Comments for Guests Experience Rise of the Resistance WITHOUT a Boarding Group

rise of the resistance


  1. Your post says 7 and 2 to get boarding passes. This changed in December to 1 PM

    1. Rachel

      Was just going to say the same thing. Definitely 1pm

  2. Jonathan

    Okay… this all seems fake. Your “screenshot” from 7pm is way off. The “screenshot” shows boarding group numbers around the mid 100s. I was literally at Disney two days ago and Disney gets through a few hundred groups in a day. We monitored the groups and groups 100-200 were between 12pm and 2pm, NOT 7pm. This all seems a little off.

  3. J.

    I’m still hoping to be able to get on this thing one of these days.

  4. Amy

    They need to keep that walk up line so people can at least have a chance at riding ROR if they don’t mind waiting. For some it is their only vacation to WDW and therefore their only chance to experience that. The virtual queue is extremely hard to get on (i.e. at one second after 7am it is full!)

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