Comments for Marvel Confirms Who Will Replace Doctor Strange

benedict cumberbatch as doctor strange cloak

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Mom

    I want my Dr. Strange. This whole thing is badly thought out. I’m sick of having all my heroes replaced by women, and now monster women? As a woman, I find this offensive, and I’m not interested in watching this kind of trash. Quit killing off all the good men in my life!!!

  2. Dayn

    Utter stupid BS. Dr. Strange shouldn’t be the killable Pawn the idiots at Post Stan Lee Marvel have made him into. It was bad enough already. Not only won’t I buy their products, I won’t watch a Marvel movie again- and I will encourage friends not ro.

  3. Kevin

    Hahahaha! Marvel just trying to tank another superhero. First off three women to replace one guy? OK. Second, it worked so well for Captain Marvel, Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 where I could see why you would be jumping to get on this bandwagon. Third, You just put off 75% of your audience by doing this. Good luck with your disaster.

  4. D.

    So many bad decisions lately…

  5. Robert Dole

    All these incel weirdos saying they won’t read Marvel comics anymore…y’all never read comics–if you did you’d know they’ll return everything to the status quo within a year! Bunch of snowflake crybabies who care way more about projecting their culture war fueled derangement than about the comics or characters.

  6. Ben Hiatt

    Can you not use MCU pictures when you are talking about the comics in your stories? This would be a big story in the MCU, in the comics it is just more hack-writing shenanigans.

  7. Barry

    While I enjoy the MCU, I’m more of a DC guys when it comes to comics, so I really don’t have a bone in this fight. But somehow, killing off an iconic character just after you created a new fan base for him with a couple of movies strikes me as a really bad business decision. But then most likely he’ll just get resurrected again in some form in a few months time so no big deal.

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