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Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: Screenshot via Parkeology


  1. David

    I remember it being open and chaotic with kids swimming in it. I wasn’t aware it was intentional and thought they closed it because they didn’t intend it in the first place. It looked unsanitary.

  2. Pam

    I agree with David’s post. I remember the water and not only kids but adults soaking their feet in it! It never looked clean to me either, always a bit murky. When we saw that it was gone we just assumed it was to stop people from going in, it never occurred to me that it was meant for people to play in. Yuck!

  3. Kathleen Sievert

    Big deal that he let his little one kick some cool water in a hot day. It doesn’t look like he let him swim OR bathe in it

    1. Keila

      Exactly. People are so pathetically pathetic. Its his baby. Some folks should just mind the business that pays them. This is a great man. Nobody asked for your pathetic video capturing joe doing nothing wrong. Not casting any harm upon his own child or anybody else. Just sad. The way nosey people are just sad

    2. Matt

      Thank you! Plus, if it was for public use, I’m sure the water was chlorinated or somehow treated. Thus, no different from every other pool on WDW property.

  4. Tc

    Why cant we just look at a picture anymore without having a negative comment. It wasnt put there for anyone to judge.

    1. Hilliary

      Nope…always JUDGEMENT!! The funny thing is..NO ONE cares what anyone thinks..nor should they. Enjoy the water!


    I’m so confused as to what the problem is?!

  6. Me

    I think I just ate a big bowl of who the hell cares about any of this?

    1. Carol

      The media is always twisting a negative take to get a ridiculous story! What not commend the guy for all the the wonderful things he has accomplished at WDW?

  7. Stacey Red

    Why can’t people mind their own business?? So what if someone let their kid play in a fountain. I bet everyone has at least once. Stop being karens.

  8. Donna

    Loved the old video, I think it’s wonderful to see Joe & his kids enjoying this feature while it lasted. I remember it but didn’t use, now I wish I had?

  9. T.M.

    The part of the video where he taps the other child to move is more disturbing than playing with his child.

  10. Quincy J Gaines

    Well Whoopty-Doo!! Big freaking deal!!! (Pardon my language). Joel built it. It’s technically his Theme Park and Fountain. He can do whatever the heck he wants to do, and he doesn’t have to explain it regardless of the reason for the fountain being created. People need to stop looking for things to exploit about celebrities. Just let them live and be free to do whatever they want to do without just like they were anyone else. Get a life people!!

    1. John

      Technically it’s not his theme park. He doesn’t own the park

  11. Kathy

    Why does everyone always make something out of nothing! So what he put his child in the water. He is holding him and watching him. Great dad! The end..

  12. Tonya

    IMO, Joe Rohde can do whatever the %^&* he wants on Disney property and the only thing that anyone should be doing or saying about it is “WE’RE NOT WORTHY”!

    1. Cheryl

      Yes!!!!!!!! Thank you! And thank you Joe for all the amazing memories😃

  13. SG

    I didn’t realize it was for cooling off. I thought it was just a “look at”. My kids world have loved to jump in back in the day. We always had them in bathing trunks and tees with a change of clothes in the stroller. If it was meant for us or not wouldn’t there be signs? And of course it’d be chlorinated like any pool, every Floridian would know that but probably not northerners.

    1. GiGi

      Right because only Floridians know about chlorine? Really???

  14. Jenn

    Wow, do people even do their homework before typing and hitting the ‘Post’ button?? Wait… Don’t answer that….. We all used to drink out of the water hose outside and look we survived! Holy cow!!!! I didn’t know that as time has progressed that humans would evolve into such snowflakes and turn into such opinionated jerks!!! News flash y’all: Live your own life before it’s too late and stop worrying about what other people are doing and you just might have a great time and less worry lines!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK! I could see if there was a life threatening situation to say something, but to just stir the pot over nothing….. Wow, is all I can say! SMH! (END RANT)

  15. Skippy

    This has got to be the biggest story ever! Oh my God! Water? A kid? His own father? What is happening here? Do other countries know about this? Why is this not on every media outlet ohhh wait, because it’s not even a story. Stop trying to make big stories out of absolutely nothing.

  16. Dedaku

    Am I supposed to know who he is? Even after the explanation I still don’t care!
    And even treated water can be gross. My husband gets hives from theme park water rides, I imagine this would be similar

  17. Cheryl

    I played in that fountain as a 20 yr old!!😂 maybe THAT’s more disturbing? Lmao It was like a feet-wetting splashing thing ya didnt DRINK IT…LOL wow

  18. Wow people are such germaphobes anymore. Your body can fight things off, chill.

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