee, that your Disney Experience was worth the money. The local people with seasons passes, can go anytime. Back in 2020, I was able to get passes to Rise of the Resistance, and while in line, multiple people were discussing how great it was, and they had been on it 10 times. Everyone visiting the park, and far away travelers should be given the opportunity to experience the Great Rides and Dining experiences at WDW.

  59. Kevin Mason

    Josh D’Amaro, you have such a disconnect from the regular every day hard worker. You have now screwed my kids from experiencing the most magical place on earth. This amazing place called Disneyland and all Disney Parks are losing their magic. Everything Walt was trying to achieve has been destroyed by all this greed. I have been a huge Disney fan my whole life and I can’t believe that I would ever say that my love for it is quickly dying. I will not pay a single cent more. The Parks have become completely unaffordable. It was a struggle to make it happen before, now you just go and give the rich the options to have their way and play. As for Chapek, you have yet to impress me as the CEO. You should have never let this idea get off the table. You get a failing grade as far as I am concerned. D’Amaro is ruining things, stop the bleeding. Walt would be ashamed. Iger you will be missed. At this rate I’d rather see Eisner running the company again.

  60. David A

    As I read most of the comments here, I can agree that charging more is an issue, but I posted another post here describing the once in a lifetime trip for some folks, who may not be able to get a pass on some of the rides or restaurants. But look at the price of a concert, I used to pay to see a rock concert, good seats in the 70’s $10 to 15. Today, a show comes in at $300+ and if you want to see an NFL game, in most cities it can be $250 to $500 per person, and another $100 for parking. What is the answer, that is where good management, at the helm of Disney should be figuring out a plan to keep people coming, fix over crowding and maybe, people who stay at Disney properties, who are on vacations, get special privilege’s for Dining and a least 1 time to an “E” ride that is que driven.

  61. Steve Norman

    I was just there this past Wednesday with my son and his new girlfriend visiting from Maine. I wish I had known this was an option when I was there and not just learning about it today. I won’t use it every time I go but it’s nice to know when people are visiting that I can guarantee they get to ride everything they want to. It a small price to pay to make sure we can do everything.

  62. Tony

    This is absurd. As a Annual Platnium Passholder, we had the water parks taken away and the Oak Trail golf course taken away, but no drop in price, and now this? This is not the world Walt Disney created any longer.

  63. James

    The quality at Disneyland has been going down hill for years as higher ups try to make more money by doing less and cutting corners that made the park great. This is unreal that you want me to pay you more money so I can enjoy less. There are other theme parks that I can choose to spend my money at but it looks like you want gamble with our loyalty. I think if Walt were alive he would box your ears for what you are doing to his vision. As a shareholder I will have make my voting voice heard and encourage others to do the same. Do what’s right for the guest and charge them fair and they will spend more. Be a leader of Walts dream and don’t just look at dollar signs.

  64. David A

    I remember, Walt was still alive and the Disneyland experience was fantastic, but remember, all the great rides were “E” tickets. You bought your entrance to the park, received a book with A, B, C, D & E tickets. Want to ride the trolley from entrance to the castle A ticket. Want to ride any of the fun rides, Matterhorn, E, Haunted Mansion E, Space Mtn E. You ran out of E tickets fast. What is a person to do …. buy more E tickets. Remember the entrance price is to get you into the park, and many people just enjoy shows, the food and walking around. I prefer the rides too, but am willing to spend a few more $ to guaranteed the opportunity to ride a new and exciting experience. Back in the 70’s off season, you could walk up to a ride and get on, now off season, you have to wait in a line, sometimes up to 90 mins to experience that ride, which by the way did not offer fastpass. Extra $15 a day per person when the 5 day vacation is already costing $4500 for 2 people, is a small amount for the convivence of experiencing the magic.

  65. Bill R

    I have been a DVC member sine 1999. They have continued to to away items from DVC members, but annual dues go up each year. Now you pay to get in and pay more to ride. Not me, will be selling my points
    Just not worth it.

  66. M White

    I will not be going any longer. This was the last straw.

  67. A DVC member since 1993.
    The Best days of Disney are behind us. Every opportunity to extract money from guests is being taken.
    So as annual passholders will visit less frequently.
    Not only in the parks guests are beeping fleeced, pay $250 to £500 per night in a Disney Hotel, & then be expected to pay $25 per night to park your car. Shameful.

