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  1. Tony

    The previous fastpass system might not have been perfect but it was the Sistine Chapel compared to this. Every guest had a shot at getting a fastpass; If you really wanted it you would pay attention to the date and jump online to reserve as soon as your ticket date allowed. It was fair. Guests staying in a park hotel had an advantage, but it was an advantage by access date only. For many guests the price of admission and eating in the parks is already challenging and now you’re making a “pay to win” system for shorting the lines. It’s so blatantly not about the magic but about the moolah. They’re saying the quiet part out loud now and it’s a bad look. The parks are revered places for many of us. I don’t blame them for being profitable, I WANT them to be profitable. That said, the details of how they go about it make all the difference. Despite the glossy interface it’s wrapped in, this system feels trashy. The “haves” in life have the advantage here. That’s not representative of Walt’s opening day invitation that promised “For ALL who come to this happy place…”

    1. Bryan Lentjes

      TOTALLY agree with Tony (“The previous fastpass system might not have been perfect but…”) here. As a lifelong fan of Disney parks, this is immensely deflating.

      1. Chelsea

        Makes me not want to go to Disney anymore. All they care about is money.

  2. Melissa

    This is a DISGRACE. Allowing guests to pay to skip the line is just downright trashy and I am beyond disappointed that Disney chose to move in this direction. Walt wanted the park to be somewhere family members of all ages could have fun together, and it is obvious the company has lost all its’ magic and only cares about profits. Just awful. Breaks my heart.

    1. CB

      Totally agree with you Melissa!

      1. Jameson K

        A Disney vacation is already expensive as it is. This is a cash grab. Universal has their version of “paid fastpass”, but it at least covers most of the attractions. Not this $20 here, $7 there junk. Do that times 4 (regular family size) and it adds up quick. I’m disappointed in this.

        1. Ihatedisneynow

          Combing this with making evening extra magic hours exclusive to only those staying at deluxe resorts is a middle finger to the blue collar families that helped raise Disney Worlds status to what it is today. Was planning on spending a week at DW next year. Not anymore. Was hard to ignore the nickel and dining last time around. These changes will make it impossible. Not worth it anymore.

    2. Big Daddy

      Ha! The Disney company are complete hypocrites. On one hand they are pandering and crying out for social justice and equity and on the other hand they are excluding individuals for the almighty buck. I guess equality for all only goes so far. Once you get to those gates, if you have bucks you’ll be treated better. Who’s apologizing for privilege now? LOL.
      If you look at the wait times in parks lately, this is exactly what Disney wants. They want you to be so aggravated waiting two hours on a line that you will pay whatever they want to skip the line.
      Hopefully this will epically fail and attendance suffers as a result. Need to show this company in particular that you can only go so far with your greed before people say enough.

  3. Robert

    Why go to the trouble and expense of staging two parades every evening if it all it does is keep guests out of the shops and restaurants? Why offer free fast passes to guests if they’re willing to use their credit cards to purchase no-line tickets? Why offer extended hours to guests if you can use that perk to get them to upgrade their resort stay? Why bother to give guests a ride back to their car AFTER you have all their money? And why reduce park congestion by building a 5th park when it’s faster, easier and more profitable to just price out the middle-class? … Enjoy the profits of all this short-term thinking, Disney. After all, what could go wrong?! ?

  4. Keith

    We have gone to Disney parks (in the US) for 20+ years. For a while there, we went at least once a year. The Fast Pass system really helped us get to all of the rides and attractions that we wanted to. If/when this comes to the US, we will not be going back. It’s already gotten so expensive and to make a family of 4 pay an extra $30-80 per ride is just outrageous!

  5. Hillary

    It should be like universal where it’s one fee for all rides. Paying per ride is stupid.

    1. Htk

      Universal had little replay appeal, people don’t go as frequently as they go to Disney.

  6. Neil

    Try to imagine how people in the Stand-by lines will treat those in the Paid Fast-Pass line as they pass them by to get on the ride without waiting. Unless they complete separate the lines so they can’t see them it’s going to be U.G.L.Y.

    1. kay

      yeah I agree. Its like the people using this system will be SCABS. I am all for everyone having an equal chance to experience a ride without waiting more than 60 minutes. I would never ever use this system and I am a frequent park goer. MAX pass was nice and I was willing to add that on to my ticket. This system just feels icky.

  7. Susan

    This really saddens me! For a family to have to drop a couple hundred dollars more to get on a few rides quicker does not mesh with what people have always associated with Disney. It’s already a pricey vacation but can make magical memories. Charging extra to skip lines is disgraceful and will reduce the Magic for many families.

  8. EM

    It cost an ungodly amount of money to take a trip to WDW as it is. Now they are charging for Fast passes! And the amount they want for each ride is ridiculous! Each ride could cost more depending on the time of the year! So now only the better off people who can afford it will be getting fast passes. For a family of 4 it could cost $72 extra for fast pass to go on Mt. Everest after all the money (around $440 to get into the park). Everyone had a chance to at least get on one of the main attractions without a long wait and that is gone. So sad to be getting priced out of a vacation. All the added expenses are just too much. I don’t want to wait 2 to 3 hours to go on a ride when time is always limited on vacation and you are only in a park 1 day. So you miss out on the best rides. Sad.

  9. Leroy

    Eh, this is no different than paying for ride tickets back in the day, and it’s not like they’re cutting off access to the attractions for general admission guests. I’m just glad to see fast passes are back.

    1. Anon

      Actually it was a free perk that was taken away from everyone.

    2. Matt

      Back in they day your weren’t paying over $100 to get into the park.

    3. Linda Kincaid

      Back in the day, there was no admission charge. You just bought books of tickets.

