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johnny depp in pirates

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  1. Johnny was a victim to Amber. She was young, and she seduced him by finding out his interests and pretended to share these interests. He made a mistake by marrying her. Today, he does not look well. I think he needs cut down on the vices and take care of himself. He is a good actor; he works hard to bring characters to life. He does deserve this award.

    1. Temperance

      Amber Turd abused Johnny..too much proof to deny it…women can and do abuse men…those so called female film makers are the ones who need to take off their blinders…THEY are in fact condoning abuse….JOHNNY was the abused NOT the abuser…congrats, I will no longer support films done by female film makers…

      1. Fant

        The only controversy is in your head! Lmfao everyone supports Johnny receiving this award, stay mad lol

    2. Jay

      Please go and actually look at all the evidence before spreading misinformation. They are both vile trash. There are videos of him being abusive on YouTube easy to find.

  2. Thomas

    If it’s an award to honour legendary actors then absolutely Johnny Depp deserves an award, he’s created some weird and wonderful characters throughout his career and regardless of his personal life his body of work is incredible. Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow and my favourite role of his, Sweeney Todd. I’m not condoning violence against women, I’m not condoling violence at all, but in a world of Cancelling people for making a mistake in their past, we must remember that these people who cancel have NEVER made a mistake in their lives…oh wait, everyone makes mistakes that they live to regret and if they say they haven’t then I’ll show you someone who is lying.

    1. Sandra Aparecida

      Merecidamente , Johnny Depp e um dos mais versatil e talentoso ator da atualidade. Parabens Johnny por mais esse presente para seus fans em todo mundo.
      Voce ama o faz e isso faz toda a diferanca.Bjs boa sorte

      1. Phyllis Payne

        Johnny Depp is by far the most incredible actor. His creations are very intertaining. Love all his work. Including his music. If ever anyone deserved an award it is him.

  3. John

    And no mention of the allegations of abuse against Amber Heard? The fact that she and friends lied about Depp which were proven false by Police body cams?

    1. Donna

      Exactly and why this did not play in his favorI will never understand.

  4. Nancy

    I support him winning this award. He is a great actor.

  5. Nancy

    I support him winning this award. He is a great actor.

  6. michelle

    I’m so glad that hes getting this award, that he is celebrated for the amazing actor he is and for all the times hes helped us all escape from our lives for a while with his amazing characters Thank you Johnny

    1. Fabulous actor. And apparently a kind and gracious man.
      He should be back on the screen where he belongs. It is ridiculous the whole damn thing. I hope you can sleep at night Amber Heard.

  7. Angela

    He deserves it he has taken his time out to do these roles a nd there’s nobody else that can top them love u johnny

  8. Roxy

    Justice for Johnny!

  9. Laura

    JD was a victim to a narcissistic & abusive woman.You could see in her videos grinning after trying to start a fight w/him. She also was violent w/her sister. And to think she was allowed to adopt a baby. I’ll refuse to ever go to see a movie if she’s in it. She is an evil person imo.

    1. Monica

      Jonny Depp totally deserves it.

  10. Merecidamente , Johnny Depp e um dos atores mais talentosos
    E versateis da atualidade.Todos os os seus trabalhos e um
    Premio para seus fans . No entretenimento , simpatia solidariedade e carinho.
    Esperamos que seja o principio de muitos. Bjs querido
    E muito sucesso. Voce e uma pessoa digna e mais que tudo humana. Amo voce

    1. Temperance

      Support of Amber Turd is support of domestic abuse…JD was her victim…SHE abused him..HE was the VICTIM…REFUSE TO SEE THAT..THEN WE REFUSE TO SUPPORT FEMALE FILM MAKERS…BUY BOOTLEGS SO Amber Turd, her supporters and female film makers get NOTHING!!

  11. Jon

    This just comes off as pity for a man with a dying career. They should have waited until he at least had a specific achievement for that year. This feels like a participation award.

    1. Temperance

      JD earned this and ALL awards no pity here..

    2. Fant

      Ha! He’s had two very successful movies released in the past year, Minamata has got rave reviews for his acting. Stay mad.

  12. Johnny Depp e mais que merecedor .Seus trabalhos sao sempre um Premio para seus fans em todo mundo . Em entretenimento , simpatia , solidariedade
    E carinho .
    Esperamos que seja um em muitos outros. Pois Depp e uma pessoa
    Digna e muito humana. Amo voce querido . Bjs, bjs ,bjs

  13. CONGRATS TO JOHNNY DEPP!! There is no one more deserving than him.

  14. Diena

    Johnny Depp is amazing. I am glad he won the award. Its but a small recognition of all the magnificent characters he bought to life. Honourable mentions are his roles in the Tourist and Lone Ranger.

  15. Susan

    JD… you are an artist and a class act! I wish you all the best 🙂

  16. kelly

    Couldn’t have happened to A more Lovely Angel. So yu wings lil Singed, you Have done gret Works of Art n shared yur characters with Sick Children. wado

  17. Sila

    He deserves everything!!
    best actor ever
    Justice for him

  18. Charlotte Oxley

    Johnny Depp should get the role for Jack Sparow in the new pirate of carabiean film no one else. Who can make Jack Sparow look drunk from rum better the Johnny Depp? No one can.

  19. Lynn Rhodin

    I love Johnny Depp and all his movies. I think he deserves the award.

  20. Mia

    He sooo deserves this award, he is an amazing actor and puts his heart and soul into all the parts he plays. He also does loads of charity appearances for children and places like Great Ormond Street Hospital. He seems a really genuine lovely chap. What has she ever done !!!!! Take care J.D xx

    1. Maureen West

      Johnny Depp is by far one of the greatest actors.
      He is awe inspiring.
      He has paid the price for his relationship with Amber Heard.
      I am so pleased he is receiving this award as he deserves it and has earned it throughout his career.

  21. Kura

    He deserves all the good bless him now he’s not with that bad lady he’s sure to move on to better things and love

  22. Cassie

    I love you Johnny Depp Xoxo your D boomb…so sad you met that phyco broad
    I hope you never stop making movies doing cameos…we all love u …love from Montana

  23. Julia

    Johnny deserves this award. Absolutely ??

  24. Maureen West

    Johnny Depp is by far one of the greatest actors.
    He is awe inspiring.
    He has paid the price for his relationship with Amber Heard.
    I am so pleased he is receiving this award as he deserves it and has earned it throughout his career.

  25. Louise

    It says it all,female filmmakers,that support an abuser,I’m glad he got this award,people need to hear the audio facts of admission of a female admitting to abuse,but no they protect her.

  26. Sinduja

    He does deserve the award.
    We all should understand that this award is for his performance in his career and not for his personal life

  27. Jay

    Whoever decided this is going to feel dumb when the teenagers stop hyping up this rodents known as amber and johnny. There is video evidence of both johnny and amber being abusive to each other easierly available. Unfortunately some adults are like that and just make a toxic relationship because they are both scum. Forget them both. Go online and actually look into what you’re supporting and you’ll quite quickly find a man you would suddenly not what anywhere near women or children and a women that needs to be removed from media. Supporting either of these two people is supporting abuse and abusers.

  28. Julie

    Only controversy here,is why Disney and Warner brothers have not stood up for male victims of domestic abuse. Shame on them.

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