  68. Mary Ann Hageman

    As a long time DVC / Annual Passholder I find this appalling. The vacations were already expensive. This crosses the line from expensive to being taken advantage of. There is no magic in this.

  69. Kate Hammond

    I’ve been going to Disney virtually my whole life and was in the college program. I honestly don’t know if I ever care to go back to Disney with several changes they have made recently which quite frankly reflect a disgusting amount of greed. Disney has taken advantage of COVID and has used the pandemic to implement changes that make their parks only for the wealthy. The more costs they add for rides and parades and other benefits that were all included the less people will be willing to spend on merchandise and food.

  70. Connie

    Disney has to be doing a little happy dance right now that covid came along. It has provided them multiple opportunities to raise pricing and charge for things that were free before, knowing that we all will sit back and take it. Personally I will not be paying I will not give them the satisfaction. Unfortunately most people will pay. If we all stuck together and refused to buy into this nonsense we would have some power but but separated and divided we do not.

  71. Wicked Awesome

    Devils advocate. Imagine being the family that can only afford to go to Disneyland once EVER. Imagine if they spend all that money and don’t get to ride Rise because they miss out on the virtual queue. Paying a little more to guarantee a ride seems the only fair way for them to compete against annual pass holders who are pro’s at the virtual queue. As many have said Disney doesn’t need the extra money but there are a lot of people who I know who have gone to the park and missed the opportunity to write it and will likely never go back for another 10 years or more. At least with this program those people have a better chance to get the full experience.

  72. Chris Payne

    Another reason to cancel my annual passes. More fees and subpar experiences are on the “Rise” within Disney’s Empire.

  73. Evelyn Buffkin

    I am a resident annual passholder not happy about losing Fast Pass option. Will not pay additional money for the new System! Disney World has always been a beautiful and magical place but you have become ridiculously money hungry.

  74. Beulla

    The cost to get into the parks are becoming cost prohibitive. Nickle and diming guests has become a very Disney thing. Whether it is one person or a family of ten, the cost to enter the park is enough. Stop charging more for access.

  75. Beulla

    The cost to get into the parks are becoming cost prohibitive. Nickle and diming guests has become a very Disney thing. Whether it is one person or a family of ten, the cost to enter the park is enough. Stop charging more for access.

  76. Bob

    Disney has always been a business, not a community service. Yes, I hate having to pay so much to get in and pay extra for the rides. I’ve been going to Disneyland since 1958. The crowds were not even an issue and it was open only 5 days a week. I go much less now that the prices are so high. But, I still go from time to time and always enjoy myself, in spite of the crowds. No one is holding a gun to my head and making me go. Back in 1958 there were 2.8 billion people on the planet. There are now 8 billion and rising. Yes, much of it is in third world countries. However, there’s a lot more in the rich countries as well. And many have more money than I will ever see.

    Disney Co. sees this and wants all the cash it can get from these fools. Just understand, Walt has been in the ground for over 54 years now. He wouldn’t like it either. The world has moved on. Pay and go or don’t go. I don’t like it either, but them’s the facts.

  77. Jamie F

    My family & I have been to Disney every couple of years since 2010. Every year, prices go up a little for no reason. Last time we were there was 2018. Now, the prices for the same trip is almost $1,000 more with half the perks you got when you are there. No bus to the resort from the airport unless you pay now, $20+ to park your car if you stay on property, and no fast pass unless you pay for it. Completely greedy. We already decided there are better & cheaper places to go on a family vacation. They are either catering to the rich or trying to get the hard working middle class to go broke on a vacation. Not worth another penny

  78. Susan

    Nobody is forcing anyone to pay the extra charge. You can wait in the stand by line.
    You do realize Universal, Sea World, and other theme parks have paid front of the line systems, right?
    If you dont like it, you dont need to pay for it.

    1. Amy

      That’s not even the point Karen. No nobody is being forced but for those who actually know what they’re talking about, it’s about the greed and the total loss of what Walt Disney created Disneyland and, though he didn’t get to see its completion, WDW, for. It was a place for families- ALL families- to enjoy themselves and to build family values. And yes Karen, we do not have to choose them for our vacations and if you weren’t so ready to troll the group here you’d realize that what many people are calling for is a boycott until Disney gets back to what it was created for.

