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  1. Kevin

    If strictly theater, then I will wait for it on DVD or streaming.

  2. Nick

    They should have stopped with Endgame.

    Wandavision was fine but thst last episode was a huge letdown.

    Falcon and WS was straight trash

    Loki had promise but fell apart by episode 3.

    Streamed Black Widow and it was a wet fart of a story.

    1. The last episode was only a letdown for some people because too many people were expecting mephisto.

      TFAWTS wasn’t trash

      Black widow was an ok movie with most people giving it a 7/10

  3. Outlaw

    I support a same day Disney+ and theatrical release.

  4. Rollie

    This is just foolish. Marvel has been the only reliable cash flow for Disney. They haven’t been horrible and I, for one, love the shows that have come out. Bob C. needs to get checked.

    1. Jim

      I would beg to differ. Star Wars has done plenty of business for DIsney. And Marvel might want to stop and remember that when Disney bought them, they were almost bankrupt and studios like Fox were killing the product with trash movies like Fantastic Four and the X-Men films, which after X2 were basically garbage. Right now, Marvel/ Disney is ahead of Warner/DC, but that could change if Warner/DC ever got their heads out of thier proverbial back-sides. Endgame was a solid movie, and so was Black Widow. But Marvel Studios would not exist if not for Disney, and Disney has given them as much freedom as they could wish for. Feige should tread carefully. And to the article’s author, Ms. Johanson is not a “starlet”. She is a bona-fide star.

      1. knossis12

        Marvel was not bankrupt or close to it when Disney bought Marvel. They were doing quite well that’s why they were bought. Thanks to Avengers and the success of Marvel Studios Disney took interest. You got your facts wrong & Fox’s products mean nothing as they were not connected to Marvel Studios or Marvel Comics they just owned the cinematic rights to FF & X-men.

  5. J.

    I’d say release to the theaters first and add streaming later. I’m a big fan of the big-screen experience. Much more immersive to me.

  6. Well, it’s either put Black Widow on the shelf or deal with the consequences of the theatrical/ Disney+Scar Jo!!! It’s a pandemic going on!!!

  7. Shirley Jackson

    Because of Pandemic, I will sadly wait for DVD release. Not going to theatre. PLEASE SIMULTANEOUSLY RELEASE IN THEATERS AND STREAM ON DISNEY PLUS.

  8. J Crawford

    No masses are not back in the theater yet. It would be stupid for them to release it only in theaters & not make it available for those still not feeling safe going out and about.
    Solution: GET VACCINATED – suck it up & let’s get back to the cinema’s!

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