Comments for New Paid FastPass System Launches TODAY at Disney Park

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  1. Manny

    My assumption is they are launching this in Paris because it is a trial by fire. The French should shoot this idea down rather quickly as they are more egalitarian about their views. The problem is that there will still be some accountants at Disney that will sell it here.

    1. Marilyn Bailey

      Their greed is getting out of control. Coming off a pandemic and throwing this at your customers and
      Pay for parking
      What’s next paying for toilet use. Come on Disney

    2. Marilyn Bailey

      You are pricing middle class people out of your parks. So I have to be rich or contact make a wish. Thanks for nothing

  2. What do you expect as long as people still go and pay the high price with less in return, why wouldn’t Disney continue this trend, first is was a fee for parking at the resorts, then the elimination of the magical press, then the reservation system, no fast pass then maybe a fee for fast pass, no parades, no shows, yet people sill go, until people stop going and the money grab dries up in Disney’s eyes why not raise prices with less of their costs. We did not renew our annual passes and have no desire to return until things change which I’m not holding my breath will ever happen.

    1. yoyo

      you are correct Sonny-B. Americans are too spoiled and lazy to stand together for change for something they want. We want it now. Standing together takes time.

  3. Gail

    Looks like they are going back to the beginning! When WDW first opened you purchased your admission ticket and then purchased tickets for the rides. They even had ticket booths throughout the park to purchase the “A-B-C-D & E” Tickets.

  4. Eric

    Boooooooooooo. What’s the point of staying deluxe now? All perks are basically gone.

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