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  1. Rob

    I live a couple of miles from these properties, and they are, shall we say, sketchy at best. These are the kind of motels the charge by the hour. They have a long history of the police showing up, another motel adjacent had to be torn down because it was inhabited by squatters four months after the Covid shut down. This is not a place that any of your readers would want to stay.

    1. Dwayne Pillow

      I also live very close to these properties. Best choice would be to bulldoze and start fresh. People lived here for months with no water or electricity and police were there everyday it seemed. A real shame they were allowed to decay so bad on the main street to WDW..

  2. Tom

    Any makeover in this area has to be a major improvement. Also looking forward to Krush Brau opening nearby eventually.

  3. Sounds like it needs improvements that involve a front loader. Land is probably worth more. Knock it down.

    1. Ramesses

      “Minutes away” as in 20 minutes. ? With no traffic. You make it sound as if they’re within eyesight of the parks.

      1. The hotels were,not,abandoned…..the tenants,were,forced out illegally with no warrant or order. I did stay there and it was management that brought in the wrong crowd that started the drugs,and,shootings n police activity. Mary brought in teena to bring them down for money purposes. Before Dec. 2019….it was a,nice quiet place. Now its a dump and between thr 3 properties there are over 800 rooms. But lake Cecile and,Star,motel rooms are torn up due to thr ghettoness and vandalism allowed to take place.

  4. Georgette

    These are not hotels that a family tourist would ever check into.. these need to be torn down.

  5. Tom

    “Next to Disney World” … “Minutes from Disney World” … these properties are not that close and, depending on 192 traffic, can be a half hour away. Technically, here in Dallas, I’m minutes from Disney World (about 1,020 minutes, but you know “minutes.”)

  6. BChicago

    How does this have anything to do with Flamingo Crossing and Portillo?

  7. Katrina, thanks for the update on these failing properties also why is it that a small group of readers of ITM only want to nit pick at the writers of these articles about everything the staff of writers comment on, if you do not like the writing stop reading your rude comments are un welcome, get a life. Keep up the good work most of us enjoy and appreciate your time and energy.

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