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marvel boss kevin feige under fire


  1. Boo Mer

    Grow up, adolescent brats. This is for children.

  2. J

    The Bible says that we will be hated for his name sake. Is there any hero labelled “Christian”? I guess daredevil would come to mind. The attitude from Muslims regarding the casted actors is a bit hateful. I don’t know if theses actors are openly christian, but the show I am sure isn’t going to focus on that aspect. This is a kid show for sure.

    1. Tired

      Not a big fan of the Bible (don’t believe in religion, any religion, at all), but I see your point here. Representation is skewed due to extreme activism.

  3. Tired

    Honestly, I think everyone is being a bit overly sensitive about everything these days. There are a lot of casting choices that are not ideal, it’s a fact of the business. And ‘representation’ isn’t really all that representative of demographics in the US, anyway. A country that skews roughly 76% White, 13% Black, 18% Hispanic, 5% Asian and 1% Native American (according to the most recent US Census data) has, of late, greatly disparate representation on TV and in film despite those numbers. Casting has been turned on its ears to accommodate ’marginalized’ groups and representation has started to unrealistically tip the balance. But, 50% of show business is business and you have to give the people what they want. Or at least what is perceived that they want. But activism and woke culture have skewed that perspective as well.

  4. Sounds familiar

    Brown people upset that their favorite characters aren’t brown enough.
    Oh, That’s a really bad reductionist description of the actual complaint you say?
    It wasn’t when whites were upset about “their” characters. ?

  5. Barry

    The power changes are a legitimate point of criticism. However, the religion of the actress is not. I can’t remember the last time some complained about a Christian role being played by an atheist or visa-versa. Also, if someone was refused for their role because of their religion there would open the production company up to lawsuits.

    Finally–its called acting for a reason. The actor is supposed to not simply be a mirror of themselves, but to take on another character.

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