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  1. Chris

    I still fail to see how this is any different short of extra blackout dates on some levels and reservations being required.

    1. Ashley


    2. Eric Jackson

      No fast passes, non nmanx passes, no photo passes. No parades. Same price. Yeah they thought they could make more money by cancelling annual passes and now they realize they shot themselves in the foot and are going to have a hard time signing everyone back up.

  2. Former Cast

    Looks like pure money grab attempt with very little benefit.

    Chapek is a Finanace person, which means he sucks from a Guest perspective. Any and every penny they can squeeze out. Removal of as many perks as possible, slowly degrading perks previously offered.

    Having to pay for FastPass is a horrific example. No explanation as to how this supposedly benefits Guests…because it only benefits Disney.

    Chapek should never have been made CEO. He is going to lead Disney into mediocrity until some other brand buys Disney out.

    Pay attention to what I just said stockholders and Disney fans. If Chapel is not replaced very soon, Disney will end up being owned by one of the Tech giants. Do you want Dianey to be owned by Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, or Elon Musk? Of those, maybe Musk could inspire Innovation, the others will ruin the Magic even more than Chapek continues to do.

    No, don’t blame the pandemic. Yes, I recognize the challenges it has presented, but Disney will recover without gouging Guests in blatant ways. Part of the Magic was that Guests felt they received Magic that was included with those costs. Now? You want Magic, you have to pay to get it. That is not the Disney way.

    1. Cast member

      You are so smart.
      -said no one ever.

      Every theme park is already doing pay for fastpasses and they are just fine. Disney will be okay too.

  3. Mark

    The Magic Key program is terrific. The former program allowed people to grossly overcrowd the park, making for a miserable experience. Especially for the other half of visitors that must travel far, stay in hotels, and purchase regular tickets.

    Limiting the shopping mall environment is better for everyone. Bravo Disney!

  4. Kevin

    What about WDW…crickets…I want to spend money but can’t because the AP for WDW is being slow rolled.

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