  10. Michael

    As someone who has tickets this week for WDW, and who has gone once a year for the past 15 years to DL: I will not support this new system and will actively move my business to other vacations if this becomes the default. Full stop.

    1. mike

      Our family from Maryland minimum once a year for 25 years . Even got married there ! We can also afford it. Wife a WDW fanatic just announced this is our last trip in December & only because we already prepaid a lot of it. Her words , “This is now become ridiculous” Enough said ?

  11. Steve

    I believe this is an awful decision by Disney. Been a fan of Disney parks and especially Disneyland for quite some time. This only highlights systemic equity issues and makes Disney seem like much more of a place for those who happen to have a lot of money versus those who do not. Some people choose helping professions and make conscientious decisions to make less money in order to serve others like nonprofits, social work, education, etc. Please Disney, try to think much more about equity on this decision versus dollars.

    1. AMJ

      Greedy, greedy, greedy!
      Disgraceful. As a 20 year WDW Premium AP holder if this comes to WDW we’re done. To make such a blatant grasp for money this should give Disney executives nightmares, and I hope it does by backfiring against them.
      There will always be some who can afford Disney, or are willing to pay exhortation prices for anything. But to go so far away from what was Walt-s intention of having a place for families to aford to go enjoy themselfs is an insult to his memory and orginal intent of the parks purpose.
      It’s sad, and disturbing to see how far Disney is willing to fall and fail their fans and Guests and diminishing Walt Disney’s Magic.

    2. Htk

      I don’t like the new system but anyone who uses the word “equity” when describing human beings has already cast himself as feeble-minded. If you believe that everyone deserves the same results then you belong in Cuba or North Korea. Let me know how that works out for you Comrade…

      1. Big Daddy

        You are a complete idiot HtK and don’t know how to read either. Was talking about the hypocrisy of Disney preaching equity and inclusion and then they do something like this which is the complete opposite. Maybe you should read and understand before you comment and look like a fool.

  12. Manny

    This is ridiculous people need to stop going to Disney Parks, their
    Park entrance fees keep going up every year and now this.

    Nothing is going to change is a matter of fact it will only get worse until people stop going.

  13. Kay

    Hopefully this will crash and burn. I personally would NEVER participate in this type of system even if I had the money to burn. Disneyland is supposed to be a fun experience accessible to all people. Currently it is not accessible to folks who can’t pay 100+ per person per day. If none of us use this price gouging system then maybe it will go away. I bet you anything this is a pilot to see if it would work in the U.S. parks. If as fans and park goers we can all commit to never using this system they would be forced to throw it out. I know…fat chance right?

  14. Rua

    Completely disgusting. I was willing to pay a small extra fee for fast pass and it applied to everything. This idea is horrible. I am not interested. Disneyland will find out there is a threshold before people are just turned off and they’ll find themselves wearing worn out Mickey costumes and the shine of Disney will dull… Every time CEOs get greedy and a company suffers. Leave well enough alone.

  15. rroe

    Disney continues to be about further catering to the rich and putting more and more money into their coffers. You have to be out of your mind to pay $9.00 for one fast pass. The rich and Disney continue to love things like this.

  16. Marie

    Disney is pricing itself out of the “family adventure” if they start charging for FastPass. It’s expensive enough to visit Disney, why add to the expense. Does the “mouse” really need the extra money? The current FastPass system gives EVERYBODY the same shot at the rides. It doesn’t discriminate against those who are pinching pennies just to visit the Happy Place On Earth!!

  17. Tyler Rowan

    I really hope this doesn’t come to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, while I don’t go to Disneyland as much as I have been to Disney World I still feel like this is stupid. I am currently planning a trip for 2022 and depending on which one my group chooses it will be any where from 6600-7000 for two people, and if they add paid fast passes that is going to already add an additional fee which is not going to be fun.

  18. NENolan

    $18 for Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan’s Flight! LOL! This is hysterical! I literally just did a spit take with my morning coffee! I’d maybe pay that for ROTR but not those rides. I’m more amused than upset about this. I, like many I’m sure, was expecting a per-day pass but a per ride? It doesn’t stop me from riding anything if I want. We used to pay per ride many years ago so this is nothing new to me but with the cost of park tickets already, this is a bit much. I’m not a big ride person anymore since I’ve been going for years so I would only consider a few attractions worth paying extra for.

  19. David A

    Walt must be turning over in his grave

  20. Patrick

    This is terrible news………. ordinary people save up for years to get to go to WDW and try their hardest to make sure they can get on all the rides in their short time there. This way the unpaying guests will have longer queues to tolerate so no chance of fitting it all in unless they can afford this extortionate price which most will be unable to do – you add up for a family of four it’s probably an extra $500 per day – ridiculous after how high the entrance prices are anyway – it’s never been cheap and for a great deal of people it’s a “Once in a lifetime” trip now they will struggle even more. Disney should be ashamed and yes Walt will be turning in his grave seeing how money grabbing they have become.

  21. John Russell

    I agree with pretty much everyone on these replies. Disney’s new pricing is nothing short of extortion and divisiveness. My family and I travel over from Scotland and have been visiting Disneyworld every 2nd year for over 30 years. We booked at the beginning of this year to visit again in 2022 but we will absolutely NOT be paying money to skip the lines, which is exactly what it is, despite however they want to dress it up.

  22. Matt

    Disney is bringing back the class system as once existed in Titanic-era cruising! This from a company who likes to play identity politics and emphasis it’s supposed “inclusivity” – seems that doesn’t stretch to economic inclusivity and wanting Disney to be a great place to go for the families regardless of income background. And guess what I bet this will harm ethnic minorities of disadvantaged backgrounds the most – so much for your ‘wokeness’ Disney! The company is a wrotten, money-obsessed hypocritical monstrosity and Walt must be turning in his grave.

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