  79. Rachel Winiecki

    Its bad enough with all the raises in everything Disney they now go for the additional money grab on top of everything else. Looks like Disney wants to cater to wealthy and to heck with the blue collar folks. Oh well guess my Disney days are done. 😭😭😭

  80. Becky

    My two cents? People forget that these parks were originally open with the same pricing model, only now you’re paying extra to skip long lines rather than the chance to get on the rides. Yes, prices are high. But the same people complaining about the prices are probably also complaining how the parks have “lost their magic.” Call me optimistic, but I hope the extra money is going towards getting that magic back.

  81. Manny

    If you want to make a statement. If you really do not like what is happening then you need to act up. Not just complain on a blog that writes controversy to get their ad rates higher. When this starts just get aggressive with those going past you on the line. Jeer, boo, make them feel uncomfortable. Disney cannot refrain your right to speak.

  82. Paula from Maryland

    Look at the salaries of the department heads, presidents, CEO, etc. of Disney. They have multimillion dollar salaries and homes. I wonder how they got these big salaries? By raising costs. The cast members don’t get that kind of money. They even stripped all of the benefits from the stockholders — they used to get complimentary keys to the kingdom and those were stripped. They have to justify their multimillion dollar “bonuses”. We paid $135 each just to enter the park, one park, last year. For two people that was $270, plus parking, plus food. It was over a $600 day and we didn’t get to stay the entire time. I understand they are trying to accommodate the large volume of crowds, but this is not how to do it. If they are bursting at the seams, expand the seams. And forcing people to use smartphones just to eat? The phones battery dies, you lose all capability. Come on, Disney, you can do better than this

    1. very good 😉 Disney s’cks

  83. Anakin

    Another Recent Example of The Disney “Chapek Culture of Greed”: We flew into Anaheim for my nieces birthday at Disney’s California Adventure Thursday, August 19th. (Flew in the night prior on 8/18 with an overnight stay at the Hyatt Hotel.)

    We had a 1 day 1 park ticket for Disney CA Adventure that we purchased 3 mos prior in May for the August 19 date. The park stated on the app that it would close at 10pm that night.

    At CA Adv at 8pm we went to buy a drink at Schmoozies (one of my nieces favorite things to do is to buy a fun shake from Schmoozies) & the rude case member said we needed a wrist band to purchase food after 8pm? Wristband? For what? We had been in the park all day and never needed a wristband?!

    We were puzzled and asked him why and he said “there is a private party at the park after 8pm”. I told him it said that the park closes at 10pm. He said “not today because they booked a private party tonight.”

    We spent over $2,500 in Disney tickets, flights and hotels to be told we can’t buy food or stay in the park until closing because they double booked our night for a private party?

    When we went to “customer service” at the entrance of CA Adv park 5 other families were already speaking with the cast members asking why they are closing the park early for the valid ticket holders to have this “private party”? All they kept saying was to go onto the Disneyland website to “write a complaint”.

    When I spoke directly to one of the cast members she said that this private party was booked because Disney saw that the “ticket sales/reservations and occupancy” was going to be “low” on August 19th so they approved to have the private party that night. So basically she said, we approved to “screw over” ticket holders that already bought tickets that night so they can make additional money for a private party! So they got my families money, kicked us out of the park at 8pm to welcome additional private party ticket holders after 8pm? Doesn’t that sound wrong? Also if you knew who had reservations why did you not message us all on the app to let us know this so we can make alternate plans?

    I told her if we had known this we would have used our 1 day pass at Disneyland (which closed at 11pm that day ….an additional 3 hours more than the 8pm closing at CA Adv) for her birthday instead of Ca Adv! Every other angry ticket holder speaking with the cast members that nt either flew in or drove great distances to be at CA Adv that day. There were also some devoted local Disney fans who had not been to a Disney park in over a year and they were understandable upset as well. True fans.

    After calming down and just realizing we had been “taken/had” by the nee “Chapek Disney” era & realizing their customer service and magical experience we have grown up to love is slowing going away (We miss you Walt and Bob Iger) I googled what this “private party” was all about.

