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Magic Key

Credit: Disney


  1. Dee

    This is my first time purchasing a Magic Key Pass. My hope is to get in 6 visits this season and that Covid will not cause any further park day cancellations. I purchased the pass for perks and for limited pass holder events. I purchased the most expensive pass so I hope it is worth it.

  2. Jeff

    I visited Disneyland recently and saw many attractions requiring use of mobile devices. However, what if your battery dies? Should be places to recharge for free. Until then, don’t forget your backup battery pack.

  3. T.M

    A pin and a magnet?I was on the fence , but this changes everything.

    1. NoneYa

      Haha, right you are. People are such sheep and Disney easily plays on their feeble minds.

  4. Dave

    I bought the Dream pass and visited Dland on Aug. 28, 2021, these extra perk areas were all closed. We were told they are targeting opening Sept. 1, 2021. We will see!!

  5. T.M

    What happened to “Be our Guest”?What happened to the Disney hospitality? The virus we will live with from here on out it certainly cannot keep being responsible for all these cheap changes.Disney you’re better than this and so are we.

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