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Magic Key

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  1. Theo

    Meanwhile the word on Walt Disney World new annual pass sales is…….cricket cricket……cricket cricket.

    1. Chris

      Because the “one more thing” that has become the norm at press releases for all companies, tomorrow will be that Magic Key program applies to all Disney Owned and operated theme parks around the world or at bare minimum both Disney World and Disneyland so that they are under one unified program.

      I am about 95% sure that will happen and a ton of people will be completely shocked by it.

      1. I am so excited about the new passes. Thought this day would never get here!! Disney here I come!!!

  2. Marc

    All I know is those of us with PTSD HIGH ANXIETY are already suffering from this last Year and a half. Then DISNEY took away a hope an outlet I have had since 1966 and THREW IT OUT AS WORTHLESS. This NEW announcent just made me and I’m sure 1000’s of others worse. We miss WALT. We have been made to suffer more than we should have.

    1. Chris

      We have no idea what the program will look like, but I do agree that they have shown they really don’t care about their passholders. Passholders that have seen them through thick and thin and kept them afloat during the thin times. Other local theme parks have been going the opposite route and Disney needs to tread very carefully here.

  3. Face

    “NEW offering” could be anything! It doesn’t say it’s a ticket or a pass or a reservation system… people just jumped to that conclusion…heck, it could be a Disneyland version of the Magic Bands, which are essentially a “key”… everyone just wants to be the first to report the news before there actually really is anything to report

  4. Cj Brown

    I can only confirm what exists at the moment and that is under Bob ‘Cheapskate’ Chapek you will pay MORE ? _to get in
    _to park
    _to dine
    _for merchandise
    at a Walt Disney Theme Park

    While at a Walt Disney Theme Park you will have LESS
    _hours of operation
    _chances of getting on your favourite ride

    But Disney ? don’t care because they will bah bah bah at anything thrown at them even if it means
    _having to down an App _not being able to shop at a physical Disney Store
    _less Disney Personnel forced to do more work without a raise

  5. KenFromOC

    What is amazing is that every other theme park has brought back their traditional annual pass, and Knott’s has even ended needing reservations.
    I just have to wonder if Disney screws this up even more how many former APs will either say we are done or gravitate to other park’s annual passes, many you can get for the price of about 2 admissions.
    If true that APs covered 50% of the admission into the parks the past few years (up to 2019), how can they think they will make that up with just day-guests and tourist? They won’t! It is not as though ticket sales are going to sky-rocket just because APs no longer exist as they did before.

  6. Sweets

    I went to Disney as a child but now that I am an adult I just can’t justify the cost. I did a two week vacation (a cruise and one week in Tampa) for less than it would have cost to do a week at a Disney resort and deal with all the limitations Disney has to offer (with crowds and money barriers).

    I’ve only been once with my husband because he had never been, and all the rushing around to be sure to hit every major attraction was not my idea of fun. I remember the frustration of working our way around the parades and pushing through the stopped crowds. Then the cost to eat or drink anything…

    It’s just not for me. I don’t know why people do it.

  7. Yolanda

    This whole thing has really soured us on Disney. They could have easily just said, “Hey we’re pausing everyone’s passes until we fully reopen.” Like other annual pass or subscription services did. Instead they took advantage of a pandemic to force their customers into a new “reimagined” consumer ecosystem that will no doubt mean more $ and less Disneyland.

    If this is anything less than an actual annual pass, I’m assuming with required reservations like the flex pass, then we are done and so are most of my family/friends. We can afford the SoCal resident passes. Anything much more than that and we simply cannot afford it anymore. None of us have gone since they suspended the APs and don’t plan to.

    1. Eugenia

      I agree! As soon as I can have a couple visits with my grandson that include him enjoying what I have for years, after that, I think if they continue to add cost while taking away chance to enjoy what you buy a ticket for, I will be done too!!!

  8. I am so excited about the new passes. Thought this day would never get here!! Disney here I come!!!

  9. Gina

    if it wasn’t for me wanting my grandson to enjoy Disney while he is little, I’d skip this whole thing. Very disappointed how Disney is handling everything. They could have let the people who wanted to keep their passes wait until the complete reopening in California, which was only a few months after they scrapped the passes!! So when my grandson has his experiences and gets older, I’m done with Disney and I was a lifelong fan with an annual pass. Unless, they reconsider and bring back annual passes, bring back the experiences we paid for and stop adding more costs to do things we already paid for.

  10. looking like Disney is getting greedy like universal i stopped going there 6 years ago and was spending 8000 TO 12000 to go to disney looks liKe this might change and so ill stop going i am a small spender so i will not affect disney so they will not care what i have to say i stayed on property to get the extrathings disney i had gone every year for the past 15 years to bad they are now greedy the best

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