    It was a Radio Station “raffle” winners night!!!!! So people won FREE tickets from a radio station to go to CA Adventure after 8pm! Free!! While those that purchased $1,000 worth of tickets for our family were kicked out!!! Does that make any sense? Does that show any level of hospitality? I asked the cast member why those holding paid tickets and reservations for August 19th were not contacted and told that the park was closing early at 8pm and she said “you were told this morning when you got here to the park”!!! There were no signs and we even walked around the front area to possibly photograph and sign and no sign was to be found.

    This is the event on the radio station website that was announced 2 mos prior to our visit. So Disney knew and could have contacted tickets holders to let them know two months prior to Aug 19:

    “IT’S OFFICIAL! The new date for The Woody Show After Hours Takeover at Disney California Adventure Park is August 19th– If you were a winner to the postponed event last year, your tickets are still valid for the new date!
    Experience some of the joy you’ve been dreaming about with The Woody Show and ALT 98.7… as we give you the run of the park from 8P-12A!”

    Bob Iger please save us!!!

  84. Amy

    I usually chose Disney for my annual vacation but as much as I hate to do it, I refuse to spend one single dollar to support Disney until they get this ass hat out of there. and no, I absolutely will NOT pay extra for a “lightening lane” and hopefully nobody else will as well! We’ve got to send a message and get this douche canoe out of there.

  85. Christopher Bond

    Already cancelled our trip for next June as a direct result of this. What it really comes down to is places like 6 flags offer better rides for a far more affordable price. Disney rides are mostly lame. There’s a few good ones but now those will have the extra surcharge. The entire Disney vacation experience is unpleasant.

  86. Cindy

    I hope all these people not going will finally lower the crowds!

  87. Terry Cole

    I just read attendance is down. You really think this is a way to improve it?Most businesses lower their cost, not raise it. I also have no desire to have to play with an app to navigate a park when the fast pass was so easy and time is so valuable.

  88. Disney scks every day…every Movie is worst or bad…very commercial…and with g..a..ys or ..
    every year they make a feminist movie … which is funny … movies with an indefinite orientation..they should have had nigg´s in the movie and pedals … hahaha..it’s awful..you expose yourself with your fag’t promises..wow

  89. Robert Campbell

    Disney has become nothing but a cash cow. Constant price increases, overcrowded parks, and outrageous pricing. ($20.00 for a cardboard flimsy plastic mickey hat?

    I am surprised that the Justice Department has not told told Disney to stop. They have clearly become a monopoly and this should no longer continue.

    Me and my family agree that boycotting Disney is a great solution and have done so. Did extensive research on what Disney owns, and the list is long. We will no longer be buying products, services,

    With covid, people losing jobs, behind on payments and other reasons for family budget problems, Disney has not been sympathetic at all, laying off their employees, and constant price increases are inexcusable. I cannot believe the people still spend their hard earned money on this company, many can barely put food on the table. I have seen on several occasions, kids asking for this and that in Disneyland, and mom or dad says sorry we can’t afford it, with the kids bawling their eyes out. TERRIBLE

    Turned off Disney plus, Hulu, and all cable channels associated. We cancelled cable and stream through a Roku. We will not attend any movies from their studios. Wow you save a lot of money!!!

    The longer broke average joes like me adhere to their madness, reading of their billions in profits, and their total disregard regarding the pocket book of customers, they out out!

    Feels Good! Nice to have known ya Disney.

  90. Janie

    If Walt was still alive he would be so upset that his name is on it because he wanted to create a place for the whole average family could enjoy – not just rich families. It costs several mortgage payments to take a family to it now!! He would change it so an average earning family could afford to go or start a new company!!

  91. Maggy

    We were so excited to experience a New Years Eve at Disney with our kids, now regrets as I just learned about the Lightning Lane for the Rise of Resistance and Snow White ride. How much more money do we have to bleed in order to enjoy Disney for our family. We are paying a lot for 4 of us and an extra fee to guarantee to ride is shameful. Possibly the last time we go to Disney because they are making it so hard for average people to go without struggling financially to enjoy the parks. Walt would be ashamed of all the up charging they are going to be starting.

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